Why do you need a rooster for turkeys and how to make it

Responsible farmers make excellent living conditions for their pets by considering their habitats, food, walking environment and other important factors to the smallest detail. In the case of birds, it is necessary to create a special house with all the amenities for a comfortable life, which contributes to the emergence of a larger amount of product. A perch for turkeys is a compulsory subject for those who want to get quality meat products.

Roosts for turkeys: DIY building tips

Some poultry farmers do not understand the need to create such places for turkeys, considering it a waste Money. What is the use of perches?

Any bird, like a person, needs a personal place of residence, the role of which is played by a brood hen. What should it be? Recommendations for creating it with your own hands are:

  1. It is located in the warmest part of turkey poultry in the back.
  2. The design of this part resembles an ordinary slide with many rows of different levels. Steps are necessary for convenient raising of a bird to the height of its place.
  3. Each cell should have dimensions of 70 by 70 mm and with a step in the line of at least one and a half meters.
  4. The recommended distance between the places is 60 cm. Remember, every centimeter is important here.
  5. For a comfortable harvesting of straw in the perch, you can make a design with wheels. How it should look in reality can be seen in the video from experienced farmers.

The location of the hens should be in different rows. If this condition is not met, then it is likely that all birds will choose one place for their purposes.

After looking at the photos of the finished hens, you can make sure that each turkey must have its own nest , which needs to be arranged take it seriously. It should be located 30 cm above the floor, with a total height of 50-60 cm. To keep the eggs safe and sound, make a 20-cm threshold and cover the bottom with a thick layer of hay.

You can attract the attention of birds by putting one egg or his dummy into the house, because if it is hollow, the turkey can go away.

Mother hen: necessary materials

Create a comfortable living environment for these birds, namely, living quarters are not at all complicated. But it is still worthwhile to consider a building plan in order to avoid such problems: frequent diseases of turkeys , poor and slow growth, tightness and struggle for a more spacious place, low egg production and constant stress.

First of all, it is important to determine the materials and tools in order to create a good place of residence with your own hands. Among the abundance of construction equipment, there will be a need for:

  • the construction level to make the walls and floor of the perch as even as possible, keeping to right angles;
  • tape measure to measure the length, width, height of the structure;
  • drill, the purpose of which is to quickly create neat holes in the right places;
  • a saw for cutting wood into certain parts;
  • a screwdriver for easy and quick screwing or unscrewing of metal designs or elements;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • nails to connect between walls and floors of hens;
  • a hammer for hammering nails and other details.
Для насеста подойдут бруски лиственных деревьев

For roosting, deciduous trees

are suitable for farmers. The question often arises for farmers: what kind of tree is the best for a hen-made hen? Experts advise using hardwood bars. They are highly durable, practically not amenable to external influences and are not characterized by such a problem as the release of tar and other harmful substances. You don’t have to worry about whether the floor will bend under the weight of the bird and whether the turkey will feel comfortable.

Coniferous trees are also suitable, but their quality is much worse. Accordingly, the life of the hens from this material will be much shorter.

Turkey roosts: drawings and building instructions

Having decided on the materials and found the necessary tools, you can proceed to drawing up and developing a drawing. Even if there is a desire to implement personal ideas for building a unique turkey box, you should be guided by already proven and thought-out schemes.

Take into account the overall dimensions of the whole turkey poultry and the location of windows, doors, walls, feeding trough , drinking bowls, ash and sand baths and other details. Also important is the location of the walking area in relation to the entrance to the turkey poultry. According to farmers, the window should easily open and give a powerful stream of light for the comfort of turkeys. The feeder is located along the walls or wall of the turkey turkey at the level of the body of the bird for convenient feeding.

Please note that the proper level of location of the turkey’s place of residence is not in a draft, because this will lead to bird diseases and the inability to fulfill an important function: egg production. The poultry breeder should be comfortable pouring food, adding water and collecting eggs from roosts, so consider their general placement on the turkey poultry. A turkey should also have easy access to these items.

How can you quickly and inexpensively build a roost?Follow these instructions from experienced farmers:

  1. Process wooden blocks with sandpaper to make them smooth, even and without protrusions. The most convenient size of one block is 7 * 7 cm.
  2. Calculate the cubes into pieces of a certain size in accordance with the drawings, rounding their upper part with sandpaper or a plane.
  3. If you need to hang turkey houses , then there is a need to create support elements, the length of which should be several cm larger than the sizes of the pads. Attach them to the wall with a screwdriver.
  4. A staircase is not always an obligatory attribute, but its presence will greatly facilitate the stay of turkeys. The main requirements for it are manifested in the angle of inclination, which should not exceed 60 degrees, and the optimal distance between the crossbars is 20-25 centimeters. In such cases, the turkey will easily climb to its place.
  5. Want to build a multi-level rooster, think about how the birds will be cleaned. It is best to make pallets to make it comfortable to clean. It is important that its dimensions exceed the dimensions of the bird’s place by 20-30 cm from all sides. Use plywood or a tin cloth as a material so that the turkey does not feel uncomfortable.

Conclusion of

Optionally fanciers can independently render the portable hen for turkeys, but its creation is significantly different from the above-described technology. You will need galvanized roofing sheets, poles, sides. If talking about building equipment, then you can use the grinder, jigsaw, grinding angle, hammer and more.

This whole installation is on a special flooring for turkeys, which is covered with a small amount of sawdust or tiers.

Remember that meat taste, egg production, egg consistency and size, and turkey size depend on the quality of care and maintenance of the birds. A turkey is a clean bird, maintaining simple hygiene rules, for which it is very important. Following the basic laws of farm supervision will help you achieve your desired results. Having a problem? Review the video from experts to find out the nuances in the construction of hens.

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