The device of the chicken coop for 5 hens

The 5-hen chicken coop is ideal for farmers who want to always have fresh eggs, without spending a lot of effort on keeping and growing hens. Building a chicken coop with your own hands is not a big deal. It looks like a building, as seen in the photo, quite small and compact.

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The small house is able to retain heat in winter, which allows the birds to fully carry eggs while in it. Despite the size, it is important that it was spacious in the chicken coop.When choosing the area for walking, it is better to give preference to the one I’m 2 times the size of the house.

Before building a chicken coop, it’s important to determine its location. The site should be adequately lit by the sun and not blown by the winds. The chicken coop should be dry so that the layers do not feel damp and do not catch a cold. You can install the house and with a slight slope, contributing to the removal of all kinds of rainfall. How to make drawings and build an ideal chicken coop for five layers?

Design choice

If your goal is to keep layers in the summer to provide fresh eggs, then the ideal option is portable do-it-yourself house This is a small, lightweight and portable design, consisting of all of 2 compartments: the first is for sleeping and placing roosts and nests , and the second is for walking chickens.

The lower and upper sections are connected by a folding ladder. The main advantage of such a house is its mobility, because as soon as the chickens have pecked all the grass, the chicken coop is transferred to another site with fresh herbs. This means that absolutely any place is suitable for its location. You can build such a house for 10 chickens as well as for 5 adult birds.

Строительство курятника своими руками

DIY construction of a chicken house

DIY construction of a chicken house, despite its size, should be carried out only with quality materials and with all seriousness. It is necessary to provide the premises with reliable insulation in winter .

Some poultry farmers use poultry houses to decorate the yard. It all depends on the choice of materials and the drawing used. An ordinary summer cottage will become the best place for a mini-house.

A 5-hen house is a fairly simple design. At the same time, it is quite mobile, and the dimensions often reach only 1 x 2 m.

The ease of manufacturing of the house is ensured by successful, self-made drawings and quick construction. Plus, by installing such a room, you can not disturb the landscape, because there is no need for an additional foundation – enough grass and fine gravel under the cage.


To build a quality chicken house, you will need the appropriate materials, many of which may already be in your house, while others are easily located in the nearest hardware store. For a successful and quick construction, it is necessary to ensure the presence of:

  • a wooden bar measuring 50 x 50;
  • a wooden battens measuring 2 x 3 cm;
  • plywood sheet or multi-layer building board;
  • polystyrene, mineral wool or other insulation;
  • Rabitsa networks;
  • small door hinges, nails and screws;
  • metal fittings and pipes;
  • tiles / slate.
Материалы для строительства курятника

Materials for the construction of the chicken house

Do-it-yourself work also includes hammer, screwdriver, saw, drill.

Drawings or any other preliminary drawings are of great importance for future construction for chickens. It is necessary to think in advance in which direction to place the windows and the front door in order to correctly position the nests and perches. When planning, you can rely on photos of similar structures. Mostly the socket is mounted in the far corner of the structure. Choosing sizes, they are guided by individual features and possibilities of a site.

Phased construction of the house

You can protect chickens from the effects of rodents and other uninvited guests after establishing additional reliable soil. The foundation for the house with their own hands can serve as a foundation of concrete, or on poles. It is more advisable to choose the second option, because if there are only 5 chickens there is no sense in a bulky structure. Concrete base is not suitable for do-it-yourself construction, especially in suburban conditions. A successful design depends on following certain steps.

  • At first, the bars and plywood are cut. Billets should reach a meter in length, two in width, 0.7 in height. If you do not comply with the specified parameters, you may not be able to build a suitable frame and the walls of the room with your own hands.
  • Next, you should start collecting the frame from the bar. A side door is equipped with a small door on the left side, and a slightly larger door is made in front, providing access to the socket and regular cleaning.
  • The frame must be sheathed using plywood or a multilayer plate from the inside. Mount with screws.
  • The insulation needs to be fixed on the walls, and the frame must be sheathed outside.
  • The height of 8 legs should be between 50-75 cm. It is appropriate to pre-mark in the drawing where the legs are attached so that there are no problems when assembling with your own hands.
  • Next, you should fill each rail on the roof and fix it with insulation, cover with a roofing sheet.Inside, the roof is lined with plywood.
  • When building a walk, you need to adhere to the dimensions several times larger than the house. For walking it is enough to drive in the rods and pull the net with your own hands, and then fix it.
  • The net must be pressed tightly to the house so that the birds do not get out of the fence. You can try to build another door from the network and the frame.

Having finished the last step, you can congratulate yourself on the independent construction of the house. You can compare your version with others in the photo.


A necessary point in the construction of your own hands is the provision of ventilation . The easiest way is to install a regular window, which can be seen in the photo with chicken coops.

Вентиляция в курятнике

Ventilation in the chicken coop

A similar hole on the latch is installed below the ceiling, positioning so as to prevent drafts. Ventilation in the form of a window has its own negative features, because it can not be regulated. There is an option and the construction of a supply and exhaust ventilation system, which is also simple when working with your own hands. To make it, you will need 2 pipes with a diameter of 20 cm, and the length is selected taking into account the size of the house. One pipe is needed to ensure the flow of fresh air, and the other – to bleed used. Installing ventilation is easy.

  • The roof is equipped with two openings.The exhaust pipe is placed above the perch, the supply pipe is vice versa.
  • The exhaust pipe is mounted one meter higher than the roof, the supply pipe must be in the chicken coop.

Homemade visors will help protect the house from weather changes . For fastening pipes, sealed materials are chosen. The temperature of the house should not fall below 15 ° C, but should not be higher than 22 ° C, so warming is necessary. Another advantage of ventilation is the adjustment of the temperature and the degree of oxygen saturation with toxic ammonia.

Additional tips

The house should be equipped with natural and artificial lighting , which is suitable the acquisition of fluorescent or incandescent lamps. The house is electrified only outside, in order to prevent short circuits due to increased humidity in the room. It is necessary to make a shield and place it on the outside of the structure. Shields are needed for mounting sockets, switches and wires.

do-it-yourself chicken coop for 5 hens
Do-it-yourself chicken coop. Second season!
chicken coop at the cottage for 5 laying hens
Do-it-yourself chicken coop


As it turned out, building a mini-chicken coop is not so difficult, especially if all the drawings were made correctly, and the dimensions are normal. In many photos, the chicken coop for 5 hens, made by hand, looks impressive and attractive, so it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish it from the work of the master’s hands.

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