Tomato variety pink flamingo

Any gardener can be proud of his harvest when appetizing tomatoes of various varieties blush on his beds. The productivity of tomatoes is influenced by many factors, natural conditions, proper care of the cultivated crop, and features of the selected variety. Therefore, often many agronomists prefer to plant unpretentious varietal tomatoes in order to get the maximum benefit from the crop, without having large financial costs and agronomic troubles.But true gardeners, amateurs, not afraid of difficulties, grow on the beds unique for our country varieties of tomatoes. One of these is considered to be the pink flamingo tomato.

  1. Appearance of the variety pink flamingo
  2. Fruit bearing varieties
  3. Key characteristics of the fruit
  4. Agrotechnical rules for growing tomato

Сорт томата розовый фламинго

Tomato variety pink flamingo

Varietal breed of pink flamingo bred in our country. Pink flamingo tomato gained particular popularity in the northern part of the Caucasus region, where it has been cultivated for a long time, thanks to optimal natural conditions. Experienced gardeners claim that it is possible to grow such a variety both in greenhouses and on open ground. In the Russian Federation, this tomato is well grown in the central part (Tula, Ryazan, Vladimir and Kaluga region), in the Volga region and the southern part (Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, Volgograd, Rostov Region). The high yield indicators are shown by the neighboring countries of Moldova and Belarus.

Appearance of the pink flamingo variety

Tomatoes of the pink flamingo variety are among one of the three possible varieties of common tomatoes. According to the accepted classification, tomato belongs to an indeterminate group according to the nature of growth and stem branching. On the surface of the stem there are noticeable hairs. The diameter of the stem is relatively small. Due to its fragility during the formation and ripening of the fruit, the stem of the plant lies on the soil under its own weight. If you take into account the numerous reviews and opinions of professional agronomists, they all recommend tying the bushes on a solid support made of pegs or specialized garters.

The pink flamingo plant has no restriction on strong vegetative growth (the achieved height is noted over 2 meters). Even during fruiting, the stem does not stop growing. Therefore, the best recommendation would be the cultivation of a similar variety in greenhouses.

The root system refers to the core. Roots underground spread at a distance of no more than 30 cm, which allows you to plant bushes close enough to each other. The leaves of the variety, like most varieties, pronounced green, are carved. The arrangement of leaves on the stem is another. Every 2nd or 3rd leaf delimits an inflorescence.With a careful examination of the leaflet, you can see that it consists of several lobules or is popularly called striped. Experienced gardeners noted an interesting observation: in a healthy plant, the leaves are twisted in the daytime, and at night, on the contrary, they are straightened. Tomato inflorescences pink flamingos are simple, the central axis is not branching.

Fruit bearing varieties

Before acquiring a low-growing type of tomato for growing, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of pink flamingos, study the description , photos, read reviews of other gardeners. The seeds of tomatoes of the pink flamingo variety are distinguished by good germination. The seeds are inexpensive and are sold in almost any garden store. Flamingo tomatoes are characterized by an average degree of ripeness.

Commodity maturity of the fetus is formed at about 90 days under favorable agricultural conditions from the moment of planting. In some cases, fetal maturity is formed a little later. According to statistics, the average timing of the ripening of the fetus from the first germination is from 110 days. Research by agronomists has shown that tomato yields of flamingos are 25 to 40 tons per hectare of agricultural land.

Key characteristics of the fruit

The description indicates that the tomato represents large fleshy fruit. The weight of a tomato can vary from 150 to 400 grams. The shape is oval, slightly elongated, similar to a plum with a nose.The color of the fruit is uniform, usually pink or raspberry. The saturation and brightness of a tomato depends directly on the conditions in which the plant was grown. The unripe fruit is of a standard green color, and the unripe one will have spots of green shades in the area of ​​the stalk.

