Breeding and growing broiler turkeys

Very often, on the shelves in stores we see the inscription broiler on chicken or turkey meat. Many inexperienced buyers think that this is some kind of non-natural meat. In fact, broiler turkeys are the same meat as regular farm meat, only grown for meat. Usually, broiler meat is much better in taste than usual, as it is softer, juicier and even more attractive.In appearance, live birds are no different, but the care, maintenance and conditions of their breeding at home are different.

  1. Features of growing turkeys
  2. Walking for the health of turkey poults
  3. Roosts in turkey poultry
  4. Nests for turkey poults
  5. Organization equipment bird food
  6. Turkey food
  7. Proper care of turkeys
  8. How to avoid turkey shoots?

Разведение и выращивание бройлерных индюков

Breeding and raising broiler turkeys

Breeding and Growing broiler turkeysFrench broiler large turkey is considered the most popular breed kind of big . In some cases, the weight of an adult can reach from 4.5 kg to 35 kg, depending on how the bird grows, and it also depends on the breed. The broad-chested broiler male looks beautiful and has good weight. You can buy birds for growing for meat at the breeders or from the hands through the ads I will sell selling. On various sites and forums, you can find many offers for the sale of turkeys.

Many farmers use a cone system to cut broilers.Before any slaughter, a turkey of any breed can go for meat after a month, but it is mainly grown for a longer period, in order to get eggs as well. Some farmers grow and contain birds of any breed only for sale. In this case, the sale is carried out strictly through the registration of the type of activity and the passage of veterinary examinations and analyzes. Before deciding why you need breeding and keeping turkeys, you need to familiarize yourself with the description, see photos and videos of each breed.

Features of growing turkeys

Actually , broiler turkeys at home demanding birds, especially to thermal conditions. In order to grow good, healthy broiler turkeys for slaughter, the temperature must be observed at least 20 degrees. For this reason, litter is required on the turkey floor. Most often this is hay, sometimes straw, sawdust and other materials are used. Turkeys are afraid of drafts, but this does not mean that there should not be windows and a ventilation system in turkey poultry . On the contrary, the ventilation system must be carefully thought out, taking into account this particularity of the bird. Growing broiler turkeys at home should be divided into breeds that need a lot of light for normal growth and development, so you should not save on windows.

As very proud and important, broiler turkeys like to have free space for everyone , personal space, so build turkey poultry big.On average, at least 1 square meter is needed per broiler. And if you keep not only turkeys, but also turkeys, then you should know that only 4-5 turkeys rely on 40 females, otherwise fights simply cannot be avoided. Growing broiler turkeys is carried out in the best way, like any bird, turkeys can have infections, so individuals must be kept clean at home. Before each new settlement, turkey poultry needs to be disinfected and washed thoroughly. But the litter needs to be changed much more often.

Walking for the health of turkey poults

If it so happens that your turkey poultry is not very large in size, then you must make sure that Your turkey poultry broilers and their production was made taking into account all the requirements. It is necessary that individuals have a place for walking. Regardless of the breed of broiler turkeys, this is very necessary for their health, as birds that move a little often have obesity, which will negatively affect the quality of meat, respectively, and on your wallet.

In addition, on turkey walking it is possible to save well on stern. After all, it is very simple to plant perennial grasses on the place of walking. It can be clover or alfalfa. And if there are many places for walking, then annuals can be planted. For example, peas, oats and others. The advantages of such a walk will also be that your birds will receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals from green plants.

You can walk a broiler turkey not only in the summer. If winter was not very cold and frosty, then broiler turkeys can walk perfectly. But there are conditions. The place for walking should be covered with bedding, hay, straw or sawdust. It is also recommended not only in winter but also in summer to install a canopy over the pasture. This will protect turkeys from rain, heat and wind. There are birds that in winter simply do not want to leave the turkey poultry. In this case, it is worth pouring a thin path into the street with grain and the bird, absorbing the grain, will calmly go outside. It is also worth taking care of a high and reliable fencing of the place of walking, as a turkey can easily climb if the fence is too low and run away.

Perches in a turkey turkey

Индюки любят сидеть на насестах

Turkeys like to perch

At home, turkey broilers do not sleep on the bedding. To do this, they use special sticks, under the name roost . It is best to install them away from the exit, in the far corner, in order to avoid drafts. Usually they are installed like rows in a movie theater, one above the other. The recommended distance between the rows is 50 cm. The first row is made at a level of 80 cm from the floor. But guess how many perches you need is very simple. One turkey needs about 0.45 meters.

Of course, the sticks must be thick, because they will have to withstand the weight of a single or two turkeys. To avoid injuries, perches are made smooth, without splintering and with rounded ends. Also, in this case, you can improve and cleaning. You have probably seen pallets in parrot cages. This system can be applied here. This will save cleaning time and keep the turkey turkey relatively clean.

Turkey sockets

How to grow broiler turkeys at home? Since the main task for broilers is meat and turkeys slaughtered at reproductive age, in this case nests are not needed. But if you plan to grow and breed broilers yourself, you will have to equip the sockets . After all, turkeys also have eggs. Nests are made according to the principle, like turkey poultry itself. The place should be chosen quiet.

The total size of the nest for 6 turkeys must be at least 60 by 60 cm. The nests must be checked. There you need to make the litter and clean it often, in order to avoid the development of infections. Types of nests are very diverse. It can be both single, calculated on one layer, and the area of ​​turkey poultry. If there is no desire, but there is an opportunity, then such a nest can be purchased at the store.

