How to make a turkey barn yourself

Adult turkeys do not require special care, but the premises in which they live must comply with all rules and standards. It is necessary to build a barn for turkeys so that individuals live and develop normally.If during the arrangement of a specially designated place some rules are violated, then the likelihood that the bird will be sick more often, develop improperly and incubate several times less eggs than a turkey that lives under normal conditions, incurs.

  1. Poultry house ventilation system
  2. How to make a floor in the house?
  3. Roosts for turkeys
  4. We place the equipment for turkeys in the barn
  5. Organization of walks

Сарай для индюков своими руками

DIY turkey barn

The turkey habitat should be comfortable for the birds, it is also necessary to comply with the standards and norms that apply hygiene, turkey should be dry, properly lit and clean.

To make the barn for all turkeys good and functional, use the drawings, recommendations, study photos and videos on this topic. You can organize such a device on the household, if you have your own plot. Many farmers build a house or a house of polycarbonate, panels, make a kind of sandwich from improvised means.The price for such a cage from a cage may be lower than for a ready-made poultry house. making a barn or shelters for turkeys with your own hands is not difficult, you just need to prepare a little for this issue.

Poultry ventilation system

It is desirable to build a frame enclosure on your home in this way so that you can organize a ventilation system there. Requirements should be: a house where turkeys will live and develop must be well-ventilated. You can make such a system on your site as an exhaust pipe. If we are building the pipe, then we need to adhere to a special scheme, so the construction of the house should be planned in advance, and taking this into account. Fresh air must constantly flow into the room, but it must also be taken into account that the bird should not suffer from drafts, heat or severe frosts.

for a proper ventilation system it is necessary to create a kind of container about 25 x 25 cm in size. Such the box will be the basis of the entire ventilation system. It is necessary to install the box on the roof or on the ceiling, the design must be strong with a small valve, which is necessary to regulate the air intake, that is, it can be used to adjust how much air will enter the barn.If you build this structure correctly, your birds will receive good air, and in addition, they will develop correctly, less likely to succumb to diseases, which in turn develop precisely because of polluted air.

This box is not a heavy building , and it is easy to do it yourself, a high-quality box will last you several years. many farmers use special humidifiers to moisten the room. If at the initial stage of keeping and breeding turkeys , this is expensive, then you can decompose wet expanded clay near the barn. birds must not suffer from dry or excessively humid air. It is desirable that ventilation and humidity work simultaneously, thereby creating ideal conditions.

How to make the floor in the house?

The floor deserves no less attention. Its arrangement should be carefully considered. the floor in the turkey turkey should be even, warm and smooth. If you make the floor in the net, the paws of the young can fall through the net. When constructing the floor in the barn, it is recommended to retreat about 20-25 cm from the ground. The turkey house should be equipped with windows in addition to the floor, and sunlight will enter through them, which will have a good effect on the birds and their development. Windows should be located so that in the daytime the floor throughout its area is lit by daylight.

If you comply with such needs of turkeys, they will thank that they will be less sick and actively grow, in addition, Turkeys will lead the right lifestyle. In addition to properly positioned floors and windows, you also need to think about special loopholes. The outputs should correspond to a size of 50 by 50 centimeters. Thanks to such exits, birds can easily move not only inside their place of residence, but also beyond. To keep the heat inside the turkey normal, the manholes are equipped with double shutters.

Roosts for turkeys

There are also requirements for this. The perch for cages or other turkeys should be smooth and removable. Most often, special perches are placed in the heated part of the shed, so construction can begin there. The perch for a domestic individual in appearance may resemble an ordinary slide, in which the last rows are located above the front ones. for the construction of such an important element of turkey poultry, prepare the bars (7×7 centimeters) with slightly rounded ends.

The distance between the bars should be about half a meter, and from the floor the perches are placed at a height of 80 cm.

If you wish, under the perches You can place retractable shields that will help you cope with the litter, and the barn and its inhabitants will be cleaner. In case of difficulties regarding the construction of perches, it is recommended to use drawings, photographs or videos, in them you can find out in detail about all the details and important points regarding perches for turkeys.

