How to pluck a turkey

Slaughtering a bird is not easy, even when it comes to turkeys, it’s very important to get not only a large carcass, but also to make the meat soft and beautiful. The way a person plucks a carcass also determines its appearance. Very often, beginning farmers who first encountered such a thing do not know how to pluck a turkey at home without any special devices.

  1. The plucking method after scalding
  2. We remove the fluff with the iron
  3. What special devices are
  4. Proper plucking

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Rules for plucking turkey

The plucking method after scalding

To date, there are more than four ways to pluck home turkeys at home. Most farmers prefer this method due to the ease of such a process The main feature of scalding is that the carcass must be scalded in hot water before stripping feathers. Turkeys are very soft meat , so they must be carefully processed.

Keep a carcass at such a temperature does not take one minute for a long time, and then get it out and immediately need to be plucked. If this is done after the carcass has cooled, it will be very difficult to pluck it. In order to keep the skin of the turkey in good condition, the cover must be pulled out in the direction of their growth. Small hairs and fluff can be very easily removed, and then all the “stumps” must be carefully removed, and then the small feathers.

after all the procedures, to be sure that there are no hairs left, you need to flush the carcass on the fire.This is done very simply, you can use a gas stove. We turn on the gas and smoothly process the carcass over the fire, but do not bring the carcass too close, as you can burn it and then the meat can go bad, and if the carcasses are prepared for sale , then immediately lose their presentation.

We remove the fluff with an iron

This method is very often used to remove the entire cover from the home idea, and not from the wild. It is advisable to use an iron that you no longer use and that there were heating modes. To do this, you will need:

  • pump (with which a mattress or balls are inflated);
  • strong rope;
  • products made from natural and clean fabrics;
  • a shallow container with cold water;
  • and, of course, an iron.

after you make sure that you have everything, you need an idea place in the bell of the pump itself in an empty space between the neck and the skin itself. Then you can begin to pump air, but do it slowly and adjust the fullness of the space so that the skin does not burst. You can pump up air until all the feathers rise, if this does not happen, you need to repeat it all over again, you may have placed the pump incorrectly. The most important thing in this plucking method is that the skin does not burst.

after you’ve made sure that all the plumage has risen up, you can stretch the bell, and so that the air does not come out, bandage the bird’s throat with a rope, tight and tight, but so that later you can untie everything nodes. Take a piece of cloth and very well moisten it in water, cover the carcass with a rag and apply a hot iron. The temperature of the iron should be at 2-3 positions, if you understand that there is not enough power, then add, most importantly, do not burn the idea. Instead of fabric, you can use gauze, but then you need to fold it in half.

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Pinch turkey not difficult

Tips from farmers: it is better to use an iron that also has a steam function. When you “iron” the carcass, you can steam it, but not more than eight seconds. Thus, it will be easier and easier to remove and remove the cover. Pinching a turkey is a simple matter. On the video you can find information regarding plucking Turkey at home.

What are the special appliances

If the farm has a large volume of birds, it will be very difficult for each the carcass to work, so there are special devices that can help you with this. Most farmers use a screwdriver or a drill, or whatever they can find at home.But only with such tools it will be necessary to buy special nozzles with which you can very quickly and easily deprive the carcass of all feathers. In fact, such a cleaning procedure will take no more than two to three minutes. The most important thing that you need to pay attention to is that it is best to do this on the street, if you do it indoors, then it will be completely in feathers, which will then have to be removed.

after which you will need to check and sort all received material. In addition, today there is a special machine that removes the top cover. Its size will depend on what breed of turkeys you have and how long they are. The principle of its work is very easy. The finished carcass is placed in a special drum, which has already managed to warm up to a certain temperature. When it starts spinning, special fingers that are inside it will gradually remove all plumage. Slaughtering Turkey is best done at the age of seven to eight months. turkeys are usually slaughtered at the age of two years, this is due to the fact that, unlike a turkey, a male can retain his mating ability longer. They require a lot of attention and concentration. A turkey, like any bird, must be plucked quickly and thoroughly. Of course, all this must be done before the molting period, otherwise the carcass can become very bad. That is why experts recommend carefully monitoring this period.

Proper plucking

There are several ways you can clear a carcass of feathers. The first is a dry way. This is when the carcass is stripped off immediately after slaughter. First, experts recommend removing large feathers and tail. after all this, the carcass should be scalded well with boiling water, but pay attention to the temperature of the water and during this procedure. This pattern of feather cleaning is called a half-park. Since it is impossible to cook meat, one must clearly understand what temperature should be water. Many experts argue that the water temperature should not be higher than 60 degrees Celsius.

after all the procedures, you need to remove everything in order to prepare the carcass for sale correctly:

  • completely remove the blood from the mouth;
  • completely clean the legs;
  • after completely wipe the dryer and start gutting it.

Plucking turkeys is not an easy task that requires a lot of attention and effort. The main thing is to do everything according to the rules and instructions, and then you can quickly and easily remove the cover and make an excellent carcass. It is very easy to pluck a turkey at home, it is better to choose the most “clean” method of slaughter. Pinching must be done carefully.

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