The use of Trichopolum for turkey poults

In order for turkeys to grow well and bring healthy offspring, owners will need to control their nutrition, as well as perform preventive procedures and treat bird diseases. Every person who grows turkeys knows very well such a drug as Trichopolum. Trichopolum for turkeys is used for the prevention and treatment of various diseases. How exactly to use it and what diseases it treats, we will consider in more detail.

  1. Infections that occur due to the appearance of various parasites in animals.
  2. Pests that live in organisms of turkeys are able to infect them with serious diseases, they penetrate their blood, kill the lungs and intestines, malfunction in the nervous system and liver function.
  3. The appearance of a large number of microbes and bacteria, namely streptococci and staphylococci. They fill the lungs of turkeys, causing purulent and inflammatory processes, malfunctioning of the brain, skin infections, botulism and tetanus.

The medicine Trichopolum has an antibacterial effect and a synthetic origin. It begins to act as soon as it enters the body of turkeys. When birds receive this medicine, harmful elements die instantly.It is very often used in veterinary clinics. Trichopolum is sold in various forms. For example, in such as:

  • tablets;
  • suspensions;
  • ready-made solutions;
  • powders from which the solutions are prepared .

Almost always, pills or powders are used to treat turkeys. Trichopolum is often used to treat turkeys, chickens and cattle.

Required dosages for treatment

One tablet of this drug has 0.5 grams per it contains two hundred and fifty milliliters of metronidazole. When the first signs of the disease are visible in the bird, Trichopolum begins to be given in specific doses. The dosage of the drug always depends on the weight of the bird and the type of animal. The medicine is used in two ways:

  • to feed animals with a calculation per kilogram of their weight;
  • mix with food or water.

If used medicine by weight, then the treatment is carried out at the rate of ten milliliters of powder per 1 kilogram of bird weight. Small turkeys are given one tablet per ten kilograms of weight. You need to give it three times a day. When the second option is used, the turkey is mixed with the food or drink. To do this, take one and a half grams of powder and mix with one kilogram of feed. The dosage for the liquid has other indicators, for this they take three grams of the drug and add to five liters of water. Three grams of medicine is exactly twelve tablets.

Almost always, the second option is used for birds. The disease is treated for nine to ten days. After that, preventive measures are carried out, namely, they switch to small doses. Usually, veterinarians prescribe this medication at twenty grams per kilogram of animal weight. Treatment for turkeys is reduced by three to five days. If the disease has not completely receded, then a second course of treatment is carried out after a short pause. Turkey, pigeons and chickens are re-treated after seven to ten days.

Prevention as an important element

Предотвращаем болезни

Preventing the disease

Preventive measures are taken to prevent the disease and prevent it from spreading to all pets. It begins to be carried out to turkeys on the twentieth day after birth. Therefore, experienced pet breeders advise giving trichopolum in the second round, ten days after the initial intake. If this is not necessary, then it is not worth watering the animals, or do it later. Prevention lasts seven to ten days, as much as treatment. If the animals have already begun to take the medicine, do not stop it. It will not harm animals, but only benefit, of course, if you use it clearly according to the instructions.

For large birds, the recommended dosage is 0.5 grams per kilogram of food, which is about two tablets.If you mix the medicine with water, then the dose will be slightly different, one gram of powder per five liters of liquid. Many owners give a medicine based on the calculation of the body weight of the pet, this method is also allowed, but only the dosage is calculated differently. For one kilogram of an animal, three to four grams of the drug, or one tablet per thirty kilograms.

It is also possible to give animals Trichopolum only once for prevention, not following the regimen. Therefore, small turkeys are recommended to give the medicine in such quantities:

  • if the chicks are three to five weeks old, you need to give a quarter of the pill;
  • when the pet has reached the age of seven weeks, give half the pill ;
  • a whole pill can be given at nine weeks.

In order not to accidentally forget about taking the drug, as well as about prevention, you can record on the calendar. This method of control is useful to many, since skipping pills will not give a positive result and the disease will completely disappear.

When Trichopol is started to be used

The drug is used to cure chickens, turkeys and other animals from serious infectious illnesses. It is customary to pour it into the food or water of pets, but observing special dosages. Also, the medicine is given for prophylactic purposes, by inside and washing the sore spot with a solution of 0.1 percent.

In therapeutic cases, the chickens, ducklings and geese are given 25-50 grams per kilogram of weight for two to five days. Turkeys the amount of the drug is twenty grams per kilogram of weight, for several days. As you can see, the amount of drug intake and the duration of treatment differ significantly from the type of animal and the purpose for which it is used.

Some animals are treated repeatedly, but pause for six to eight days. Small birds can be watered with Trichopolum, with breaks of several weeks, until they turn forty-five days old. The dosage should be twenty to twenty-five grams. Large animals, such as cows or bulls, are given a drug of five to ten grams per kilogram of their weight, twice a day for three to four days. Trichopolum is allowed to prick animals, but only large. Thus, the treatment is two to four days, ten milliliters intramuscularly.

To summarize, I want to say that the drug Trichopolum treats a large number of serious diseases of many animals. It is used in various ways, but observing the dosage and number of days of treatment. This drug is very famous among people who grow turkeys, geese and other animals. In order not to torment the chicks and not begin to heal, follow the rules for the care and maintenance of pets.

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