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Rooms with windows facing north have always been considered the most difficult landscaping. The most hardy, undemanding and modest plants are traditionally “prescribed” in them, which, at best, should have attractive leaves. But there are exceptions to any rule. North window sills will be ideal for many flowering houseplants who are afraid of direct sunlight and are used to diffused, soft lighting. And some flowering originals even settle in the interior. The choice of “northern” flowering crops may not be so impressive, but these plants are, indeed, original and unique.

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Features of the choice of plants for window sills in the “northern” rooms

Experimental trial and error is far from the best in picking plants for northern rooms. North rooms and partially north-facing windows are no less suitable for active landscaping than rooms with south, east or west-oriented windows. But they have their own characteristics that should be taken into account when choosing plants.

Correct assessment of conditions will help to avoid disappointments in the future and create really bright green accents:

  • lighting intensity;
  • average temperature;
  • the amount of space on the windowsill;
  • the ability to place plants near it;
  • location of batteries;
  • the presence of drafts, etc.

And this assessment must be carried out before species are selected, even with the declared shade tolerance or shade lovingness.

All rooms in which windows face the north or partly north side of the buildings are conventionally called northern. Due to the location, the direct sun does not enter the rooms at all or illuminates the plants for less than 2 hours a day.

If the northern rooms are living quarters, then the same temperatures reign in them as in ordinary rooms, without conditions for plants preferring coolness. If the windows of functional rooms, corridors, transition rooms “look” to the north, then the temperature in them, depending on the functioning of heating systems, can be lower than the usual room temperatures, which opens up completely new prospects for growing plants that do not like too high temperature readings.

Lighting is the most “problematic” parameter of the northern rooms. If all other characteristics depend more on the individual characteristics of a house or apartment, then lighting is an objective factor and almost always causes some trouble. On the windowsill and in the immediate area near it, plants that put up with shading and partial shade are quite comfortable in the northern room. The farther from the window, the closer the conditions are to strong shade and the less opportunity to use plants for interior decoration.

The northern rooms are the perfect place to experiment with green walls and use ampelous plants and vines in the interior. Scindapsus, ivy, syngonium of green-leaved varieties, chlorophytums, tradescantia, epipremnum, roicissus and even peperomia will create delightful green transitions and cascades.

The main inhabitants of the northern rooms are traditionally considered to be classic, which have become almost basic types of indoor plants with strict elegance and discreet beauty. Monsters and cordilins, hamedorea and ficus, rapis and dracaena as large accents and creating beautiful groups in the collections of nephrolepis, fatsia, calathea, aucubus, codiaums, fittonias, fatsheders, philodendrons, arrowroots, ubiquitous sansevierias, which are just a few will be called by the consultants in the selection of species for the northern rooms.

With plants that can bloom spectacularly at the north window, the situation is somewhat different. The reputation of the northern rooms not suitable for flowering is so firmly entrenched that only a few plant species are recommended for them. But if you carefully study the characteristics of plants and take a closer look at them, it becomes obvious that the choice is not so modest.

Of the flowering plants in the northern rooms, when placed correctly on the windowsill, many indoor plants will thrive. Gardenias and rhododendrons, with their luxurious flowering, grow well on northern windows, where they do not need to be protected from direct sunlight. Begonias, hoya, oxalis-oxalis, saintpaulia, cyclamen, ripsalis, schlumberger, indoor roses, hibiscus, jasmine, saxifrage, cattleya, phalaenopsis, anthurium, episi, gloxinia, coleria, pelargonium, haworthia, stapelia, valeria , miltonia, angrecum and streptocarpus.

If there is an opportunity to organize supplementary lighting, then the northern rooms will be in no way inferior to any other in the house – not only on the windowsill in winter, but also inside the interior. For those rooms in which additional special lighting is thought out for plants, there are no restrictions on the selection of plants. But if we are talking about ordinary rooms, then unpretentious and hardy favorites are able to bloom in them without additional lighting, provided that the place and type are chosen correctly.

Let’s get acquainted with the five favorites that can surprise with abundant flowering even in the northern room.

For a list of the five best flowering houseplants for northern windows, see the next page.

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