Overview of Shearing Machines

The manual shearing of sheep has long faded into the background – now every self-respecting farmer has an electric machine for shearing sheep’s wool. Before proceeding to describe the models of machines, you need to understand what points and characteristics you need to pay attention to when choosing what should be the ideal machine for shearing sheep.

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  1. How to choose the right shearing machine
  2. Main characteristics of the shearing machine
  3. Power <
  4. Manufacturer’s warranty
  5. Availability of spare parts and consumables
  6. Convenience <
  7. Kayson 500
  8. Kayson 300
  9. How the engine is arranged in a sheep trimmer
  10. Characteristics of the model Kayson 500
  11. Description of the Chinese sheep trimmer
  12. Description of the professional EWE 3000 clipper
  13. Consumables for the machine

Электрическая машинка для стрижки овцы

Electric sheep shearing machine

How to choose the right sheep shearing machine

If you bought sheep for breeding, you should deal with the question of how to properly cut their wool in a non-manual way. The first thing you need for this is a sheep shearing machine. Faced with the question of choosing a model, you can see that the range is quite wide, because each device has its own characteristics, pros and cons.

Cut not only those sheep whose fleece is being prepared for sale. It is also necessary to cut those individuals who are kept exclusively for meat.The fact is that over time the hair of the animal takes on an untidy appearance, it can contain thorns, burdocks and other dirt. In addition, this condition of the coat can lead to the fact that a variety of painful microorganisms can be introduced in it. A large number of skin diseases begins due to insufficient care for the sheep’s hair.

Выбор машинки для стрижки овец

Machine Selection Sheep Shearing

Sheep shearing machine is designed to greatly facilitate the work of the sheep breeder. Of course, a manual sheep shearing machine cannot be compared in convenience to modern electric ones. It is important that it meets expectations, because the set of characteristics for each of the models will be different. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the power of the device, technical specifications, additional functions, and so on.

The main characteristics of the shearing machine

The main characteristics are usually attributed to:

  • power;
  • availability of a guarantee;
  • availability of consumables and spare parts;
  • ease of use.


Currently, the variety of capacities is great, since the device is designed for different loads and working hours. If you need to trim no more than 10-20 sheep, then it makes no sense to buy an expensive high-power shearing machine, you can do with a simpler model.The simpler word here refers only to power, and not to the quality of the device in general.

If there are more than a dozen individuals on the farm, you need to buy a car with high power, because the load on it will be stably frequent. It is not recommended to save on the device in this situation, because, as you know, the avaricious pays twice. On the Internet, you can often find reviews that the farmer purchased a poor-quality machine, which broke in the first month of use. Quite often, after the trial, it turns out that a dozen or more sheep were sheared in a row with a shearing machine without pausing.

Manufacturer’s warranty obligations

It is worth paying attention to this aspect is at the time of purchase, since only a manufacturer who is confident in the quality of the manufactured product and who is also ready to carry out its further maintenance and repair can provide a guarantee. This is also important because even the machine of the most popular brand can fail, simply because it happens. In this case, the guarantee will come in handy as never before.

Availability of spare parts and consumables

In addition to the warranty, it is worth paying attention to whether spare parts are sold for the selected device. It sometimes happens that livestock farmers order a car for clipping, for example, from abroad, and then they find that it is simply impossible to buy spare parts for it in the Russian Federation.

Any product has its own period of use.For example, knives for a sheep shearing machine are usually the first to fail. Well, if the farmer has the opportunity to easily buy new ones when needed. Most consumers pay attention to this aspect already at the stage of failure. Advice from experienced farmers: It is recommended to refuse the purchase if the store cannot provide information about the product and spare parts for it.


This characteristic is one of the most important for the consumer, because sheep shearing machines should be convenient in the first place. They should be conveniently located in the hand, have a sufficiently long electric wire and several nozzles to regulate the length of the coat. In addition, you need to pay attention to how easy it is to disassemble the apparatus for cleaning or periodically lubricating with oil.

Many manufacturers indicate one of the advantages of the machine is the presence of an overload protector. Is he really that important? Yes, it is recommended to give preference to just such models, because they protect the device from overheating and overload. If there is no such fuse, in the event of overheating or overload, it can simply be burned out, a normal product repair will not fix it anymore.

Now we turn to the description of the most popular models, their characteristics, as well as the main pros and cons.

Kayson 500

General characteristics:

  • power – up to 500 W;
  • number of revolutions – maximum 3200 per minute;
  • maximum load in one season – up to 450 sheep;
  • producer – America;
  • price – about 12 thousand rubles;
  • one year warranty.

The model cannot be called popular, because the manufacturer does not invest financial resources in marketing and advertising, preferring to work more on quality. Usually they fall in love with her right after they pick them up. The fact is that it has a convenient ergonomic design, as a result of which it is placed in the hand and does not slip out during the shearing of a sheep or ram. After that, all doubts that could remain until this moment will be dispelled.

In the opinion of many farm owners, this is currently one of the most successful models in which the price-quality ratio is rationally combined, and some German can also boast models, for example, clipper and heiniger. Previously, only Chinese models could be bought for such a price, which would become unusable during the first months of operation. As for this American manufacturer, there are simply no negative reviews about its use.

