How to treat coccidiosis in turkey poults?

Coccidiosis in turkey poultry is an invasive disease that can affect turkey poultry from the first week of life. With this disease, a simple single-celled parasite called coccidia enters the turkey’s body. The disease can affect not only turkeys, but also chickens and goslings. Coccidiostats are used against coccidiosis.

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  3. How to treat?
  4. Do coccidiostatics have any disadvantages?
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Лечение кокцидиоза у индюшат

Treatment of coccidiosis in turkey poults


Coccidia turkey gets into the body with food. Their spread there is extremely fast. At the same time, some animals survive this disease in acute form. Coccidiosis in turkey poultry, symptoms and treatment of the disease Symptoms:

  • the animal partially or completely refuses to eat;
  • symptoms include the following behavior: the chick becomes lethargic, lethargic, drowsy;
  • turkey experiencing an increased need for drinking;
  • on plumage, coccidiosis can also be noticed, feathers fall off, ruffled, the chick looks unhealthy, you can even notice from the photo;
  • liquid coccidiosis is also characteristic turkey stool , in which there is blood.

This disease of turkeys is primarily harmful intestines, also the liver. If an adult bird falls ill, then the disease can occur without obvious symptoms and an adult bird has a much greater chance of defeating the disease.In turkey poultry, it is easier to detect coccidiosis, they suffer from it more and die more often. Half of the young can die due to the disease.


The reasons why this disease occurs must be sought in the preparation of the menu for the bird and in the conditions of its keeping . You can not keep a large number of birds in a small area. It is important to monitor the humidity in the room. Chicks should not be cold or, on the contrary, overheat. It is important to monitor sanitary standards.

Animals become infected with coccidiosis through drinking bowls and feeders , bedding that are not kept in accordance with sanitary standards.

Best data bacteria multiply in warm and humid weather. It is very important for the owner to track the ill health of the birds in time. A clear sign of behavior is that the chicks make a mournful squeak.

How to treat?

As you know, prevention is the best treatment. Here you can say the same thing. Coccidiosis in turkeys is easier to avoid than treat it. An effective preventive measure is a manganese solvent, a 3% formalin solvent, slaked lime.

If you notice symptoms in several individuals, then they urgently need to be removed from the rest of the birds. It is also important for healthy turkeys to add coccidiostatic to the feed. For sick turkey poultry, it is best to use single medications, rather than complex therapy.

Профилактика является лучшим лечением

Prevention is the best treatment

There are the means that we produce that help fight this disease, they can also be used in smaller doses for preventive measures:

  • Amprolium (for preventive measures, take 75 grams, 0.0075 solution ) This is a ton of food. You need to give out in the first week of life. For therapeutic measures, 0.25 grams (0.025 solution) per kilo of feed for weekly poultry is suitable.
  • Kokcidiovit. For prevention, use 0.145 grams per kilogram of food, give such food for a week.

You can also use foreign drugs to combat this disease:

  • Zoalen (for prevention use 0.125 grams) 0.0125 solution per kilogram of feed, give for 2 months. As a treatment, this remedy is used in such a way that it is dissolved in water, which is given as a drink. Zoalen is good at being offered to turkeys from his birthday.
  • Bycox. If treated with it, then dissolve in the ratio of one ml per one kg of water. It should be given to the poultry in two days the whole dose. This is a powerful medicine, from which all types of parasite die with a guarantee in a small amount of time. At the same time, Baycox does not conflict with feed in its composition.
  • Solicox. It is a coccidiostatic of widespread use.It has low toxicity, they can treat coccidiosis not only in birds, but also for the treatment of rabbits or cows. It can be used with different feeds.
  • Amprolin VP. Great for both prevention and treatment of this disease. The action takes place in 24 hours. After the drug comes out with excrement. Does not go into the blood of a bird. All types of coccidia die from it. Given with water.
  • Diacox. 1 mg per 1 kilogram of finished feed as a preventative measure. They give turkeys from the day of birth.
  • Montlar 10% granulate. You need to be careful with this drug because it does not combine with certain types of feed. Low toxicity.
  • Koksitsan 12% granulate. This is also feed coccidiostatic. Use this medicine with caution, because it is quite toxic. It is important to do the dosage. Best of all, use it for preventive purposes.

Do coccidiostatics have disadvantages?

Coccidiostatics have not only advantages, but also disadvantages:

  1. Coccidia as the simplest parasite constantly adapt to drugs that are used against them.
  2. Because of them there may be paresis of muscles on the legs of turkey poults.
  3. Even with Strict adherence to the dosage remains the possibility of poisoning with drugs.
  4. Possible bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract of turkey poultry.
  5. The vessels of the duodenum m ogut because of drugs will be filled with blood.


An alternative to controlling coccidiosis is vaccination of turkey poults. This procedure helps to develop immunity in turkey poults to coccidia.

After this procedure, you can not be afraid for a year that turkeys will become infected with this disease.

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Post-treatment period

When treatment for coccidiosis the turkey has already ended, and the veterinarian told you that the bird is healthy, it is important to understand that some period of the turkey will still be restored. It is advisable then, when you finish the main course of treatment, to take another vitamin course, which normalize the digestive tract and generally increase the body’s immune forces. Only after that the bird’s body will function normally. If you use vaccination, these methods are not needed will be.

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