Soybean oil, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

This oil is a champion in the list of similar herbal products for
the content of biologically active substances. Moreover, it has the highest
the degree of assimilation by the body.

They began to receive liquid oil from soybeans for about 6 millennia
back in China. Then they learned about the medicinal properties of beans and considered
soybeans sacred plant. Later, this plant came to Korea, and already
from there – to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Soy is mentioned in the ancient books of Shen-nun, dating from
3000 BC It is traditionally cultivated in Indochina, and since 16
in. this plant was brought to the Far East, Don and Kuban.

It is interesting that soybeans came to the territory of Europe only in the 20th century.
The most loyal fans in Europe are the inhabitants of the foggy
Albion. An unusual diet bakery is baked with soy in England
product called “Cambridge bread”, which is famous for its unique
vitamin and mineral composition.

Soybean oil is produced from cultivated soybeans that grow
in subtropical and tropical zones of Asia, Central and South Africa,
in America, Australia, Southern Europe, in the insular part of the Pacific and Indian
ocean. The area of ​​growth of soybeans extends to latitudes 55-60

Soybean oil has a bright, straw yellow hue. It possesses
rather sharp, specific aroma. They use oil for food
only in refined form, it is obtained by pressing
and extraction. After refining and deodorizing processes, this
the product becomes transparent and gets a delicate pink color. Among
other oils, soybean is considered a leader in world production.

Soybean oil is an excellent source of lecithin, widely used
in the pharmaceutical and food industries. On its basis, produce
soaps and detergents, plastics, dyes and synthetic oils,
which, when released into soil and water bodies, do not cause any harm
environment. And in the composition of cooling agents, this oil is not dangerous.
even for the ozone layer of the Earth.

How to choose

Unrefined oil has a beautiful brown color with a slight greenish
shade, refined – light yellow. This is exactly the kind of oil with a light
aroma ideal for frying. Choose small bottles
so that you can store the product open for a short time.

How to store

After the first use, soybean oil is advised to be kept cold.
in a glass container with a tightly closed lid.

In cooking

There are cold-pressed oils, as well as unrefined and refined.

  • Cold pressed oil considered the most useful
    since most of the nutrients are stored in it. But the taste
    and the pronounced aroma of cold pressed oil can be liked far
    not for everyone. To improve the condition of the whole body and prolong
    youth, you can drink it on an empty stomach, 1-2 tablespoons.
  • It is considered more popular unrefined oil,
    whose shelf life is extended due to hydration, however, useful
    substances remain in it. This oil contains a lot of lecithin,
    which improves brain activity. It is recommended to add it in a small
    quantity in vegetable salads, but you cannot fry in this oil, because
    when it is heated, carcinogens harmful to the body are formed.
  • Refined oil popular in the Far East,
    where a lot of soybeans are grown. The oil is refined, but not deodorized.
    Therefore, this product is odorless and has a rather pleasant
    taste. It can be added to the first and second courses, use
    in cold appetizers, fry any vegetables on it. It does not bring harm,
    however, there is little use in this oil. Due to the numerous
    processing in this product almost no vitamins remain, which is why
    in order to improve health, it is practically not used. But how
    an alternative to other fats (especially animals) to use
    it can and should be.

Soybean oil is most commonly used in sauces
and dressings for a wide variety of salads. It can also be added to
dough for baking. A refined and deodorized product is essential
raw materials for the production of non-dairy cream, margarine,
mayonnaise, confectionery and bread. Also this oil is used
as a stabilizer and preservative for canned food and processing
many foods before freezing.

Caloric value

The calorie content of soybean oil reaches 899 kcal per 100 g. It is worth remembering
about this and use this product in moderation.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Calorie content, kcal – 99,9 – – – 899

The beneficial properties of soybean oil

Composition and presence of nutrients

Soybean oil is considered the champion among oils due to its chemical
composition and extraordinary useful properties. The chemical composition of this
oils – a unique alloy of useful and irreplaceable for the body
fatty acids, the list of which includes linoleic, stearic,
palmitic and oleic.

In addition, the soybean product is fortified with iron, vitamins
E, K, as well as choline and zinc. And phytosterols,
contained in it in large quantities, have a beneficial effect
on the skin, rejuvenating it.

Soybean oil contains just a record amount of tocopherol
E), which takes part in the formation of the male seed.
It is also useful for women, because it contributes not only to normal
the course of the entire pregnancy, but also the correct development of the fetus. Also
tocopherol helps in combating stress, prevents disorders
kidney and cardiovascular ailments.