Kayson 300

This model is made in America, it has its own characteristics that can Compare with the previous model earlier.The first thing you need to pay attention to is the shape of the case, now it is even more convenient, since a special bend for the fingers has appeared. Now that the machine is in the hands of a farm worker, the machine is even more convenient. In addition to bending the body, a rubber gasket appeared that would not allow the machine to be dropped out of a sweating hand.

Also, innovations concern the head of the machine, now its head becomes lighter, as it is made of plastic. The device itself is made of metal, which adds durability to the device. In addition, it is worth mentioning the presence of a screw that performs a regulatory function. With this screw you can easily adjust the operation of the machine to any thickness and length of the coat.

In the Kayson 300 model there is also a gearbox made of metal. Currently, this method of the device is the most convenient and durable, as it quickly and easily converts torque into vibrational motion, which significantly increases the efficiency. If you immediately configure the system correctly, such a machine can work almost forever. Only 10 thousand rubles. necessary to purchase a Kayson 300 at present.

How the engine is arranged in a sheep trimmer

The Kyson 300 and Kyson 500 models differ in power, as evidenced by the prefix in the form digits: in the first case it is 300 watts, in the second – 500 watts. Greater power gives much greater performance.This means that without a break you can cut a dozen or even more sheep at a time.

These models have developed a cooling system that is designed to prevent engine overheating. The same function is performed by a special overload protection system. So you can definitely find out when the device needs to rest and cool down.

Процесс стрижки овец

The process of cutting sheep

It is worth saying that for a large farm it is best to purchase a second model, that is, Kayson 500. Farmers say that this machine simplifies the process of cutting cattle as much as possible. The fact is that it is made so that it not only cuts easily, but also makes the process as comfortable as possible. For example, her work is almost impossible to hear, it works silently.

Characteristics of the Kayson 500 model

The main characteristics of the Kayson 500 model include the following:

  • power – 500 W;
  • revolutions per minute – 3200;
  • filters – 1 pc., air;
  • speed switching – there are only 6 ;
  • the version of the knife is standard, according to the type of comb, and there is an adjustment of the knives.

There is a suitcase complete with the machine itself, which makes the storage process convenient and ergonomic.In addition, the kit includes:

  • interchangeable knives for shearing sheep;
  • a screwdriver for disassembling removable parts;
  • graphite brushes;
  • oiler with machine oil;
  • instructions for use.

Description of the Chinese sheep shearing machine

For comparison we give a description and technical characteristics of a Chinese-made sheep shearing machine called TiDH 240:

  • maximum power – 320 W
  • number of revolutions – 2400 revolutions per minute
  • maximum load – 5 dozen goals in one season
  • prices – about 8000 rubles
  • speeds – one speed
  • the availability of the guarantee – is there;
  • the warranty period is one year.

The machine itself, 2 interchangeable knives, an oiler with butter, and also brushes for cleaning knives are delivered directly to the kit.

It is worth saying that, despite the prejudiced attitude of consumers to goods from China, this model behaves well in work. The only negative that is found in negative reviews is that it does not have any additional amenities: the case will be slightly heavier compared to the above models, and nothing has been thought out in the design for ease of use.

Description of the professional EWE 3000 hair clipper

The main technical characteristics of the professional hair clipper are as follows:

  • the power of the device is not more than 650 W;
  • number of revolutions – maximum 3500 per minute;
  • maximum load of the machine – no more than 600 individuals in one season;
  • device manufacturer – Great Britain;
  • price – 18 thousand rubles; for comparison, the cost of domestic Russian local self-government is only 5 thousand rubles .;
  • guarantee – 2 years plus repair service at the end of the term.

This model is the best professional machine for Shearing sheep and sheep, used by farmers when keeping a large number of sheep. It is noted that you can use dimi EWE 3000 even in the case of industrial sheep breeding. The fact is that the machine is designed to withstand maximum loads, it can work for a long time without pauses and interruptions.

The design of the device for shearing sheep is thought out to the smallest detail. So, the risk of dropping the device out of hand is minimized due to the fact that special materials were used in the production. Cord length – about 5 m – you don’t have to use additional extension cords when cutting animals.

This model can be used not only for sheep, but also for another pet: horses and even dogs. Accompanied by the implementation of any non-manual haircuts and the fact that the kit has several knives.In addition, in the case with the machine there is a standard oiler, graphite brushes, several brushes for cleaning the device, usage summary.

In addition to the above machines in veterinary stores, you can find the following: Russian manufacturers – Hurricane, Whirlwind, LSG (ISU) often do it yourself), as well as foreign-made zxs, lacosta, berger (German), takumi, forza, sc gts, xpert, heiniger and others.

Consumables for the machine

The only things that require periodic replacement or sharpening are knives. The fact is that over time they can become dull due to constant friction against each other. Of course, these are not scissors, which are the only alternative to an electric machine, scissors can serve for more than a dozen years, only periodic sharpening of the cutting pair is required. You can sharpen knives yourself at home, but it is recommended to entrust the sharpening to a professionally trained person.

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It is worth saying that both scissors and knives for shearing sheep made of high-carbon type of steel, which makes the product very strong and extremely durable.

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