Description of the agate tomato

In the past few years, selection experts have bred a large number of early varieties that are popular, but no one forgets the time-tested varieties. The tomato of Agatha belongs to this category.

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Описание томата Агата

Description of the agate tomato

Characteristics of the variety

This variety was developed by Russian breeders who were tasked with creating a unique, fast-ripening variety that would not be inferior to the character standard tomatoes. And this task was completed. Today Agatha is listed in the State Register of the Russian Federation.

The variety is suitable for cultivation in almost all regions of the country. Depending on climatic conditions, seedlings or seeds can be planted in a greenhouse (with moderate climate) or in open ground (in the south).

Description of the plant

The vegetative period of the plant is about 100 days, after which you can safely enjoy the crop.

This species is rarely exposed Yu diseases. Resistance is caused not by the immune system, but by the early stages of ripening, because by the time the diseases are activated, the plant is already fully ripening.

The Agate tomato variety has a determinant type of development: its growth does not exceed 60 cm. The plant completely stops growing when 4 leaves are formed on the plant. The bush is not standard, so the garter is welcome, although not mandatory.

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Description of the fruit

Description and characteristics of the variety that once convince farmers that the fruits are quite pleasant appearance and commercial quality. The fruits have a smooth smooth surface without any pronounced flaws. Their shape is round, with small characteristics of flattening at the edges. The color scheme of the fetus is presented in bright red shades. The size is average, and the weight is about 100 g.

According to the description, the fruits are formed on bunches. On 1 bunch about 6 tomatoes are formed. The fruits do not ripen and do not crack on the bushes. The taste is rich and sweet, without much acid or bitter notes. They are suitable for fresh consumption as well as for preparing salads or preservation.


Сорт обладает высокой урожайностью

The variety has a high yield

There are several positive qualities of the variety:

  • versatility in cooking;
  • high yields;
  • the fruits do not crack, which increases the shelf life and transportation;
  • disease resistance.

There are no flaws in the tomato.

Growing rules

First of all, it is recommended to plant seeds for seedlings. It is best to plant seeds in early March, having previously disinfected them and treated them with growth stimulants. An ideal disinfectant is manganese. As soon as several pairs of leaves have appeared on the plant, seedlings should be planted in open ground.

It is important to ensure that the soil is fertile and nourished with useful substances. Some experts advise disinfecting it with a solution of manganese. Planting should be carried out so that a distance of 50 cm is maintained between rows and holes. This will allow the bushes to develop correctly.


The main factor affecting final yield, considered correct watering. It should be carried out with room temperature water so that the root system does not disturb its development. Watering should be carried out regularly, but infrequently, as the soil is drained. You should also remember the importance of loosening the soil, removing weeds and weeding the beds. These indicators allow air to penetrate better into the root system and prevent it from rotting.

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Top dressing should consist of mineral fertilizers. Nitrogen or phosphoric substances should be preferred. You will also need potassium subcortex. For example, nitrogen will allow the plant to grow faster.Phosphorus helps to develop correctly, and potassium reveals all taste qualities.

Also, experts advise carrying out a garter of the bush. Despite the fact that it has a somewhat small height, the garter will allow it to develop in accordance with all the rules.

Parasites and diseases

Due to its rapid maturation, the tomato variety of Agatha has a high degree counteracting most diseases, because at the moment when the plant completes its development, parasites and diseases only begin to activate.

Tomato Agate. Aelita
Agro TV-Tomat Agatha, 100 Ton Per Hektar 1

Preventive measures are optional: they don’t make much sense. This variety can easily cope with early diseases due to immunity.


Growing agate tomato does not require special financial and labor costs.If you follow all the rules for cultivation and care, you can get high yields and taste the most delicious tomatoes.

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