Flowers for balconies and loggias - care

Flowers for balconies and loggias – care


Verbena is a low-growing plant with small, very beautiful flowers, similar to a primrose. The flowers are fragrant, with white eyes inside. When the plant reaches a height of 12 cm, you need to pinch the top.

He loves watering, feeding, especially with fertilizers “Flower” and “Ideal”.

Verbena (Verbena)

Farmer Christophe Mehay


From mid-February to early March, geranium seeds are sown at 20 ° C. Maintains optimal hydration. Seed cups and boxes are best covered with foil or glass. Germination time is 6-8 days. After the first leaves appear, the seedlings dive into pots 8-10 cm high. They are planted in pots or boxes with nutrient soil in late May – early June. For a box 1 m long, 5 plants are enough.

It has been noticed that plants growing next to geraniums are not damaged by spider mites.

Flowers for balconies and loggias - careGeranium

Farmer Louise Docker


Petunia is an annual plant up to 25 cm high, characterized by a compact bush shape and very abundant flowering. Due to its peculiar bright colors, it can be a decoration for any garden. Ideal for growing in balcony boxes.

In March, petunia seeds are sown in cups or pots, they are not covered with earth, but only pressed down, then covered with glass or paper. Germination time 1 – 2 weeks at 18 – 20 ° C. They dive into loose, not very nutritious soil, keep at 10 – 14 ° C. They are hardened and in mid-May they are planted at a distance of 25 × 25 cm in balcony boxes. Blooms until November.


Farmer kallerna

Alyssum honey (white)

Annual plant 20 cm high. Forms a white cloud of small flowers. Blooms throughout the summer. The aroma is reminiscent of the smell of honey.

In March, the seeds are sown in a box, lightly sprinkled with earth. At a temperature of 16 – 20 ° C, they germinate in 8 – 12 days. Planted in a box on the balcony in May, 3 – 5 plants together at a distance of 10 – 15 cm. When flowering decreases, the plants are cut to half. Soon they grow back and continue to bloom.

Flowers for balconies and loggias - careАлиссум, Бурачок (Alyssum)

Farmer Manfred Morgner


An annual plant. This lovely flower is attractive to flower beds. Its large silky inflorescences of various colors (white, pink, red) are a decoration of any balcony. If you cut off the faded inflorescences in time, the plants will bloom again.

Sowed in March-April in pots, transplanted in mid-May. The plant prefers sunny or semi-shaded places and loves fertile soil. Requires moisture. Cold resistant. It blooms early and until frost.


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