How effective is yeast for turkeys

feeding birds is a very important stage for their development and growth. In order for the bird to always remain healthy, vigorous and strong, it needs proper nutrition. This food should consist of the necessary vitamins and minerals. It is often found in practice that turkeys from childhood begin to give additional funds for rapid growth and weight gain. Yeast for turkeys is the most popular remedy given to turkeys so that they gain weight well.

  • in any case, there should be different legumes and grain feeds, they will make up more than 70% of the total diet of the bird: in addition, they will serve as the main sources of protein and fat, a mash of water;
  • then the birds need to be saturated with amino acids, and they are in meal and cake: especially soybean meal, in its structure it resembles any animal feed;
  • flour any type: fish, meat, blood: flour contains a lot of positive substances, protein, alcium, phosphorus, amino acids – all that is so necessary for growth;
  • any fresh food – mowed grass, and, of course, a mash of water;
  • not to do without hay – this feed, which contains a lot of fiber, which positively affects the functioning of the food system;
  • fats: they can be obtained from nuts, fat and acorns, they will make the meat softer and more tender;
  • in order to get a large volume, you need to give special additives, but not everyone wants to give chemicals to their turkeys, since it is very dangerous and bad for meat, that’s why all farmers give yeast.

Positive aspects of yeast

When a person starts growing turkeys or any other bird, he wants get maximum profit in the form of very tasty meat, which will be soft and large in weight.But now, like any product, yeast has its own specific quantity, more precisely the dose. You can’t just take and pour out the yeast, because an overabundance of the positive substances that are in the product can lead to turkeys losing their weight dramatically and making the meat hard and tasteless.

Yeast is kind of very small, even microscopic unicellular fungi. Today they can be found in completely different types and for different uses:

  • yeast for baking;
  • brewing so that beer fermented;
  • for feeding;
  • wine;
  • alcohol for any type of alcohol.

In order to improve the process of bird growth and rapid weight gain, fodder species of yeast are used. Such yeast is a dry and small biomass, which in its structure consists of different microcells. Fodder yeast is created and grown in special laboratories and is therefore considered pure (there are no dangerous chemical additives that can lead to death). They can be safely given to turkeys and not worry that they can be poisoned. Mushroom-like foods will be considered natural supplements that will not only help the bird gain weight quickly, but will also improve the digestive system, blood circulation and strengthen the immune system.

What can you expect from yeast if you give them each day?

Дрожжи увеличат яйценоскость птицы

Yeast will increase the egg production of the bird

As many farmers and veterinarians say, the effect of taking yeast can already be seen in a couple of days. A turkey becomes more active, moves quickly, in a couple of days it can gain from 500 grams to one kilogram. The very first changes that immediately catch your eye – this increases the egg production of the bird . Turkeys by themselves do not often give eggs compared to chicken, but you can still notice that the turkey began to rush more often. Of course, the most important thing is that the turkey quickly began to gain body weight. A record was recorded (unofficially) when turkey was able to gain over 1.5 kilograms in one week. But, truth be told, she did not live long. The body could not cope with such a sharp influx of mass and her heart stopped. This is just an example of the factor when the farmer did not calculate the dose and poured the bird “generously” every day.

The third “symptom” that the yeast began to act is that the turkey began to eat twice as much . This is all due to the fact that the body begins to grow rapidly and it needs constant strength to keep pace with the rapid development of all systems and the body itself. The last symptom can be replaced over time, because this is the strengthening of immunity. This can be replaced when the cold seasons come and the birds practically do not get sick.Just a turkey has an average immune system, so in the cold it often gets sick. Mushrooms of natural origin affect the development of the body with the help of the positive substances that they contain. They affect both chicks and adult representatives of turkey poultry.

In addition, many experts say that in turkeys only 5% of the eggs have a chick. And when they began to give yeast, the percentage increased to 78, and of them 70 percent of survival. Do not forget about wheat mixers with water. The yeast contains vitamins of groups B, A, D, E. Such vitamins affect the color, luster and density of the plumage of the animal. They become very smooth, shiny and bright. Because of this, the turkey feels like a rush of some energy, becomes very active, curious – it tries to crawl everywhere. In addition, you can purchase pharmacy feed, which will be additional feed additives, and together with yeast will positively affect the health and growth of the turkey. A mix of water and wheat bran is perfect.

Positive and negative sides of feed additives

At the very first stages, when farmers just start feeding such as feed yeast, they very carefully watch their flock. Most of the experts noted that the laying of eggs in birds increased by forty to fifty percent. Of course, what breed of turkey you can grow can influence this.

Specialists and veterinarians strongly recommend giving the birds such feed as a preparation that can strengthen their health and immune system. In addition, they carry both necessary and such useful fat acids:

  • linolenic;
  • oleic;
  • arachidonic.

Dosage and feeding rules

In order to correctly calculate the dose, you must understand the average weight of each animal. On average, only five percent of the total diet should be shivering. If we talk about numbers, then this is approximately thirty grams per kilogram. Before you give the yeast, you must soak them. Usually, if you give them in the morning, then fill them with warm water, mix and leave overnight, and give in the morning. Thus, they are much better absorbed.

If you decide to immediately prepare a large amount of the yeast mixture, then it should be mixed every eight to ten hours. And of course, the water supplement in birds must be stirred every eight hours. This method of feeding is very cheap and economical, so it’s great for everyone, especially if the farmer has a small farm. In addition, birds get natural supplements, not chemistry.

What could be the catch

In turkeys, there may be a constant upset stomach, and the period of cesspool inflammation very often begins due to that the fluid is retained, stagnation is created due to this. The big problem is that birds have cannibalism in the flock . So far, doctors have not found a worthy explanation for this, but believe that this is due to the fact that birds become dependent on yeast and try to find them in the body of their comrade in the territory.

If you decide to transfer your pet to such a diet , the main thing is to adhere to all dosage rules, so that there is no dependence on a natural supplement, the stirrer should be given 2 times a day.

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