The best flowers for growing live bouquets on the windowsill

Houseplants are sometimes referred to as “living bouquets” – a durable alternative to cut flowers. But as indoor plants, indeed, you can consider real “bouquet” flowers – colorful, usually associated with cutting crops. Moving into pots, such plants look more spectacular than even the brightest primordially indoor competitors. Chrysanthemums and celosia, eustoma and begonias, shoes and campanula are exclusive stars that will not take your eyes off. In this article we will tell you about the features of growing them indoors.

Chrysanthemums and eustoma in pots. Farmer Hartley Botanic

Floristic approach to the choice of indoor plants

The choice of indoor plants today is so diverse that it allows you to create collections of a wide variety of topics. One of the most popular trends is floristic. Not just flowering plants, but cultures associated with the best flowers for bouquets bring an element of luxury and exclusivity to the interior.

By choosing the right species and using the most “bouquet” of all possible plants, you can turn your windowsill into a real dream of a florist. True, the luxury of flowering will have to pay with constant care and considerable work to create comfortable conditions for them. But the main bouquet stars pay off the efforts of lovers with their extraordinary beauty.

Today, women and men are increasingly presented with small gifts in pots for holidays and special dates. Such presents began to be perceived much better than even the most beautiful cut flowers, which, after several days (at best, weeks) of admiring, have to be thrown away. Therefore, more and more “bouquet” names appear in the assortment of indoor plants – species that were previously grown only for cutting.

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What “bouquet” flowers can become indoor?

Basically, these are seasonal favorites specially expelled for more spectacular bloom and luxuriously blooming long-lasting indoor stars that require special care. Depending on the longevity and characteristics of growing, all bouquet houseplants can be divided into:

  • Long-lasting shrubs and perennials that can be grown as a houseplant year after year. They are able to bloom, provided that the right conditions are created for them during the dormant period.
  • Forcing plants are bulbous, bulbous, tuberous crops that can be made to bloom at any time thanks to strict control of conditions and stimulation of flowering.
  • Annuals are cultures that will delight you with flowering and the appearance of a “living bouquet” for only one season, but their flowering will be unforgettably long and lush.

Spring bulbs on the windowsillSpring bulbs on the windowsill. Farmer gardenia


The most obvious candidates for a place in the floristic collection on the windowsill are tulips and their “relatives”: luxurious daffodils, aristocratic hyacinths, miniature and rare varieties of tulips, rarer exotic plants – there is plenty to choose from. Both hippeastrum and eustoma can be categorized as forcing.

Summer Schools

Bright annuals that migrated into rooms from summer windows and balconies, terraces and flower beds resemble blooming clouds. From everyone’s favorite daisies or nivyan to balsam, calceolaria, luxurious godetia or celosia – take your pick, don’t be lazy! Even gypsophila is grown in pots, the small flowers of which complement large-flowered soloists in bouquets so well and are able to perform the same role in pots.

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Garden perennials

But the true stars with the status of a living bouquet are still those plants that are the first to attract attention on the shelves on the eve of the holidays. Perennial and durable, difficult to care for, but irresistible indoor roses, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, asters, gerberas look regal. These are luxurious decorations that can overshadow any complex interior arrangement.

Difficulties in growing “cut” crops at home

In growing live bouquets, regardless of whether it is about annuals or perennials, difficulties cannot be avoided. First of all, when admiring luxurious roses or chrysanthemums in pots, you should sensibly assess your capabilities. In order for such plants to become a home decoration for more than a couple of weeks, they will need to create special conditions and provide constant care.

The best flowers for growing live bouquets on the windowsill“Bouquet” indoor flowers in the interior. Farmer blumenbuero

Bright lighting is the biggest challenge. Usually, when it comes to cut crops, daylight hours and light intensity are critical. The correct light regime for such plants cannot be created in any apartment. It is because of the requirements for lighting that, most often, their favorite celosis and asters are abandoned.

You want to put such lively bouquets on a countertop or a chest of drawers, on a coffee table, to use them as a true decoration of the situation, and meanwhile, such plants are only suitable for a window sill. But temperatures are just as important. A cool content is a condition for long-term flowering of most cut crops in the interior. And in urban settings, finding a comfortable place for floristic stars is a big problem.

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Do not forget about other complexities of care. Watering, air humidity for plants, from which they want to achieve a flawless appearance and luxurious flowering, must be carefully systematized. Constant examinations, monitoring how the soil dries out, reacting to the slightest signals of discomfort or other problems require a lot of effort. But live bouquets will also need protection from drafts, and careful selection of fertilizers, and timely pruning, and the correct rest period.

Difficulties and a lot of work – this is what awaits everyone who wants to create a floral collection. Live bouquets from the best cut plants are not suitable for every grower. But if you are not afraid of difficulties and are ready to devote part of your time to your favorite flowers, then it is impossible to imagine a greater reward than watching luxurious inflorescences and bright bouquets in pots at home.

Let’s take a closer look at the best plants that claim to be the dream of any florist and are successfully grown in room culture. Bright, so different, but similar in their effectiveness, the best cut plants in pots are always ready to conquer with their perfection.

For a list of the best flowers for growing live bouquets on the windowsill, see the next page.

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