Cotton honey – is there and what are the beneficial properties

Beekeeping products are a unique natural gift. In particular, cotton honey has amazing properties. It is difficult to find it in ordinary regions, since bees are collected only from large cotton inflorescences. Therefore, the main supplier is Central Asia. Harvesting begins in June and lasts until the second half of August. This type of honey belongs to the elite varieties because of its unique taste and benefits for human health.

Description and distinctive features

Real connoisseurs and producers of cotton honey define this useful species as one of the best. It has a unique aroma, color, extraordinary taste, and medicinal properties. This is easily explained by the fact that the composition contains a large amount of essential oils. Crystallizes quickly, forming a mass more like an oil. It is easily cut with a knife and does not lose its taste and healing properties. Like other types of honey, it has contraindications.


Cotton honey - is there and what are the beneficial properties

Natural healthy cotton honey is produced in Tajikistan, where there is a huge number of cotton plantations, which is an exceptional honey plant. Also produced in other countries of Asia, Russia and the United States, where there is a sufficient number of cotton plantations. By the time the plant blooms, many mobile apiaries appear nearby. This is a mutually beneficial cooperation. When collecting nectar, bees pollinate the plant, increasing the industrial collection of textile raw materials. The striped workers themselves can harvest from 100 to 300 liters per season from one hectare of cotton.

Composition and calorie content

This beekeeping product contains a large amount of vitamins, microelements, levulose, carbohydrates, glucose. It is important to carefully study the composition for people with contraindications. Namely (in%):

  • water 16;
  • glucose 36;
  • luvulosis 39;
  • maltose 4;
  • sucrose 1.

It is the richest source of vitamins and minerals:

  • thiamine (B1);
  • Riboflavin (B2);
  • niacin (B3);
  • panthenol (B5);
  • pyrodoxin (B6);
  • folic acid (B9);
  • vitamin C;
  • biotin (H);
  • manganese;
  • iodine;
  • iron;
  • potassium;
  • calcium;
  • zinc;
  • chrome and many others.

It does not have a high calorie content, only 330 kcal per 100 grams. But it is impossible to eat it at once in a lot because of its rich sweet taste. There are contraindications, they are described below.

Appearance and taste

Cotton honey - is there and what are the beneficial properties

Refers to light varieties of honey, as it has the appropriate shade. Immediately after collection – amber shade. Crystallizes quickly. This usually happens in 2-3 weeks. After this process, it acquires a chalk-like structure and milky color. It is this species that is characterized by the extraordinary smell characteristic of cotton, which makes it possible to distinguish cotton honey from a fake. After sugaring, the flavor disappears.

It has a rather sweet, but delicate taste, reminiscent of peach, nectarine, with a slight tart aftertaste. It manifests itself as a sore throat. A bit like the consequences in the mouth, like after eating a peppery dish. With normal use, there is no such symptom. But in general, it is tasty and can be used as a delicacy, taking into account the contraindications.

Useful Properties

Cotton honey - is there and what are the beneficial properties

Like all other beekeeping products, cotton honey has beneficial properties, not excluding contraindications. It is actively used in traditional medicine:

  • as an antibacterial agent;
  • for the preparation of medicinal teas, infusions, oral preparations;
  • increases immunity;
  • improves blood composition, eliminates anemia;
  • gives physical strength;
  • improves the digestive tract, normalizing the intestinal flora;
  • actively used in dietary nutrition, promotes weight loss;
  • contraindications do not prohibit diabetics from using it in permissible norms;
  • reduces the unpleasant feeling of sweat toxicosis in pregnant women;
  • contributes to the favorable development of the fetus, excludes premature birth;
  • useful, as it lifts the mood, removing the signs of depression or aggression;
  • cleanses the skin;
  • eliminates the effects of burns, promotes rapid wound healing;
  • strengthens hair.

Experts, nutritionists compare its effects with other types. Such as heather, buckwheat or manuka. A small portion of nectar per day is enough to fully experience the full power of this unique beekeeping product.

Recommendations for selection

Quite popular, in demand. Most regions are considered to be in short supply and are shipped from Asian countries. Therefore, you should be careful when buying so as not to purchase a simple fake, which scammers often pass off as cotton honey. The rules for distinguishing natural honey are quite simple.

  1. Natural has a fluid consistency, pronounced aroma and amber shade.
  2. After a short period of time (up to 1 month), it acquires a white color and a consistency reminiscent of butter, soufflé. Crystals are small, barely visible. It is simply cut with a knife and keeps its shape.
  3. Asian beekeepers have characteristic differences in appearance. Therefore, it is not worth buying from local “beekeepers”. At best, you can run into dealers. Well, at worst, get some kind of sugar syrup with fruit additives.
  4. Do not purchase products in spontaneous markets. It is better to do this in specialized stores, on Internet portals, requiring the presentation of accompanying and veterinary documents.


