Diarrhea in domestic turkeys

Poultry breeding always brings significant profit, but it is also associated with overcoming a number of problems. Broad-breasted turkeys are handsome and loved by many farmers. If the owners want to grow strong and healthy birds, you should know that if small turkeys safely survived the first of the months of their life, then you can not worry about their future health. The immunity acquired in the first month of life will strengthen the birds and they will remain healthy throughout life.But there are dangerous diseases of turkeys, which can destroy not only one individual, but also lead to the death of the entire flock. The most dangerous and hidden ailment is diarrhea in turkey poults. A problem such as turkey diarrhea is considered a fairly common disease.

  1. Causes of diarrhea and consequences
  2. Brown discharge
  3. Diarrhea of ​​white shades
  4. Diarrhea of ​​the color of mustard
  5. Stools of black color

Понос у домашних индюков

Diarrhea in domestic turkeys

Diseases that can go from one individual to the whole flock are a risk of infection of the worm mi, bites of ticks and other insects. Sometimes, diseases arise due to inappropriate bird keeping conditions, or due to improperly designed diets. Poultry mortality from such factors often exceeds the likelihood of their death from various types of infections. But the death of birds from various infections is also high. Of the diseases of turkeys that can quickly destroy them, diarrhea is in the first place. Veterinarians note that with the appearance of loose stools in turkeys, a quick reaction and the use of treatment without delay are required.

The first sign of an indigestion is diarrhea in turkeys, it is caused by various types of infections, so only a veterinarian can correctly identify the pathogen and prescribe treatment. Some laboratory tests will help him in this, but you can also determine by the color of bowel movements which disease the turkey struck.

Causes of diarrhea and consequences

Most young turkey poults are susceptible to diseases therefore, it is especially necessary to carefully monitor their living conditions and ensure the correct diet . Small turkey poults should be kept separate from young animals of other breeds; they should not be mixed in one flock with ducklings and chickens. Such measures are being taken to ensure that turkey poults perceive only the flora of their mothers, since the microbes of birds of another group can lead to massive loss of turkey young. Contacting within the framework of their flock leads to the fact that turkey poultry develops their own immunity, which is able to withstand diseases. The cause of diarrhea can also be live food, which is obtained independently. It is important at the first signs of diarrhea to find out about the reason that caused it and to quickly begin treatment to prevent mass death of the bird.If measures are not taken in time, you can not only lose all the chicks, having suffered serious losses, but also require complete disinfection of the house from pathogens.

Different types of diarrhea are caused by different pathogens, some of which are fatal others are almost safe and go by themselves. You need to know that all types of bowel disorder are easily treated at an early stage of the disease, so treatment should be started immediately.

Discharge of a brown tint

Diseases that provoke brown diarrhea indicate that the nutrition of turkey poults does not correspond at all to their tender age. Dark brown and light diarrhea in turkeys will not lead to death, but significantly weakens their immunity and makes them susceptible to other diseases. If brown diarrhea is observed in small turkey poults for a long time, then in this case, the poultry diet changes and crushed eggs are immediately excluded in it.

When turkeys for a long time swear with light brown diarrhea, most often they cause brown diarrhea in little turkey poults. Replaced eggs in the diet are chopped, along with wormwood, nettles. If there is diarrhea in turkeys, how can I treat it? In parallel to changing the diet, drugs are added that contribute to the expulsion of parasites from the digestive system of turkey poults.The use of such measures quickly normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract of young animals and eliminates all signs of the disease.

White diarrhea

More dangerous diseases that lead to offensive white diarrhea, which is accompanied by the appearance of a large number of bubbles. White diarrhea in small turkey poultry is an infectious disease called pullorosis and is caused by salmonella; its acute form often affects turkey poults during the first month of their life. If urgent treatment is not started, then malaise will quickly hit the whole flock and lead to a massive death of the bird. A serious condition of young animals becomes signs of such a disease, individuals try to cringe and constantly squeak. What should I do if turkey diarrhea begins and how to treat them in this case?

