Getting rid of a ferret in a chicken coop

Getting rid of a ferret in a chicken coop

When farming, many farmers face the death of birds. The thing is that cute pussies (ferrets and weasels), penetrating the houses, pose a threat to precious chickens. How to catch a ferret in a chicken coop? What are some ways to scare a predator off poultry?

  1. How to recognize an uninvited guest
  2. Ways to protect birds from small predators
  3. How to scare away a ferret, marten, affection
  4. Pets as repellers
  5. Traps and traps – proven ways

Как поймать и избавиться от хорька и ласки в курятнике

How to catch and get rid of a ferret and weasel in the chicken coop

How to recognize an intruder

The appearance of a ferret or weasel in the chicken coop at night can be suspected not only by the presence of those killed birds, but also for other signs, for example, the behavior of chickens (in the morning, laying hens are in no hurry to leave perch , trying to protect eggs and chickens, become more timid and cautious).

It is logical to assume that if no action is taken If a ferret is caught or scared away, then only one dead chicken can be found in the chicken coop that was strangled by the ferret in the chicken coop (with gnawed heads) one morning. This is due to the fact that the predator has already chosen the chicken coop, eats in it and makes a supply of food.

It is no secret that the ferret eats and drinks the blood of only one bird at a time, even though it catches and kills more (this applies to chickens and chickens, with large birds – geese it is much more difficult for the animal to cope).

It is not difficult to distinguish ferrets from weasels and martens, because for this it is enough to carefully examine the area around the chicken coop . If you find specific traces (two points), you will have to measure the distance between them, because predators move by jumping. For weasels it will be 20 cm, for martens – 35 cm, ferrets – 45 cm. If the distance shows that the ferrets are in charge in your chicken coop, they urgently need to be destroyed to get rid of the threat that guests from the forest brought and protect their pets.

To save poultry, you need to figure out how to catch ferrets in the chicken coop.

Ways to protect birds from small predators

Currently, several different methods are known aimed at to protect livestock from small mammals (ferrets, martens and weasels).

ne of the best options to protect the poultry is a preliminary defense. What is meant by that name? This is the rise of the house to a certain height so that the weasel does not crawl and your chickens have been saved. You only have to substitute a kind of ladder to the door in the mornings to let the chickens go for a walk.

Idea: you can protect poultry from caresses and ferrets if you replace rotten boards with new ones and put a metal fence around the chicken coop (plates need to dig into the ground deep enough – 50 cm).It is depth that plays an important role, because ferrets and weasels have sharp claws, thanks to which they are able to break through the underground tunnels to the utmost.

Everything would be fine, but what if the predator has already chosen a chicken coop and drags it at night or only strangles it birds? How to catch a ferret in a house coop?

there are 2 solutions:

  • scare and discourage (smell, special devices);
  • catch and kill (traps , traps).

Fighting ferrets is not so simple, but it’s possible, therefore, it’s enough to study the known methods by choosing be suitable and start putting them into practice.

How to scare away a ferret, marten, weasel

In order to get rid of affection and similar predators, it is enough to treat the walls of the house with special products that have a strong odor (for example, tar). When choosing this approach to solving the problem, do not overdo it so as not to ruin the chickens.

It is worth noting that wall impregnation with folk remedies does not provide 100% protection if the ferret enters the house through the floor or ceiling.

The composition of the people is replaced by the “miracle of technology”, an electronic repeller that emits waves of a certain frequency, causing discomfort to predators (provokes panic attacks, because of which martens and other “guests” tend to leave their place as soon as possible).

If you can’t find or purchase a repeller, then use a traffic light. Its activation will make the predator escape from the territory.

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Pets as repellers

The answer to the question: “How to get rid of petting?” may lie on surface, if you know the fact that small predators react sharply to odors. It turns out that the solution could be the appearance of a pet on the farm – a dog, cat and even a ferret. As strange as it sounds, but in practice it has been proven that a domesticated predator does not attacks the bird with which the genus its enclosure runs.

Under such conditions of coexistence, when ferrets and hens are in the same territory, a predator has to hunt in the neighborhood to satisfy animal instinct. Therefore, your neighbors may suffer.

Traps and traps – proven ways.

Are you sure that a small animal wound up in the vicinity and thought about how to get rid of the ferret in the chicken coop in order to save poultry? Then the right decision will be the placement of traps. Before the hunt begins, you will have to determine how the ferrets and or caresses get into the chicken coop. To do this, it is enough to sprinkle flour or starch on the floor and assess it for signs in the morning.

It is important to understand that ferrets are not stupid, and they calmly go around the traps. That is why, your task is to attract the attention of the animal by the smell of a dead bird.If you wish, you can scatter feathers and eggs around the corpse (as if there had already been a struggle for life and death)

Important: traps should be placed with gloves on, and after installation – grease them with manure or spruce decoction to rid the person of the smell.

When the animal grabs the prey, it will begin to back back to carry it away. It is at this time that he will come across. Therefore, only a lot of placed traps will give the result (placing one, you can not guess the trajectory of the predator and, conversely, only attract his attention). A captured ferret can be destroyed or released (taken away from the house).

Ferrets can also be controlled with traps. To do this, you will have to prepare a bucket or box, support (stick) and bait. Installation instructions:

  1. Place the bucket at an angle.
  2. Treat it with manure or spruce decoction.
  3. Put the support (should slip off at the slightest movement).
  4. Sprinkle with fir solution.
  5. Place the bait (dead bird) under the bucket.

For clarity, you can see the principle of installing a trap in a video that doesn’t difficult to find on the Internet.

The task of the farmer will be to respond in time to the sound from the fallen bucket. Only a quick appearance will allow you to catch a ferret. Why can not you postpone the release until the morning?The thing is that the animal will fight to save its own skin (and they are rather nimble and can easily slip away).

Which way to use the ferrets in the chicken coop to use, only you should choose. The main thing is not to hesitate with this, so as not to lose poultry at all. Now you know how to catch ferrets in the chicken coop.

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