How to plant an orchid

Orchid is a unique ornamental plant. It adorns with flowering both the home garden and the room interior. It is real to propagate this plant at home, for this there are rules for how to properly transplant an orchid’s baby.reachGoal (‘sood’); “>

  1. Propagation methods
  2. When to transplant the sprout
  3. How to separate
  4. What soil is suitable for the orchid
  5. How is the transplant
  6. Aftercare
  7. Conclusion <

Как правильно рассадить орхидею

How to plant an orchid

Methods of reproduction

The plant has several methods of propagation:

  • seeds;
  • dividing the stem of the mother plant into parts;
  • sprouts ( shackles).

Phalaenopsis orchid propagates only by the vegetative method. You can plant flowers using sprouts. But at the same time, if lateral processes from the root, and not from the stem, appear on the flower, these are deviations from It indicates that mistakes were made in the care of the plant. If radical rooting is planned, but there are no children, they are awakened artificially.

When a sprout is transplanted

In phalaenopsis, shoots form on the peduncle. In some species of orchids, they can form in the leaf sinus of the main trunk or at the base of the root neck. Initially, it grows, but does not have a root system. It is formed as the shoot develops.It is better to transplant an orchid’s baby at home when roots (more than 5 cm in length) and 5 fully formed leaves appeared on the shoot. The roots and leaves indicate the readiness of the sprout to independently receive nutrients from the soil.

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The grower must carefully monitor the process. If shoots appeared on the peduncle, but the plant only blooms or the flowering period reaches the final stage, then you can not plant a baby. The flower needs a rest of 1.5-2 months. It is allowed to divide and plant shoots until they begin to outgrow. On average, full development takes 5-6 months. If a person does not comply with the time frame, it will be more difficult to remove a young child from an orchid, because one careless movement will cause damage to the mother.

How to separate correctly

To correctly separate the orchid’s baby and transplant it into a new container, the grower should prepare the workplace. To carry out a transplant of a young plant, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • Rubber gloves to protect your hands.
  • Capacity for planting a Phalaenopsis orchid baby. Well, if this is a new plastic pot with a diameter of 6-10 cm with transparent walls and drainage holes at the bottom. This allows you to remove excess water.
  • A sharp tool. For this purpose, a knife, pruner, scissors are suitable. It should be not only well-sharpened, but also disinfected.To reduce the risk of infection of the pathogenic microflora of the mother during attempts to separate the baby from the house orchid.
  • Moss sphagnum and new soil, which has a fine fraction.
  • Cinnamon or activated carbon to sprinkle the cut.
  • Alcohol or antiseptic. They wipe working tools before and after the process.
Нож для пересадки должен быть хорошо заточен и продезинфицирован

The transplant knife should be well sharpened and sanitized

The procedure for separation from the mother stem is performed step by step:

  • First, you should separate the baby from the orchid. For this, a miniature plant is cut together with the part of the peduncle on which it was formed. The length of the maternal peduncle is about 1 cm from the base of the sprout. In some cases, it is allowed to capture more than 1 cm. This is the way the root separation from the sinus of the leaf occurs.
  • The sections formed on the peduncle, branch, leaf, as well as on the separated planting material are dried for 20-25 minutes. After they are treated with cinnamon or crushed activated carbon.
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To plant a young baby orchids, they track the moment when the baby appears on the stem, takes root and has a healthy appearance. The sprout separation is started only after that.

What soil is suitable for the orchid

The separated shoot is transplanted into a new container. In a new pot fall asleep in pre-prepared soil.It is easy to purchase at a flower shop or cook at home. To do this, you need a pine bark. It is crushed into pieces no more than 1 cm in diameter. The bark cannot be peat or pine mud.

Another option for the soil into which a new orchid baby is allowed to be transplanted is moss. Based on the recommendations, it is better to use it as a substrate. This is due to the fact that the bark is characterized by good moisture capacity and breathability.

In rooms with a dry microclimate, sphagnum moss is an indispensable assistant that makes the soil moisture-proof. If the climate is temperate or too humid, you can do without moss. Putting a baby of a decorative orchid in too moist soil is fraught with consequences. After a while, the first signs of abnormal development will appear: leaf wilting, color loss, etc.

How does the transplant occur

After the sprout has grown and the maternal part of the plant gave him everything necessary for independent functioning, they make an attempt to transplant the resulting orchid baby.

For this:

  • Take a transparent pot (if there is none, a container of under cotton buds). Holes are made at the bottom so that excess water does not accumulate.
  • It is important to plant the sprout strictly in the middle so that its root neck is flush with the edges of the container. The roots are neatly placed on the surface of the soil.
  • After, gently holding the young phalaenopsis, the pot is filled with a substrate.
  • The soil is carefully tamped so as not to add the substrate.
Правила пересадки детки орхидеи

Transplantation rules for orchid baby

Care after transplantation

If everything was done correctly, the florist managed to plant a new baby orchid. The next stage is the care of the young plant. Watering the planted flower is carried out only for 2-4 days. This time is enough for the roots to take root in the new soil.

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As soon as the orchid has taken root, it has started to grow and blooms, fertilizers are applied. This is done dosed during watering. If the seedling does not develop well, create a cozy atmosphere for such a flower, observing the rules for setting temperature, lighting, watering.

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Transplanting a baby home orchid and growing a new full-fledged flower is not an easy task. The process involves careful adherence to the rules, but the result is worth the effort to do this.

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