Interestingly, 100 grams of soybean oil contains 114 mg of tocopherol,
whereas in sunflower it is 67 mg, and in olive it is only 13 mg.
Also, soybean oil is considered the record holder among other vegetable
products by the amount of trace elements.

Useful and healing properties

The beneficial properties of soybean oil are determined by its rich
microelements and vitamins composition. With regular consumption
this product reduces the risk of heart attack,
heart failure and cancer.

Soybean oil contains organic choline, palmitic, stearic
and linolenic acid, which can significantly improve performance
liver and heart.

This herbal product has a positive effect on work
brain, normalizes blood cholesterol,
improves sexual function in men.

In addition, this oil is advised to be consumed for the prevention of diseases.
digestive system, immune diseases and metabolic disorders

Doctors advise taking 1-2 tablespoons of oil daily. There were
even interesting product tests were carried out. Participated in testing
more than 80 people. It turned out that those who took the oil
soybeans regularly, the risk of heart attack decreased by 6

Use in cosmetology

The popularity of using soybean oil in facial care is,
first of all, in its composition. So, this product contains
a record percentage of tocopherol, which guarantees the right nutrition
skin and slows down the aging of skin cells.

Another very valuable component that is part of the oil,
is lecithin. It plays a vital role in the formation of new
and restoration of damaged skin cells for any reason,
in alleviating the condition with various skin diseases and improving
protective functions of the skin. In particular, lecithin has nutrients,
softening and toning properties.

It should be noted that soybean oil is excellent for dry
and normal facial skin, but in the case of oily skin it is better

The action of the oil is aimed at moisturizing, nourishing the skin and increasing
its ability to retain moisture. Also regular application of this
product creates a protective barrier on the skin, protecting it from
aggressive environmental influences and drying out.

Thanks to its good emollient action, this oil is also excellent.
copes with the problems of chapped, dry and rough skin,
and toning properties will return the face to a pleasant color, lost
freshness and radiance.

Soybean oil is considered a great anti-aging agent.
fading, tired, losing tone and beauty of the skin. It helps
slow down the aging process and eliminate the already observed
signs – smooth out wrinkles, increase tone, elasticity and
skin elasticity.

Despite all the properties of soybean oil, its use in pure
form can provoke the formation of comedones on the face (black
points). Therefore, although you can often hear recommendations to apply
undiluted oil on the face, it is still worth using it for enrichment
home and store cosmetics or in mixtures with the rest
oils. And pure soybean oil can pamper the skin of the hands and body.

Oil can be mixed to soften, nourish and rejuvenate the skin
soybeans with olive, peach, castor, cedar, almond
and many other vegetable oils. After examining the detailed information
about all these oils, you can choose the most suitable
combinations (in equal proportions) for your skin.

The resulting mixture is advised to use both for cleansing and
to remove makeup (in this case, the composition will need to be slightly warmed up).
You can also use this oil mixture instead of the daily one.
day or night face cream (if the skin is too dry or
in windy and frosty weather). In particular, this
mixture as a mask, applying on the face for 30-40 minutes, or for lubrication
chapped, rough and excessively dry areas of the skin. also in
the existing composition often add a few more drops of essential

As for the enrichment of store masks and creams, you can add
soybean oil by eye. So, you can take a one-time part of the cream and apply
point on the face. Also dab some soybean oil on top.
After that, rub the cream and oil all over your face with your fingers,
that is, the way you always apply the cream.

One part of a store mask can add one incomplete tea
a spoonful of soybean oil. Also, butter can be combined with cleansing milk.

Adding soybean oil to cooked food is also considered a good remedy.
home cosmetics. For example, in the mask, you can simply add to
necessary ingredients a teaspoon of soybean oil.

If you are making a cream, then you can replace one of the vegetable oils,
specified in the recipe, soybean oil.

Also, if in any recipe for lotion or scrub among the ingredients
vegetable oil is indicated, you can use soybean oil.

It is worth remembering that all the described ways of using soybean oil
are suitable for you if you have dry, normal or fading prone
dry skin. Soy oil is not recommended for oily skin.
In the case of combination skin type, soybean oil is advised to apply
only on dry areas, for example, on the cheeks.

Dangerous properties of soybean oil

Soybean oil is contraindicated for use internally and externally.
with individual intolerance and disposition to allergic
reactions to beans and soy protein.

May also be harmed by this oil during pregnancy
and breastfeeding due to the content of estrogenic isoflavones.

It is not advised to use soybean oil for serious illnesses.
brain and migraine attacks.
In limited quantities, this product needs to be consumed by people
with renal and hepatic insufficiency, severe diseases of the digestive
system, bowel disorders.

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In this video, you will see how the production of soybean oil takes place.

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