Equipment for feeding birds

In order for your broiler turkeys to be healthy, they need not only high-quality feed, as well as equipment from which your indo-broilers will eat and drink.

There are several rules for choosing such equipment

  1. All feeders should not pose a threat to the life and health of the turkey.
  2. For small broiler turkeys it is best to choose soft feeders so that they do not damage the beak.
  3. It is not recommended to use galvanized and aluminum feeders for products that oxidize.
  4. Turkey broilers love free space at home, so even make feeders free.
  5. Each type of food has its own type of feeder, so do not save on this.
  6. The installation level should be comfortable for the turkey. Usually this is the height at the back of the bird.
  7. The design with feeders should be strong. Since broiler turkeys can simply turn over the unstable design.

Experts note that the best nipple drinker

  • Water in a nipple drinker is not subject to stagnation.
  • All individuals drink as much water as they need.
  • It’s almost impossible to pour broiler turkeys from such a drinker.

For drinkers, the rule is that each turkey should have a lot of free space. If you installed ordinary drinking bowls, especially made yourself, you often need to check the presence and purity of water in them. If the drinker is heavy, it must be fixed in order to avoid injuring the birds.

Food for turkeys

Соблюдаем режим питания


Eating a balanced diet is key to success. Breeding of healthy and fleshy birds is possible only if the proper diet is observed. Each species and breed of turkeys has its own characteristics in the nutrition . Growing broiler turkeys at home has feeding schemes that are universal and suitable for almost everyone.

  1. Feeding is worth broiler turkeys with a frequency of two hours.
  2. Chickens are given all the food crushed, for example a mash of different types of cereals, alternating it with different herbs grated carrots and other finely chopped herbs.
  3. All food should be fresh and of high quality. Do not cook it long before feeding. On average, they cook 15-20 minutes before feeding.
  4. Feed, especially young broiler turkey, 4 times a day.
  5. Food should contain a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals.
  6. In winter they give top dressing. Indobrollers consume chalk, fish oil and shells.
  7. Food should be portioned to avoid obesity and disease.

Turkey is one of the largest secular birds. That is why drinking turkeys is much more than chicken, for example. Water should be of high quality, fresh and clean.Small farms are considered an ideal environment for keeping turkey poultry, as care, care and attention can be given to almost every bird. If all of the above tips and recommendations are implemented, then keeping turkeys will not take much time and you will grow beautiful birds.

Proper care of turkeys

To keep your turkey healthy and the meat and eggs are of the highest quality, she needs care and maintenance.

Basic care rules

  • From the first month, it is important to maintain the temperature in the room.
  • Feeding should be balanced and correct.
  • A lot of light during the day, and artificial lighting at night.
  • The absence of drafts and a low level of moisture nostalgia.
  • Mandatory, both summer and winter walks.
  • Timely prevention of infections.
  • Compliance with the dimensions of turkey poultry and nests.
  • When the occurrence of coccidiosis and similar problems, veterinarians prescribe an amprolium.

Unfortunately, at home turkeys are very vulnerable to parasites. These include: ticks, fleas, bugs and others. These parasites live both on the body and on the feathers of birds.

There are a number of signs on how to detect the presence of parasites in turkeys

  1. The bird begins to scratch very intensely.
  2. After infection with helminths, the appetite disappears.
  3. When you look at the turkey fur, you can notice the parasites visually.

You need to carefully monitor the presence of these symptoms, as parasites are very quickly and simply transmitted from one turkey to another.

Preventive measures

Breeding and keeping such birds implies preventive measures against various diseases. If you follow fairly simple rules of prevention, you can easily avoid problems and maintain the health of individuals.

  1. The simplest and most painless is to conduct a visual inspection from time to time. Crossed broiler or large individuals need constant attention. Of course, you simply cannot physically inspect the entire population. Usually turkeys are taken from different sides. Not all parasites can be seen with the naked eye, so at least the lighting should be sufficient. Usually, parasites choose their head, legs and anus, so special attention should be paid to these parts.
  2. Some parasites that drink blood settle in dust and bedding. From infection with such parasites, the weight of individuals is significantly reduced. That is why the litter should be changed more often. To inspect the litter for the presence of such parasites, it must be placed on a white sheet of paper. Since the parasites are mostly black in color, they will be clearly visible.
  3. Also, there are types of parasites that attack at night. Accordingly, inspection or breeding then should be carried out in the evening.
  4. Like any birds, turkeys can clean themselves to a certain extent.To do this, in the turkey poultry, or at the place of walking, you need to install a container with sand, half with ash.

How to avoid shoots from the turkey poultry?

Worth remember that turkeys are also birds, especially domestic ones, with wings. If you want the keeping and breeding of birds to be easy and convenient, then you need to take care of the safety of the livestock. In the presence of wings, individuals can fly. Their flight speed can reach 20 km / h, so if it flies away, it is very unlikely that you will return it, or he will return. There are species that can reach speeds even up to 90 km / h.

You can take the following measures to avoid unwanted flights and shoots

  • Cutting the feather cover of the wing.
  • You can connect the wings artificially, for example, tie them with a rope.
  • If this is turkey poultry, you can cauterize the wings.
  • The simplest thing is to fence off the walking area from all sides. From above in such cases, the dense grid is stretched.

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