Avian influenza in chickens and roosters

Avian influenza in chickens is one of the most common diseases in birds. The death of livestock leads to ruin and huge losses on farms. Death is predetermined in most cases, so this flu is called the classic plague of our time. Scientists are trying to invent a vaccine, but the virus mutates too rapidly, which leads to the emergence of new varieties of the disease. There is no cure for chicken flu today.

in Recently, active work and research is underway to create a vaccine designed to prevent an epidemic.Any poultry farm should be able to protect its livestock from this disease and take all possible measures to prevent birds and humans from contracting the bird flu virus. In Russia, several drugs have already passed numerous tests. Also in the United States, China and other countries, they are trying to find the necessary treatment to stop the spread of the epidemic.

The danger of human infection

Numerous news and reports from various portals claim that in fact there is a danger of infection with the human H5N1 virus. At present, no cases of infection with a real virus have been reported, but subtypes and pseudo-bird flu were recorded in the Moscow Region.

During the outbreak of the virus in the Moscow Region, all sources of possible infection from birds or other animals were eliminated.

You can get infected from infected animals or birds, therefore it is very important to follow safety precautions and regularly disinfect the premises where there was contact with infected birds.

Both broilers, chickens and ordinary have chicken flu chickens who can Do catch the virus from an infected individual. Symptoms of an infected person are just as severe and dangerous. How does bird flu manifest itself? In connection with general intoxication of the body, body temperature rises to 39 ° C, severe painful muscles in the muscles worry. General weakness and increasing fatigue are observed. Toxic and infectious shock can occur, death will also occur with fulminant edema of the brain. Numerous lesions of the kidneys, liver, and disruption of the gastrointestinal tract with manifestations of diarrhea and severe vomiting occur. In such cases, you must immediately consult a doctor in a medical institution.

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