The principle of growing turkeys for meat at home

Growing turkeys for meat at home conditions a profitable business. Today, when the stores are full of products of dubious quality, many seek to breed their own animals for natural products. Turkey meat is highly regarded for its low calorie content and excellent palatability.

  1. Features of choosing the right breed
  2. Features of the content
  3. How to feed?
  4. How to feed the chicks?
  5. Features of the feeding of adults
  6. Will the birds profit?
  7. Secrets of fattening
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Принцип выращивания индюков на мясо

Principle growing turkeys for meat

Features of choosing the right breed

Among poultry, breeders most often choose turkeys for growing This category of birds has a lot of advantages over other animals:

  • accelerated weight gain;
  • easy care;
  • high survival rate of turkey poults;
  • low cost of feed;
  • dietary natural Meat.

The main advantage is a quick set of muscle mass. Representatives of the male sex of meat can reach 30 kg, females 15. Turkey meat is often prescribed to people with all kinds of diseases of systems and organs. Meat products contain many vitamins and beneficial amino acids. Meat breeds gain optimal weight in just 2-3 months. Among the most popular representatives of meat breeds:

  • big6 ;
  • white broad-chested ;
  • bat8.

Only tribal individuals give good returns. For 2-3 months of proper nutrition and care, birds gain 20-30 kg. To use the breeding data of the breeds to the maximum, it is necessary to create optimal living conditions for birds that are close to natural, as well as provide them with a proper, balanced feed.

Content Features

Growing turkeys can be a great income. Many novice breeders build their business on breeding turkey meat breeds. If you have a country house, then there will be no problems with the organization of the house. When keeping turkeys, it is important to take into account that the bird does not like neighborhood with other birds, does not tolerate heat, drafts, dampness and too severe frosts.

There are special requirements for the turkey barn . The room should be quite large, because the birds have a large physique and should have enough space at their disposal for free movement. In the turkey poultry the optimal microclimate should be constantly maintained, which is achieved by the equipment of proper supply and exhaust ventilation. If at least one requirement is not taken into account, the productivity of birds will significantly decrease. Birds are very susceptible to temperature changes and may even die if the situation is not corrected in time.

It is very important to observe the density of birds during breeding.Oversized turkeys lead quite an active lifestyle, so they should have a lot of space at their disposal. The density of the planting will depend entirely on the characteristics of the breed development that the breeder has chosen.

Turkeys need a sufficient free walk in the warm season to quickly grow and develop optimally. To do this, next to the house, the area should be fenced and a manhole should be built from the door of the barn so that birds can freely enter and exit. In the cold season, walks are strictly prohibited, because there is a very high risk of colds as a result of hypothermia. Another important stage in the successful breeding of turkey meat is timely vaccination, which will allow avoiding the mass mortality of birds even during the quarantine period.

When breeding turkeys on Meat, you must first take into account all the features of the selected breed. There is a special feeding system, which implies some general provisions. However, it is impossible to achieve maximum returns if you do not study the breed features .

How to feed?

Откармливать птиц можно в любом возрасте

You can feed birds at any age

Growing turkeys at home requires special care at first, while immunity is on the way .Birds of this species grow very quickly, so in order to achieve certain quality indicators of meat products, you need to know how to feed the bird, so that it quickly forms muscle mass, and does not put off fat. You can start feeding birds at any age, while it should be borne in mind that the food for turkey poults and adult individuals will be significantly different. There are several methods of feeding:

  • forced;
  • self-biting.

The first method involves feeding the birds with specially prepared compounds. To make the mixture, 20% of corn flour and barley are taken, then 15% of bran and wheat, 5% of yeast and 1% of common salt are added. All ingredients are mixed and moistened in water. After that, they place them on their own in the bird’s esophagus.

This feeding method allows you to feed the bird to the required body weight of just a couple of weeks. In the early days, feeding manipulations are carried out twice, then the number of feedings is gradually increased. When pushing food, you need to gently fix the bird with one hand so that it does not twitch.

The second method involves free-walking. feeding is carried out in the fields after harvesting gourds. In addition to self-biting, birds are given standard food 2-3 times. The advantage of the methods is profitability, accelerated mass gain, in less than 14 days.

How to feed the chicks?

Breeding turkeys at home involves the organization of a good balanced diet and living conditions from the first days after hatching from an egg. slaughter turkey poultry from four months of age. Strengthening nutrition is planned for August – harvest time. The best option is to organize free-range meals. The basis of the diet is cereals, moist mixes and a sufficient amount of greens.

If it is not possible to create optimal conditions for free nutrition on a walk, or the walk is simply limited, for some reason, the diet will consist of:

  • cottage cheese;
  • Meat and bone meal;
  • greens;
  • boiled vegetables;
  • sprouted wheat.

With this diet, after a month the birds completely limit their range. In the house, which contains turkeys for fattening, dim the lighting. Over the next time period, fattening is carried out with protein products combined feeds . The feeding period will depend on the breed chosen, and can range from 1 to 6 months.

Features of adult feeding

Не все птицы подходят для откорма

Not all birds are suitable for fattening

So, we grow turkeys at home. Before you begin to fatten an adult turkey at home for meat, it is necessary to conduct a routine inspection.Not all representatives are suitable for fattening. representatives who have not reached the required weight, as well as birds with protruding bones and a skin fold without fat, must be selected.

The selected individuals are kept separately and fed according to a different system. For young animals feeding is shown up to 5 times a day without grazing. The basis of the diet is combined feed, which is specially designed for feeding meat-oriented birds. If you properly organize the feeding, you can feed the birds for six months.

Will the birds bring profit?

We grow turkeys on Meat. Growing turkey poultry at home is a very interesting idea for business . Naturally, the success of the campaign will depend entirely on the correct organization of the maintenance, feeding and care. Today, many breeders have once again begun to grow turkey. Until recently, agriculture and poultry were in a deplorable state.

The first thing is to establish a marketing line for meat products. It will not be difficult to do this, because its high taste indices are highly appreciated by gourmets and people who are forced to constantly diet. In addition to meat qualities, turkeys are characterized by a rather high level of egg laying, and their eggs are large.

Feeding secrets

There is a feeding system where you can get just such meat as you need.In order for the increase in body weight to occur as soon as possible, but the bone tissue is not injured, it is necessary to introduce a large number of all kinds of vitamins and minerals into the diet, among which calcium is the main one. The use of combined fortified mixtures can significantly reduce costs and save more than one ruble.

The basis of the diet of fattening birds is cereals that are digested for a long time, therefore, foods that increase digestibility must be present in the diet. Such products include: greens, straw, nuts, vegetable oil or finely chopped lard.

Two weeks before slaughter, it is necessary to remove fish oil from the diet, otherwise, after slaughter, the carcass will have a fish smell and taste. feeding corn and alfalfa colors carcasses in a pleasant yellow color, thereby significantly increasing demand for products. If it is necessary to lighten the color of the meat, at the end of the feeding, reinforced feeding of corn and alfalfa begins.

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Today, farming will begin a little a revived and many have decided to open a business related to breeding turkeys. The fact that a couple of three months you can get a carcass 30 kg, making them quite attractive to home detention and sale. In order for the bird to develop well and grow rapidly, it is necessary to provide them with optimal conditions for keeping, feeding and caring.

The main requirement is that the birds are not exposed to draft, and a strong temperature difference. As soon as the turkey poults have reached the age of four months, they are transferred to the fattening, and moreover, this must be done in a month. we grow birds at home.

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