The benefits and harms of home turkey liver

Turkey liver tastes like chicken. Therefore, many housewives are happy to use it for cooking a variety of dishes. If we compare the liver of turkey with pork, then it is soft, has a sweetish taste and almost no veins.

  1. Useful properties of turkey liver
  2. The harm of such an offal
  3. Using turkey offal in cooking
  4. Choose the offal correctly
  5. Conclusion

Польза и вред печени домашней индюшки

The benefits and harms of home turkey liver

Today, turkey liver is found frozen or chilled in stores. Its calorie content is average, so many people prefer to cook different dishes from it. Good turkey liver is known to many, but few people know that it can be harmful to some people.

Useful properties of turkey liver

Calorie content of turkey liver is much higher than that of many types of meat, but the taste in itself is largely influenced by the intravital content of the poultry.Even chicken liver is inferior in nutritional value to it, although previously it was believed that only such a product has medicinal properties. This product includes vitamins of different groups, it also has a lot of protein and iron. Turkey liver is great for people who want to gain weight. But those who have problems with extra pounds, it is better to rid the body of such a product.

Is turkey liver good for children? Due to the fact that it contains various vitamins and minerals, turkey liver is useful for almost everyone.The by-product is saturated with vitamin B12, which plays an important role in the blood circulation. A lack of this substance can lead to anemia. Therefore, people with blood diseases are often prescribed turkey offal. The product also has vitamin E, which slows down the aging process of the skin.

Turkey’s liver contains nicotinic acid, which is simply indispensable in the treatment of a wide variety of ailments. Vitamin A is also part of the offal. It plays a very important role for the normal development of the skin, hair and nails. It also improves vision, so turkey byproduct is often prescribed for people with low vision.

Turkey liver includes a wide variety of vitamins. Therefore, it is recommended to be used by pregnant women. Also, a nursing mother must eat it, because it is useful for both the baby and the woman. Turkey liver must be in the diet of a child, because its benefits are simply surprising. By-product allows you to make children’s bones stronger, healthier teeth and give the body all the necessary vitamins.

It is also useful for people who suffer from diabetes. During diabetes, it is forbidden to eat different foods, including some types of meat. Turkey liver improves the metabolism of nutrients. Also, an offal allows a diabetic to get all the necessary vitamins from illegal foods. Despite the fact that the oven of turkeys is very useful, it can also harm the human body.

Harm of such an offal

An offal of a turkey is useful, but also has its contraindications. Despite the fact that the liver is dietary, it is strictly forbidden to people with kidney diseases. The benefit can only be from a product that does not have yellowness and a bad aroma. And for this turkey it is necessary to ensure the correct content. Not all breeders create the right conditions for their pets.

Therefore, if you have kidney problems and love turkey liver, it’s best to grow the animal yourself. Even frozen offal cannot give the human body all the necessary vitamins. If you are lucky and you find a seller with a quality product, this does not mean that you need to overeat. If you cooked a pate, then it is better to eat it for breakfast. It will become a good substitute for butter, but then it is not recommended to eat it anymore during the day.

Do not eat this by-product with:

Печень нельзя есть при заболевании почек

Liver should not be eaten with kidney disease

  • individual intolerance to the product;
  • to people who have high cholesterol;
  • with a high level of hemoglobin.

People who have high cholesterol can afford such a treat, but in very small portions. After all, dishes from the liver can replace those types of meat that are prohibited with such an ailment.

A similar by-product is suitable for many, and the restriction does not apply to a very large number of people. Therefore, if there are no such problems, then you can safely cook the product and eat it.

Use of turkey by-product in cooking

The by-product of this bird has long been used in cooking in different countries. Its preparation can be carried out in a variety of ways. The main advantage of such a liver is that it goes well with any vegetables and side dishes.

Boiled liver and steamed liver is most often used by people who are on a diet. After processing, it becomes a pleasant brown color and harmoniously combines with vegetables in the salad. And if the product was boiled in cream, then it acquires a milky flavor. Also, some prefer to preserve the liver. It can be closed in jars, like a paste or in whole pieces, such dishes will be a good addition to the table in the winter.

To cook the product you need to know how long it takes. That the liver was not raw, it must be boiled for 40 minutes. But if you stew it with vegetables, then the cooking time will be an hour. It is not necessary to prepare such a product using water. There is a famous dish that is popular in many restaurants, this is a stewed turkey liver cooked in cream.

Often the offal is used to make mousse or sauce, which has a very good appearance. Experienced cooks prepare a sauce with turkey liver green. This is unusual, but very tasty. With the help of the liver, you can stuff various vegetables or use it as a filling for pies, pancakes, dumplings.

Due to the fact that the turkey product contains a small amount of calories, it is often eaten by athletes and celebrities. It is also given to children who have a weak pancreas. The chemical composition of the liver allows you to improve the functioning of this organ.

Choose the offal correctly

The benefits and harms of turkey liver depend on how well it is chosen.

If you want to pamper your family with such a product, then it is better to buy it not frozen, but chilled. In appearance, it should be smooth and dense. If the liver is really high quality, then it has a nice red-brown color. The first signal that the offal is bad is an unpleasant odor.

If you choose high-quality meat, you can cook not only a delicious dish, but also saturate your body with useful substances. Therefore, do not risk it and never buy an ice cream liver, or one that has a suspicious smell.


Turkey liver is one of the most healthy foods with a minimum of contraindications. Its main advantage is that it can be eaten by people with diabetes and small children. After all, not all products are allowed for this category of people.

By-product allows you to saturate the body with all useful substances. Its composition includes as many vitamins and minerals as it is not included in more than one vegetable and fruit.The main thing is to choose only a quality product, and then it will benefit.

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