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Some very interesting red berries grow in West Africa, which can greatly change the taste of food. This is due to the protein miraculin, which, acting on the tongue, does not allow the bitterness and acidity of foods to be felt for an hour or two. For example, if you eat lemon after these berries, then it will not seem sour, but sweet, although its exotic citrus aroma will still remain.

Miracle berries or Magic fruit grow on the evergreen shrub Synsepalum dulcificum, this species belongs to the Zapatov family, which gave us many wonderful plants, including some exotic fruits for us Lukuma, Canistel, Star apple or Cainito.

Miracle fruit

Farmer Forest & Kim Starr

This berry is especially popular in countries such as England, USA and Japan. It even hosts parties where guests are offered, after a treat with an interesting berry, to eat various dishes that radically change their taste: bitter beer “turns” into spicy chocolate, vinegar – into apple juice, and lemon – into sweet candy.

Berries that change the taste - careMiracle fruit

Farmer Forest & Kim Starr

Visitors are offered various kinds of cocktails containing juice and berry fruits. Some companies have already managed to release chewing gum and dragees, which, with the help of miraculin, change the taste of food.

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