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The partridge is a wild bird that belongs to the pheasant family,
detachment of chickens. The bird is small due to which
fast enough and dexterous. Its belonging to this species determines
their extremely high adaptability to harsh climatic
conditions, therefore the partridge lives in almost all countries of the world of northern
hemisphere, starting from the edge of the taiga adjacent to the Arctic Circle
to the subtropical forests of America. There are three main foods eaten
species of partridges: white, gray and partridge.

White partridge got its name for the skill
adapt to the external environment of the steppe area. So in the spring and autumn
during the period its color is brownish-brown, and in winter it is snow-white.
However, in mild climates, where there is practically no snow,
the color of these partridges does not change. These birds are weighing from 400
up to 900 g and a body length from 35 to 40 cm. The meat of the ptarmigan is
the color is very similar to the meat of domesticated chicken and is usually light pink.

Gray partridge prefers to settle in a swampy
damp terrain, in ravines and meadows overgrown with tall grass and
shrubs. This bird has a common gray plumage and a reddish tail.
In color and size, females and males practically do not differ. IN
the average weight of the partridge reaches 400-500 g and the body length is up to 35 cm.
The meat of the gray partridge has a dark pink color in section.

Keclik (mountain partridge) smallest representative
of this type. Its weight reaches 400 g, and its body length is 30 cm.
chukarot are mostly monochrome plumage. The only bright spots
on the body are the beak and paws. They are usually bright red in color. Meat
the keklik has the most delicate and has a dark pink tint.

The partridge is one of the oldest birds eaten by humans.
Based on archaeological excavations, scientists concluded that
it was present in the diet of Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons.

The hunting season for this bird begins in August, when the young
has already grown and strengthened, and ends at the end of December. Due to active
hunting in some regions. and Ukraine shooting
partridges are prohibited. In particular, certain subspecies of birds include
to nature conservation sites, and artificial restoration is carried out
their populations. Therefore, the price of partridge meat is quite high and in
currently belongs to the category of delicacies.

How to choose

The best bird is the one that has just been shot. but
I have the opportunity to go hunting and shoot on my own
game. In this case, you can negotiate with a hunter or gamekeeper for
shooting. When buying, you should pay attention to the places under the fenders,
the skin there should be soft, without extraneous putrid odor
and necrotic spots, and plumage condition, the feather should be dry.
The presence of one of these signs may indicate
stale birds. Top-notch hunters try not to damage
the body of a bird and shoot it usually in the legs or wings, if
the bird flies. If the fraction got into the meat, then the place around the kernel should
delete, because lead could have spread there.

It is quite rare to find partridges in the retail network. Usually
sell them plucked and frozen, but not gutted
entrails. If you buy such a bird, then it should not have
a lot of ice. This is the first sign that the partridge has been
frozen and thawed.

How to store

Freshly shot partridge should be supported before storage.
and gut. If the bird will be cooking soon, then
it can be kept refrigerated for 1-2 days in the common compartment of the refrigerator,
otherwise, it should be frozen where it can store its
nutrients for 2-3 weeks.

In cooking

Partridges are often found in the banquet menu of many countries.
Traditionally, they are baked whole and served with stuffed potatoes.
with mushrooms, apples,
a variety of wild berries and other root vegetables.
Game is also used for making salads, baked pies,
pizza, fricassee, pates. The hunting menu includes various thick
stews and porridge with partridge. Average cooking time of game from
40 minutes to two hours depending on bird age and severity
her meat. The size of the partridge allows you to use them in portions (one
bird per person).

Reflection in culture

The partridge symbol has a lot of reflections, as in art,
so it is in holy scripture. In ancient mythology, she was a symbol
the devil. In the Bible, the dexterity of hunters is compared with this bird.
and describes the rules for hunting partridges.

The partridge is the national symbol of Alaska, three flying
representatives of the genus are depicted on the coat of arms of the Kursk region., and
also partridge adorns the label of one of the varieties of Scottish

Calorie content of partridge meat

Partridge meat is characterized by a high content of proteins and fats,
and its caloric content is 254 kcal per 100 g. In 100 g of fried
partridge meat – 250 kcal. When consumed in moderation, this
the look of meat will not harm the figure.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Caloric value, kcal 18 20 0,5 1,0 65 253,9

Useful properties of partridge meat

Composition and presence of nutrients

Partridge meat contains a number of vitamins (A,
group B, E,
macronutrients (phosphorus,
calcium, magnesium, potassium,
sodium, sulfur, chlorine) and trace elements (fluorine, copper, tin, nickel,
cobalt, molybdenum).

Useful and healing properties

The medicinal properties of poultry were described by Avicenna in the “Canon of medical
science “and can be applied at the present time. Partridge meat
refers to dietary products, because practically does not contain
cholesterol, so it can be consumed with excess weight, diseases
gastrointestinal tract, lungs and bronchi, chronic constipation.
Also, according to the ancient physician, partridge meat improves male
strength and enhances attraction to the opposite sex. Substances included
in partridge meat, contribute to the normalization of hemoglobin levels
in the blood and calm the nervous system.

High levels of vitamin B12
in meat improves the functioning of the blood-forming organs, improves memory and concentration,
and vitamin
B6 – lowers blood cholesterol levels.

Partridge meat is very useful for diabetics, it contains biotin,
responsible for the regulation of sugar metabolism.

Dangerous properties of partridge meat

The dangerous properties of partridge meat have not been identified. Possible only
individual intolerance to the product. Also not recommended
eat this meat, people with a genetic disease associated
with impaired protein breakdown.

Gray partridges settled right on the site. You can watch
for these cute birds.

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