Cotton honey - is there and what are the beneficial properties

Healthy cotton honey is not only a nice treat. With its help, they treat many diseases, strengthen the immune system, activate reproductive properties, and are used in cosmetology. Humanity has been using such honey for a long time. Even healers in Ancient Greece noted that it has high antiseptic properties, reminiscent of the effect of hydrogen peroxide. But this is not limited to useful properties.

Traditional medicine in collaboration with traditional doctors recommend regularly using this beekeeping product to treat many pathologies and to strengthen the body. Do not forget that there are contraindications.

At what diseases is applied

Used in combination with general therapy or as a general tonic for such diseases:

  • violations of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • prevents the appearance of gastritis, pancreatitis;
  • will be useful for colds;
  • anemia;
  • angina;
  • flu;
  • visual acuity disorders, cataract treatment;
  • pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • to improve blood composition and normalize blood circulation;
  • useful for pregnant women to eliminate toxicosis, as well as for fetal development;
  • is a natural aphrodisiac, restores reproductive performance in both sexes;
  • will benefit from a useful remedy in the treatment of prostate adenoma;
  • gives effective results in eliminating the effects of stress, depressive conditions, normalizes sleep and calms the nervous system.

It’s easier to say that healthy cotton honey can be used by people with any pathology. Even diabetics are not prohibited from using it as a sugar substitute. Nutritionists recommend people who are struggling with excess weight, but remember about contraindications.

The use of cotton honey in cosmetology

Cotton honey - is there and what are the beneficial properties

Actively in cosmetology, taking into account the properties and contraindications. The composition, pleasant aroma of cotton honey determined its use in this area.

  1. Acne, spots on the skin can be removed with a special mask. It is enough to mix lingonberry, cranberry or any other sour natural drink with cotton honey (1: 1). Apply to cleansed skin. Wash off after 15 minutes with water. Repeat after 2-3 days. Carry out at least 7 procedures and surprise the surroundings with the cleanliness and radiant appearance of your own face.
  2. The massage performed with the use of this product will be useful, it is recommended for the manifestations of cellulite.
  3. With the properties of honey, you can get rid of acne. Dilute with equal amount of olive oil. Apply to the problem area and rinse with warm water after 15 minutes. It is better to repeat these actions every day after waking up and before going to bed. One week is enough to get rid of the consequences of the disease.
  4. A simple rubbing in of honey with a small amount of water will eliminate the laxity of the skin in the décolleté area. The tool is able to activate the regeneration process in the upper and deep layers of the epidermis. The method is suitable for the face.
  5. To strengthen hair, useful honey is diluted in equal proportions with herbal decoctions, castor or burdock small. It is applied to the scalp, wrapped, and then washed off in the usual way. A good incentive for frozen bulbs. After several procedures, the hair acquires a pleasant shine and looks much thicker.


If there is an allergy, other contraindications, it is better to exclude the use.


Cotton honey - is there and what are the beneficial properties

Cotton honey is healthy, but contraindicated for people who are allergic to honey products. It is not recommended to consume more than two tablespoons of it daily and for more resistant people. With an excessive amount, nausea appears, problems from the gastrointestinal tract may occur. Children under the age of five should not be offered such a treat at all.

Honey is not contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women. Will be beneficial to the developing fetus. Before using it, it is best to consult your doctor.

How to distinguish cotton honey from fake

Cotton honey - is there and what are the beneficial properties

You don’t have to do anything special to distinguish cotton honey from fake honey. Use a familiar verification method. To do this, place a couple of drops or a small portion of honey on a clean plate. Make contact of honey with a chemical pencil. Just run a strip through the drop. If the color has changed and turned bright blue, this is a fake. The mark from a chemical pencil does not spread when in contact with a natural product, does not change color.

It is worth adopting!

The chemical pencil method can be used when purchasing other types of honey.

How to store

Cotton honey - is there and what are the beneficial properties

Failure to comply with storage conditions can lead to the fact that honey will lose its unique properties. It is not advisable to save it at temperatures above 20 degrees. After the honey has crystallized, put it in the refrigerator and store there under a tightly closed lid. Subject to storage conditions, honey can retain its properties forever. An important condition is the absence of light, adherence to the temperature regime (+5 degrees) and the absence of contact with air (simple polyethylene cover).

To feel the effect of using cotton honey, it is enough to use the proposed recommendations. This is guaranteed to improve your well-being, appearance and cheer up. It has contraindications leading to a negative result.

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