How to increase the egg production of farm turkeys

A bird like turkey is very popular in the household. They do not need special care and are actively gaining the necessary mass. From them you can get not only high-quality meat, but also an egg. But there are situations when the laying of turkeys leaves much to be desired.

  1. Factors affecting productivity
  2. Egg production of different breeds
  3. Egg laying process in turkeys
  4. How to increase egg production
  5. Selection selection
  6. Conclusion

Увеличение яйценоскости фермерских индюшек

Increase in egg production of farm turkeys

Then the breeders begin to sound the alarm and look for ways out of this situation. But for that To solve this problem, you need to immediately figure out what it depends on t egg production.

Factors affecting productivity

Egg production in a turkey depends on the mass of factors. Most often this indicator is influenced by the weight of the bird and the content of . The larger the bird, the more eggs it can produce.

In general, a genetic predisposition mainly affects productivity. If the turkey breed is not intended for this or has poor heredity, then it is very difficult to achieve good results.

At home, the productivity and development of turkeys is affected by nutrition and maintenance. If you follow the rules for caring for the breed, you can achieve not only good egg production, but also quality meat.

The egg production rates of turkeys that live at home are different.This is influenced by the breed and season. In the warm season, the number of eggs is much larger than in the cold season. Up to 150 eggs can be obtained from turkeys in one year.

Egg production of different breeds

Egg production of turkeys depends on the breed. There are specially bred species that produce many eggs. Therefore, if you decide to use a bird in order to get eggs, it is better to choose an egg breed.

Turkeys of the North Caucasus Bronze breed are popular. Oviposition in them begins at the age of 9-10 months. Its duration is 5-6 months. During this period, the bird can give about 80 pieces of product. The weight of turkeys of this species is 7 kilograms, and turkeys are twice as much.

In North Caucasian white turkeys, egg laying begins at the age of 8-9 months. The duration of this period is six months. With proper care, this type can produce up to 105 eggs. The weight of turkeys is 7 kilograms, and turkeys 13 kilograms.

But in a bronze broad-breasted turkey, egg laying occurs in 10 months. Its duration is six months. During this period, the bird is able to produce 85 fruits. The weight of turkeys of this species is eight kilograms, and turkeys 15 kilograms.

Moscow bronze breed is one of the best for eggs. Her oviposition occurs at the age of nine months and lasts for six months. During this period, you can get about 100 fruits. The weight of turkeys is seven kilograms and that of turkeys is 13 kilograms.

The process of egg laying in turkeys

For each type of turkey, egg laying occurs at different ages. Also, obtaining fruits depends on proper care and nutrition. Therefore, in order to get a sufficient amount of product, you need to choose the cross and care correctly.

Cross-countries are divided into three types:

  • light;
  • medium;
  • heavy.

Crosses that are light type begin to produce eggs at the age of eight months, but heavy at nine months. Turkey egg laying occurs in the spring, when the day lasts for 10 hours. This is for home content.

Можно создать искусственные условия для увеличения кладок

You can create artificial conditions to increase the clutches

Some breeders artificially create conditions for oviposition. In such cases, the bird is able to give eggs in the winter. Under these conditions, the female and the male accelerate the process of puberty.

If you decide to use the artificial method, you must adjust the length of daylight hours. It needs to be increased gradually. It is also advisable to make sure that the light does not disappear during power surges. It is better if you have a transformer, it will help to avoid such problems.

Experienced breeders say that turkeys should not be given additional lighting for up to 8 months.If you do not follow this rule, decrease productivity. The quantity of the product depends on the age of the pet.

How to increase egg production

To increase the egg production of a turkey, she needs to create the right conditions. To begin with, it is worth introducing feed , in which the grain content is 90%. This allows you to increase the number of eggs by 3-5%. Also in the diet must necessarily be such a substance as zinc. After all, it affects not only egg production, but also an increase in body weight.

Also, when sulfur and methionine are introduced into the diet, the number of fruits increases by 10%, and weight gain by 4%. There are also special feeds that are designed to increase egg production. Productivity also depends on the age at which the laying of farm turkeys began when they began to rush. If this period is delayed for several weeks, the number of eggs that the bird will give will be greater.

If you reduce daylight hours to 8 hours a month before the laying of eggs, you can increase productivity by 10%. In order to achieve this result, some breeders reduce the instinct of incubation in birds. This can be done with the help of special preparations.

If desired, you can force the bird to molt using special means. This allows you to save somewhere 75 percent of egg production. Also under such conditions, the weight of the product increases by 10 percent.But it is worth remembering, no matter what measures you are entrepreneurs, the result will be, only if the turkey lives in the right conditions. An important role is played by proper nutrition of the pet, in which all the necessary vitamins must be present not only to increase egg production, but also the whole organism.

Conducting selection selection

to select only the best turkeys, you must wait until the birds reach the age of 150-200 days. This age is the most optimal. Selection selection plays an important role in the process of obtaining eggs and meat. The appearance and weight of the bird allows for a short period to increase productivity. Therefore, when selecting, be sure to pay attention to this.

The Irish breeder was able in five years to achieve good oviposition from a bronze breed. He did it thanks to the right selection. The weight of a turkey of this type became 1280 grams more, and a turkey by 2040 grams. He also achieved an improvement in the appearance of the breed.

When selecting, it is worth paying attention to the following:

  • appearance;
  • weight;
  • precocity;
  • productivity.

It is worth noting that precocity is a hereditary factor that distinguishes different breeds. Scientists who are engaged in breeding turkeys have proved that precocity is well inherited. Therefore, when selecting it is worth considering this.

After you have selected the birds, they need to create optimal conditions for life and egg production. Be sure to ensure that the turkey eats . You need to feed them at the same time. Under these conditions, you will get enough eggs and quality meat.

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Egg production of ideas for some breeders plays a very important role. After all, some use eggs to get new offspring, while others use them to sell them. Therefore, if a turkey gives few eggs and it is not possible to increase their number, then it is better to have another breed. After all, egg laying depends on this. There are just types of turkeys that are used to get meat, not eggs.

To increase egg production in the modern world is not at all difficult. Today there are tons of ways to do this. You can buy a special feed saturated with all the necessary vitamins or enter them into the diet yourself.

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