We place the equipment for turkeys in the barn

In the house with your own hands You can make feeders and drinking bowls . Drawings of various types of structures are not difficult to carry out even by an unprepared person, most often primitive equipment for birds is made of several structures and simply fastened with improvised materials. for such farm birds as turkey there are several types of feeders at once:

  • An extended feeder in the form of a small trough.
  • In the form of a groove.

therefore, for the right choice of feeders, you must consider the size of your livestock. Feeders are attached in accordance with the growth of the bird, namely at the level of its back. so that the feed does not disappear, and your money does not go away, pour food should be no higher than a third of the height of the feeder. for dry-type feed, hopper feeders are excellent, and for mineral feeds it is recommended to use separate feeders and place them at a distance of about 40 cm from the floor. A special feed additive is added to this feeder daily.

so that different types of food are not mixed with each other in feeders, it is important to use partitions in turkey houses, which allows you to divide one feeder into different compartments.

Thanks to these divisions, you get the optimal diet distribution for your birds. As for drinking bowls, they are also different, but their placement corresponds to the neck level of turkeys. To maintain cleanliness in turkey poultry, use special nets that cover the drinkers, but do not forget that you need to place the nets so that the bird can freely reach the water. If you follow the rules for placing equipment in the house, you will keep the shed clean, and this is the main factor that affects health.

Organization of walks

A house for turkey poults should be It is built in such a way that individuals are comfortable there. Also, the bird needs proper organization of walking, which is a prerequisite for the life of the bird. The best option for a turkey is when it has 20 square meters of free space in the air, but if you look at this size with the eyes of a farmer growing turkeys in ordinary home conditions, these sizes are very large. in order for the turkeys to be satisfied and receive exclusively the benefit of being in the air, the soil must be prepared in advance before settling in the birds shed.

The soil must be sown with seeds of healthy and perennial herbs, the most suitable are alfalfa or clover. Also on the ground. You can sow any kind of annual grass, as it is no less useful, among them – oats, peas. If the area near the barn is seeded with such herbs, then for turkeys this is a real find, especially for characteristic individuals. a turkey differs from similar individuals in that it is more active and mobile, and therefore requires space. For example, a turkey can calmly walk several kilometers and go back to the house, but a turkey, which has its young, returns to such walks only after the young have lived for 2-3 weeks.

Why do turkeys need free walking?

A properly organized walking of turkeys is necessary in order for an individual to eat and get a varied diet min D. After all, with a walk, Turkeys are exclusively useful for themselves substances. For turkeys, as well as the usual birds are able to produce their own worms, larvae, beetles, as they feed on nuts, seeds. Novice farmer You can watch a video on this topic or chat in forums with various breeders to find out how to properly organize walking. The best place for pasture of turkeys is that on the territory of which there are various shrubs, the land is overgrown with grass, and there is a place with a shadow, since birds should be able to hide from the hot sun.

It is worth noting that during hot days, birds look for shaded places to hide.Do not think that turkeys need a walk only in the warm seasons, in winter, regardless of frost, turkeys also need walks. But in order for birds to be able to calmly walk around the aviary in winter, it is necessary to cover it with a large amount of straw, which is best prepared in the summer. If the weather is too windy and frosty, then you should not let the birds out to save their health and keep them safe. Winter time provides some trouble only for the breeder, for example, to make your stock go for a walk.

This is due to the fact that on the ground in winter there is no grass, there are no different bugs and worms, which beckons turkeys in the summer Therefore, breeders should lure individuals with the help of food that wards love. Often, farmers fill the ground with grains, and the enclosure is decorated with hay, which smells fragrant and reminds individuals of summer. Such tricks in the winter period help to lure turkeys into the street, where they, in turn, feed on substances useful for the body, breathe fresh air, which is very necessary for turkeys, especially in winter, when the body is weakened.

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