The reasons why turkeys are fighting among themselves and methods for solving the problem

Turkeys are one of the most interesting and unpredictable pets, their behavior is often difficult to explain and argue. Turkeys fight among themselves for various reasons, often one of such situations is the division of the territory.

  1. Why turkeys are fighting among themselves: what to do
  2. Behavior and main causes of turkey fights
  3. Why males fight and how to distinguish them from females
  4. Tips for organizing turkey poultry how to prevent fights
  5. How to avoid fights between turkey poults
  6. Conclusion <

Причины драк индюков и методы решения проблемы

Causes of turkey fights and methods of solving the problem

Why turkeys are fighting among themselves: what to do

Practically all owners of such animals complain about the problem of behavior and fights between certain species, or even similar animals. Recently, it has become more and more popular to breed turkey poults not only for their own purposes, but also with the prospect of profit from the sale of delicious meat .

It is very important to follow all the tips and advice on keeping their own birds , then the whole brood will be healthy and there will be no problems during their growth. Often, an impetus for such behavior can be several factors, which is especially important, because the definition of one of them will tell you how to proceed and what methods to solve the trouble.

  1. Character features, individual specific nuances and characteristics of the species itself.
  2. The period of mating and maturation of representatives of this family. One of the main reasons, the most basic and generally resolved.
  3. This behavior can be caused by the fact that the conditions of detention are at a poor level and the cattle are aggressively signaling this.
  4. The most elementary and it can be naive that they simply spend the night in a very cramped room, and all you need to do is expand the place where they are contained.
  5. A poor diet, lack of vitamins and all the substances necessary for the body also affect that the bird begins to behave strangely and destroys smaller and weakened individuals.

Behavior and main causes of turkey fights

Regardless of the reason, you need to find a solution in order to maintain livestock and prevent losses. If you let it go, then you need to be prepared for the fact that Turkeys can peck each other not only feathers and tails, but how terrible it may sound b) gnaw eyes and beaks, create large and very deep wounds that as a result, it may be accompanied by diseases and infections . The fact is that such an inflammatory process and a wound are easily exposed to diseases, therefore it can be dangerous not only for the injured chicks, but also for the whole livestock.

One of the noble goals where father’s instincts play can be called protecting offspring.That is why adults and the largest turkeys gather in groups and attack those who, in their opinion, pose a threat to the kids.

It is worth noting that moral traits and principles exist and are embedded in even the most primitive animals, turkeys , on the contrary, smart and fairly conscious individuals. In each pack, there is a leader, the right to be called such, according to observations and experiments, can be gained through a showdown. As a result of such hostilities, the weakest or smallest and most frail representatives die, some consider such actions cannibalism. By the way, it can be considered an interesting factor that same-sex relationships are common among turkeys. This arises as a result of the fact that stronger individuals do not let the rest of the females.

It is worth saying that often fights and fights start not only between several packs, even within the herd of females they can divide territories and rights, or divide feeders and nests. In this case, fixing this behavior will be a little difficult, but quite possible.

In order to understand the true cause and root of the problem, you need to figure out why it appeared. First you need to understand which representative is starting such actions.

Why males fight and how to distinguish them from females

Sexual differences and characteristics play an important role, because turkeys ripen much earlier, so their needs are much higher than in turkey poults.Sometimes aggression can be confused with the unusual behavior of the female when she expresses her desire and activity. At the same time, it produces loud and sharp sounds, begins to bypass males in circles and carefully examine the target. Sometimes she starts to peck and fight with strong representatives to attract his attention. Such behavior is justified and it will not bring any harm to any of the participants. The only danger that awaits them in the process of mating is sharp claws, but if you cut them and look after them from time to time, they will not create any difficulties.

Драки не принесут вреда птицам

Fights will not harm birds

in order to be dominant in the pack, males have to constantly prove their right to do this, demonstrate all aggression, anger and strength. Experts recommend that in order to avoid such situations, one turkey should be separated separately for five to seven females, several weeks before the laying of eggs.

It is also worth noting that pairing should be done either up to 10 in the morning, or after 17, this will ensure greater productivity and protect them from jealousy inside the pack.

Tips for organizing turkey poultry as a prevention of fights

It also happens that Turkeys fight when they are indoors or in a chicken coop. what to do in this case?

The pecking of the eggs and the young ones themselves indicates that the real quadrature of the room is not large enough for so many animals. The worse the turkey is equipped, the more conflicts and fights will arise.

The first thing to understand is the consequences, because preventing the causes is easier than the consequences. Young and not yet fully emboldened individuals will suffer, this can be learned from bruises, abrasions, hemorrhages and multiple hematomas on the bird’s body. In principle, there is nothing wrong with this, but frequent such fights can affect the growth and quality of animal meat.

  1. A maximum of 2-3 females, 1-2 males and no more than 5 can be placed per 1 square meter -6 small growing turkey poults.
  2. Poles and various perches will help to place the maximum allowable number of birds in a small but high shed. The best option would be to calculate the number of logs and supplies within 30 centimeters per adult.
  3. Cages and metal grate boxes can be used for transportation or temporary maintenance. The smallest size is 40x60x50, the larger and more spacious the crate, the more comfortable Turkeys will feel.

How to avoid fights between turkeys

Angry, hungry and unsatisfied domestic animals will, first of all, lose weight and lose weight in front of our eyes, which is unacceptable in agriculture or in the divorce of livestock.what to do in order to avoid fights as a result of improper housekeeping and care?

Turkeys are more likely to fight if:

  1. They receive insufficient light, heat and nutrients for normal functioning and provision of all life processes. so that they receive fully all the substances they need, when feeding use (cereals, concentrated feed and additives, impurities, fresh grass and greens, needles, hay, chalk, sand and crushed screenings or stone)
  2. Do not overdo it with lighting, because when laying eggs, they strain their vessels and venous channels, gain bright and saturated red shades, which attracts the attention of other birds.

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If you carefully monitor the humidity, the animals will not feel annoyed, they will not dry out their skin, and they will not peck each other’s bodies, because blood and open untreated wounds heal very poorly.

If the problem could not be solved, or you still find a way to deal with this, do not forget to treat the sore spots, disinfect the premises where they are kept and monitor the beak for prevention purposes.

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