Pike perch, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Pike perch is a genus of fish of the family
perch. The body of the pike perch is elongated, slightly compressed from the sides,
covered with shallow, firmly seated with serrated edges
scales. Scaly cover extends partially to the head
and tail. The lateral line is complete, continues to the tail
fin. Dorsal fins separated by a small gap
or touch each other. The mouth is large, the jaws are elongated,
on them, as well as other bones of the mouth, there are numerous
small teeth; there are fangs on the jaws, and on the gill bones
– thorns. The back of the pike perch is greenish-gray, the belly is white, on
sides up to ten, and sometimes more transverse brown-black
stripes. The pectoral, pelvic, and anal fins are pale yellow.

The pike perch lives in rivers and lakes. He is very sensitive
to reduce the oxygen content in water. Of the contaminated
sections of reservoirs, he tries to leave, in constantly polluted
bodies of water are absent. Pike perch predominantly keeps
in deep places of rivers and lakes, where the bottom is slightly silted,
sandy or gristly-clayey.

Useful properties of pike perch

Pike perch is a very tasty and healthy fish. Its calorie content
lower than meat,
therefore, pike perch is recommended for those who want
lose weight, sick, or wasted

Pike perch contains vitamin A, B1,
B2, B6,
B9, C,
E, PP,
as well as a lot of proteins necessary for normal life
organism. Zander contains a very small amount
fat. Pike perch meat contains calcium, magnesium,
sodium, potassium,
phosphorus, chlorine,
sulfur, iron,
zinc, iodine,
copper, manganese,
chrome, fluorine,
molybdenum, cobalt,

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In addition to all of the above, pike perch is very tasty. Dishes,
made from pike perch can rightfully be considered a delicacy.

White, tender, lean pike perch meat is highly prized among
chefs and ordinary eaters, and you can cook it
in a variety of ways – bake with cheese, in batter,
with vegetables, stew, grill or stuff

Dangerous properties of pike perch

Despite the fact that pike perch is very healthy, there are a number of dishes that
should be used with the utmost care. So, smoked
the fish is not sufficiently heat-treated, and
since pike perch can become an intermediate in the development of parasites,
including tapeworms, then eating fish can become infected
helminthiasis. Smoked fish is also undesirable for diseases.
Gastrointestinal tract.

It should be noted that the calorie content of fried pike perch is quite high,
therefore one should refrain from it when

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