What is useful turkey meat

The health care fashion trend has put an end to many animal products. In order to prolong youth and preserve the figure, one must be careful about the food eaten. What is the benefit of turkey meat, whose appearance has revolutionized cooking? Let’s analyze the strengths and weaknesses of popular food.

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Чем полезно мясо индейки

What is the use of turkey meat


America is the birthplace of turkeys, and the first women were brought to Europe by ship of the Spanish conquerors in Europe at the beginning of the 16th century. A tasty and non-greasy product fell in love, so the bird began to grow at home . With skillful care, males reach 20 kg and females – 15.

There is practically no cholesterol in the fibers, but a sufficient amount of useful substances and vitamins. Saturation comes with a smaller portion of the eaten, so it began to be recommended in many diets.

In America and Western Europe, turkey meat has long been deservedly popular. It has firmly taken center stage in national cuisines or replaced the fatter components. The domestic consumer glances with caution at the supermarket shelves, not knowing where and how to apply the product.

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By taste, tender meat is between chicken and pork .It does not have a specific bird flavor that is so annoying when used regularly. The minimum amount of fat is absorbed very quickly and does not leave extra centimeters on the waist, hips.

What does turkey meat look like? The breast is white and the legs have a pleasant pink tint. The view in the photo shows a gradual transition from light parts to darker. The fillet is not as dry as that of chickens. There is practically no fat under the skin.

Content of substances

The benefits of turkey meat in its amazing composition. If you carefully monitor your own health, then this is the perfect food for every day. Delicious food contains many useful trace elements.

  1. Vitamins. It includes all the components necessary for the development of the body. Group B, A, E and PP are responsible for many functions within the body.
  2. Protein. The substance is involved in DNA synthesis, muscle building. Responsible for the proper functioning of organs, metabolic processes.
  3. Phosphorus. Prevents joint diseases, “builds” bones. By the amount of component, the product is not inferior to fish.
  4. Tryptophan. It improves the functions of the central nervous system, and also makes the emotional background stable.
  5. Microelements. Iron, potassium, calcium are involved in the creation of blood, and copper, chromium, zinc and cobalt stabilize the work of all internal organs.
  6. Folic acid. It is necessary for the healthy formation and development of the child in the womb.
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An amazing product contains components important to humans. They manage all the functions of the structure of internal organs and are responsible for strong immunity. When used wisely, the product can relieve many problems, including insomnia and manager syndrome.

The nutritional value of the popular protein is 270 kcal per 100 grams. Additionally, the bird has a daily norm of unsaturated omega-3 acids, which increase brain activity. The benefit and harm depends on the correct preparation of the dish.

Useful properties

Диетическое мясо

Dietary meat

Food of animal origin has long been present in the human diet. But the cholesterol content in pork and beef forced the losing weight of the planet to refuse delicious food. The main benefit of turkey meat is that lean fibers do not include a dangerous component and will be a good addition to the diet menu.

The huge content of easily digestible protein helps in recovery processes after operations and serious illnesses. The product is used for increased physical exertion, as well as for building muscle mass. An amazing composition makes it possible to cope with any problems without complications.

What are the beneficial properties of turkey meat?The unique concentration of potassium and unsaturated fats allows you to positively affect the health of the heart, blood vessels. The product is an essential element of a therapeutic diet for cardiac diseases.

Low fat content and an abundance of phosphorus make it possible to absorb calcium as much as possible. Such food will be a good supplement to the diet during the recovery stages after fractures or with joint diseases. By the way, there is a lot of sodium in the composition, which improves metabolic processes in the body.

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Turkey meat enhances immunity and strengthens human reproductive abilities. It does not cause allergies in babies and helps the proper development of the fetus in pregnant women. Men are recommended to solve problems with potency. Scientists have noticed that regular use of the product prevents the development of oncology.


Even the most wholesome food is harmful in case of abuse. The constant gluttony of protein foods negatively affects the digestive system and can provoke various deviations. The predominance of any product in the diet disrupts the metabolism.

Turkey meat does not contain cholesterol, but due to the increased concentration of animal protein it can be dangerous for people with kidney disease and gout. it is worth remembering that for any illness, consultation with a doctor is necessary. An independent change in diet leads to disastrous results.