Плоды крупные и очень вкусные

The fruits are large and very tasty

They can be easily removed if you hold the tomato for a little time in a heated room. The fruit pulp of tomato has medium density, very juicy, with a pronounced tomato aroma. A ripe fruit contains a small amount of seeds located in several fruit chambers (from 2 to 6, depending on the size of a tomato berry).

Taste qualities

Varieties of tomato pink flamingos are considered sweet, every gourmet will appreciate their taste characteristics. Compared to most similar varieties, it is much more sophisticated and sweeter. Great for fresh serving and indispensable for conservation. Due to the large size, it is very difficult to spin such a whole vegetable into cans. But skilled housewives resort to culinary tricks and cover a delicious fruit for the winter, cutting it into pieces of medium size. Pink flamingo tomatoes are used in winter salads. As a basis for tomato paste or juice, this variety is not very suitable, as the resulting color of the product is pale and far from red.

Pros of tomato pink flamingo

  • This kind of tomato has a high degree of resistance to diseases that damage the plant. Genetics were able to invest in this variety high immune resistance to diseases such as late blight, damage by fungi and pathogenic microorganisms. Regular preventive treatment of shrubs with protective agents will only enhance the plant’s resistance.
  • Pink flamingos can easily tolerate adverse climatic factors. Lowering the temperature level, drought and low humidity in the summer will not be able to greatly affect the quality and yield of this garden crop.
  • The fruits are large and tasty, they can be stored for a long time after removal from the bush (about 2 months ) Tomato well tolerates transport, thanks to a strong skin and dense structure. Such positive characteristics make pink flamingos profitable for sales.
  • A tomato of this variety is grown in many areas of our country, which makes it universal. In addition, there are no restrictions on the choice of soil: the greenhouse and open area are equally well suited for the variety.
  • Excellent taste characteristics and a wide range of applications in cooking.

Cons of the variety pink flamingos

It should be noted that pink flamingos have no negative characteristics.There are only small nuances that every gardener who decides to plant pink flamingo should be aware of. Compared with most tomato crops, the described variety is not distinguished by a high yield.

  • Average crop yields vary from 5 to 12 kg of tomatoes per 1 sq.m.
  • Excessively long storage of fruits may lead to cracking and deterioration of the presentation.
  • Some seeds are visible on a slice of a tomato.

Agrotechnical rules for growing tomatoes

In order not to get into a mess and get all the advantages of the variety, you need to know the recommended rules for growing and caring for the plant. It is best to start planting tomatoes in a standard way by seating. It is recommended in advance to prepare soil suitable for varietal culture, wooden or plastic containers (piece or general), to process the acquired seeds (as a prophylaxis against diseases and hardening). Sowing seeds should be carried out in late March and early April. The containers can be closed with plastic wrap to achieve the greenhouse effect. Dive seedlings when 2-3 leaves appear. The temperature in the greenhouse is kept at 25 degrees, as young immature plants are afraid of the cold.

Throughout the period of seed germination, it is necessary to organize competent watering and not very bright lighting. Landing is carried out after 2 months from the appearance of seedlings.The selected soil must be fertile, therefore, before planting, it is recommended to introduce a number of fertilizers into the soil. The distance between the bushes in the row should be from 35 cm, and between the rows from 60 cm. Top dressing with complex fertilizers previously dissolved in warm water should be carried out 2-3 times. The growing stalk needs to be constantly formed, using pegs or garters.

What I liked about Pink Flamingo tomato in the first half of summer
Pink Flamingo
Tomato Pink Flamingo. Search

To increase yield and accelerate fruit ripening, it is better to get rid of extra stepsons on the plant. It is ideal to keep from 5 to 6 brushes on a bush. If spots of yellow or brown color appear on the leaves of the plant, experienced specialists recommend adding additional mineral and organic fertilizers to the soil. Watering is best done in the evening or in the early morning. Tomatoes do not like cold water, therefore it is better to leave the water collected in the morning in iron barrels so that it warms up during the day and in the evening use it for watering. Following the agrotechnical rules, by mid-August you can taste the first pink flamingo tomatoes.

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