Baltic herring, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Baltic herring, a subspecies of fish of the herring family. Length up to 20
cm (rarely up to 37 cm – giant herring), weight up to 75
The herring lives up to 6-7 years. Baltic herring differs from Atlantic
herring with a smaller number of vertebrae (54–57). This is Baltic
form (subspecies) of the Atlantic herring.

Baltic herring is a typical thicker pelagic fish
water and feeding on zooplankton, mainly shallow
crustaceans, but does not refuse larvae or fry
fish. Giant scabbards eat not only Baltic herring,
but even prickly thorns.

Baltic herring inhabits the Baltic Sea east of the Danish
strait, inhabits water of low salinity, occurs
sometimes in fresh water of some lakes in Sweden. Baltic herring
– the main commercial fish of the Baltic Sea, giving
about half of the total catch taken in this reservoir.

Baltic herring fish is not very remarkable, but Europeans
appreciate its taste, using herring for cooking
smoked, roast and canned food. In Holland, even in honor
this small fish is held an annual festival,
the main dish on which, of course, is herring.
It is also the national dish of the Swedes and Finns.
… Baltic herring is best known as smoked
a dish called in some areas simply “smoked meat”.

Useful properties of Baltic herring

Baltic herring contains up to 23% fat and about 28% protein, it
is an excellent source of vitamins A, D,
and B12, B1,
B2, C,
E, PP,
it contains such macro and microelements as calcium, magnesium,
sodium, potassium,
phosphorus, chlorine,
sulfur, iron,
zinc, iodine,
copper, manganese,
chrome, fluorine,
molybdenum, cobalt, nickel.

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The Baltic herring proteins contain essential amino acids,
as well as omega-3 fatty acids.

Small herring, placed in brine for several days
immediately after the catch. They shift it for half a month
in a new brine, and then put into barrels in rows already
without liquid, sprinkling with coarse salt and spices.
It is kept for four months at a temperature
+ 4C and without cutting are sent on sale.

Dangerous properties of Baltic herring

In salted form, you need to use herring very carefully, do not abuse it,
since salt retains water in the body, which can lead to
additional stress on the body. First of all, it concerns
this is for people with kidney disease, high blood pressure, tendency
to swelling.

The choice of this fish can be questionable from an environmental point of view.
The Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted by industrial waste.
Therefore, in the Baltic herring, an excess of the permissible
the level of dioxidine content.

The video reveals the secrets of a simple and easy way to marinate herring. Interestingly, other types of fish can be marinated in the same way, for example, tulka, herring and mackerel.

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