The substance sodium normalizes metabolic processes and restores blood.Excessive consumption builds up in the body, causing high blood pressure in hypertensive patients. To avoid exacerbation, experts recommend less salt poultry dishes.

The composition and calorie content of turkey meat can not be used as a medicine. A large amount of protein contributes to intestinal colic and flatulence. The absence of plant fiber in such a diet leads to constipation.

Vitamins and other important substances will be useless when consuming a spoiled product. Remember that only fresh food is used in food. Stay away from turkey with a rotten smell or an unpleasant odor.

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How to choose

Мясо не должно быть светлым

Meat should not be light

According to GOST, both whole carcasses and individual parts are offered to buyers in retail chains and in the market. On the shelves of shops you can find offal (liver, heart) and minced meat. Red meat practically does not differ from veal, and dietary breast smells better than chicken fillet.

Experts recommend buying chilled raw materials, although unique products retain their useful properties even after two months of deep freezing. Remember that turkey poultry has limited shelf life on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. If within 24 hours not used as intended, then putrefactive bacteria begin to multiply in the tissues.

No matter how many people talk about the beneficial characteristics of food, it’s not worth buying fresh food in unverified places. In this case, there is no guarantee that the bird was raised in accordance with all requirements and that there will be no antibiotics or hormones in animal fibers. Do not experiment with health.

How to choose turkey meat? The skin on the carcass should be smooth, without stains and stickiness. If you press your finger anywhere, the pit is quickly restored. The breast is light in appearance and the legs are pink. The smell of a fresh bird without chemical odors, and an unpleasant odor indicates the presence of putrefactive processes.

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Frozen fillet should not be cloudy or with dark patches on the surface. If the cost of the goods is much cheaper than the fresh options, then it is better to refuse the purchase. Often, retail chains do not comply with technical requirements, as a result of which the bacterial content inside increases.

How to cook

Hypoallergenic turkey meat is used in the production of convenience foods and homemade food. Unlike chicken, it does not have a specific flavor, so you can give it to both a child and an adult. Cooking does not violate the value of the product, while maintaining a sufficient amount of iron, potassium and other elements.

Turkey meat with boiled vegetables can be used in diets when a person considers the number of calories eaten.In dietary nutrition, the bird found many fans, therefore it is allowed in all popular weight loss systems. The content of vitamins does not decrease with such processing.

Modern technologies allow the use of delicious poultry in the preparation of sausages and sausages. Low calorie content and excellent taste are complemented by natural food flavors. Semi-prepared foods are most often produced from breast.

If the weight allows, then the whole carcass can be baked in the oven with potatoes or fried on a spit. Of turkey meat, barbecue is often made, which in taste characteristics are not inferior to pork. Any parts of the bird’s body do not lose their positive properties during cooking.

It is very useful to eat steamed cutlets of turkey meat – they are suitable even for those who have to adhere to a therapeutic diet.

From the breast and liver, you can make a delicious paste that contains a minimum of calories. Cooking does not require a cook for a long heat treatment. Such a dish does not have the aroma of chicken or pork, and the unique concentration of substances does not collapse under the influence of temperature.

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Things to remember

If you care about health, then valuable meat turkeys should not be fried. The appetizing color of the crust is achieved due to the oxidation of fats, and this negatively affects the digestive system. Eating such food is dangerous for both children and adults.

The usefulness of a meal is also affected by the time taken to cook. The longer the fibers were subjected to heat treatment, the less is the output of the remaining elements. Frequent use of smoked meats is not recommended. Manipulations with smoke not only increase the content of carcinogens, but also increase the number of calories.

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The quality of turkey poults depends on how it was raised. Unlike chickens, raising large birds requires more time and costs. To reduce the cost of live weight, some farmers use antibiotics and hormones. These additives accumulate in the tissues and can harm the consumer.

The type of low-quality meat is practically the same as usual, but it is not advisable for kids and sick people to eat it. We recommend purchasing food in reliable retail chains. Respectable stores will not risk unverified goods.

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Turkey meat has long been a favorite of foreign and domestic cuisine. Low calorie content and excellent taste characteristics will replace fatty pork. Our recommendations will help determine the beneficial and harmful aspects of popular food.

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