При первых признаках начинайте лечение

At the first sign, start treatment

During the first days after the appearance of white diarrhea, turkeys are watered with a weak solution of manganese acid calcium and a solution of chamomile. This means you need to drink the whole flock even with a single manifestation of the disease for the prevention of diseases of healthy turkey poults. If, during the day, the diarrhea did not stop, then an urgent need to contact a veterinarian, because the malaise often proceeds hidden, and the percentage of death from it poultry is quite high. The treatment is carried out with effective antibiotics according to the scheme prescribed by the veterinarian.Most often, chloramphenicol and erythromycin are used. Correct and quick treatment gives positive results and leads to a speedy recovery of the chicks. But, it should be remembered that for a long time the chick will be the carrier of the disease, spreading the infection around itself.

Diarrhea of ​​mustard color

The diarrhea of ​​mustard color can be liquid or even malleable and it not the rarest among young ailments. At home, it can be observed in turkey or in young animals from yellow to mustard in color. If turkeys are vilified yellow, then this type of diarrhea quickly weakens young animals and they cease to be active. It provokes diarrhea in turkey poultry Newcastle disease and histostominosis , which is caused by unicellular parasites.

How to treat diarrhea in turkey poultry? If the birds are swallowed with mustard-colored diarrhea, then this is treated with antibiotics, and already on the third or fifth day, young birds become more active. From Newcastle disease, turkeys are vaccinated, not only for small, but also for adults. If there is a single case of such diarrhea, the veterinarian is asked to vaccinate the entire flock to prevent its death.

Disorders of the intestines with yellow discharge

When the turkeys begin to hurt and have a yellow discharge, then In this way, the intestines of turkey poultry react to the intensive introduction of complementary foods, when, apart from diarrhea, there are no other signs of malaise, then they take general measures. Yellow diarrhea is especially dangerous at the age of one month.Poultry is drunk with a weak solution of potassium permanganate and completely exclude a new type of complementary foods.

It is dangerous when the discharge from the yellow intestine is combined with Newcastle disease such a combination is so deadly that even vaccination sometimes does not save the poultry from death. Especially when the discharge of yellow and young animals were not vaccinated at a precisely defined time. Therefore, you should contact the specialists in time and follow their recommendations exactly, only in this way the bird will recover faster and it will be possible to prevent the mass death of birds and large losses from it.

Feces of black color

Black diarrhea and similar discharge indicate signs of poisoning, which lead to inflammatory processes in the stomach of turkey poults. Sometimes black feces can have blood clots, which becomes a sure symptom of stomach bleeding. The diseased individual should immediately be placed in an isolated room to separate from healthy individuals, since black diarrhea is a serious matter at any age of the bird.

Black diarrhea can also be treated with folk remedies. For example, solder the bird with green tea, infusion of medicinal chamomile, nettle and a weak solution of potassium permanganate. After that, the medicine should suppress intestinal infection in an adult and young turkey and determine the recovery of turkey poultry from black diarrhea. Activated charcoal helps to eliminate indigestion, which is crushed finely and mixed with drinking turkey poults.

What attention is paid to the treatment of different types of diarrhea

In addition to specific actions for different types of diarrhea, the general rules for treating intestinal upset should be applied. The farmer should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • The use of various solutions for drinking turkey poultry .
  • A complete disinfection of the house is applied, you should get rid of the infection on the floor, walls and place of walking.
  • Within a month, you should carefully monitor the condition of an adult and a small turkey in order to start treatment on time.
  • You should completely replace the feed and consult your veterinarian about your future activities.

No signs of an upset bowel should be made e about treating yourself. This will be unreasonable because different types of diarrhea are caused by various infections and parasites. The cause of the disease is eliminated by various types of antibiotics, their independent choice not only puts the disease in the chronic phase, but can become incurable, which will lead to the death of the bird.

Therefore, regardless of visual observations of the bird, you should contact to the veterinarian so that he can examine the condition of the individuals, prescribe the correct and effective treatment. Young turkeys will not only receive a full treatment, but also the necessary vaccinations, which give them the opportunity to reach adulthood.During treatment, chopped eggs should be completely eliminated from the diet. And most importantly, one should not give in to panic and remember that the earlier the treatment of indigestion in turkeys was started, the greater the chance that it will end with their full recovery.

Therefore, if an indigestion suddenly appeared in domestic turkeys, then You should immediately contact a veterinarian specialist and immediately begin treatment. An abundant drinking regimen should be provided, but if, within a few days, the condition of the wards does not improve, it is recommended to start treatment with antibiotics. When the owners act in this way, all the pets will eventually turn into big and strong birds. Continuation of the article …

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