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Oats are one of the most important grain feed crops, because
its sown area is only slightly inferior in size to wheat,
rice, corn and barley. Early cultivated oats were grown
on the territory of Ancient Mongolia and Northern China, and porridge from this
cereal was still cooked by the Goth tribes. It is noteworthy that the CIS countries
produce more oats than any other country in the world – they contain
almost half of the world’s crops.

Oats have more than twenty varieties, of which “cultivated”
only four. In our country, the main cultivated species has become
“Sowing” (A Sativa), in the countries located to the south, is grown
the more drought-resistant type of oats is the Byzantine (A Byzantina).

The main purpose of oat grain is to use it as a highly nutritious
concentrated feed for horses, young livestock
and birds. Oats are the main component in the manufacture of compound feed,
preparation of green forage, hay and silage. In addition, valuable properties
oats have determined its widespread use in medicine, food industry,

When choosing a technology for growing oats, producers take into account
its purpose (for example, oats intended for use
in baby food, to a lesser extent exposed to pesticide treatment
and fertilization).

Forms of release

The most common and familiar oat dish has long been
the famous oatmeal. It contains oats in the form of flakes or grains.
different factions. For example, for children you need to choose porridge from small ones,
chopped, crushed, crushed grains that are easier to perceive
children’s gastric mucosa. Therefore, the optimal children’s option
will become porridge from oatmeal “Extra” (marked on the package
“3”). For adults, the use of porridge made from whole grains is quite acceptable.
(for example, “Hercules)”. In addition to cereals, oatmeal is included in the composition
muesli, as well as oat flour, jelly and cookies
from this product.

Selection and storage of oat products

When choosing oatmeal, it is better to give preference to whole grains,
in which the useful properties of this product are maximally preserved.
It should be noted that there are two types of oatmeal “Hercules”
(larger flakes) and “Extra” (flakes of varying degrees of grinding).

Usually recommendations and shelf life of oat products
indicated on the labels by the manufacturer, but, in general, oatmeal
stored in enameled containers for up to 10 months, flakes and oatmeal
– up to 4. Too long storage is not recommended – the groats will go rancid,
bugs or food moths can start.

Calorie content of oats

The calorie content of oat is 316 kilocalories per 100
gram. In flakes, there is a little more “energy value”, of the order of
352 kcal In general, oatmeal and cereal are definitely recommended.
nutritionists to everyone who follows the figure and tries to maximize
include healthy foods in your diet. Moreover, there is
a lot of diets based on oatmeal.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Caloric value, kcal 12.3 6.2 61.8 1.7 12 352

Oats field

Useful properties of oats

Composition and presence of nutrients

Oats are a real storehouse of vitamins, macro- and microelements. In him
contain iron, silicon, iodine, zinc, copper and manganese. In large
quantities of potassium and sodium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium are present.
The composition contains the following vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6,
B9, A, PP, Beta-carotene, E, H, choline.

Useful and healing properties

Starting your morning with a plate of oatmeal can provide
a good mood, a charge of strength and vigor for the whole day, it will get rid of
from digestive problems. A big plus of oatmeal is its good combination.
with fruits, nuts,
milk, yogurt, jams, honey and vegetables, which will maximize
to diversify the “everyday” oatmeal.

Eating oat grains in various forms (for example, in the form of bran
or broth) will help to avoid lethargy, general loss of strength, atherosclerosis.
And the silicon in the cereal will keep strong bones for a long time, raise
immunity, strengthens blood vessels. Thanks to potassium, the acid-base will remain normal
balance of blood, the functioning of the kidneys and heart is stabilized.

The medicinal properties of oats are used in the treatment of impotence,
There are suggestions about the ability of oats to stimulate the thyroid gland.
and regulate the amount of estrogen in the body. Scientific research
have proven the benefits of eating the fiber found in grains
this cereal (the level of cholesterol decreases, the risk of
cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure is normalized). Smaller
there is also a threat of obesity (especially for the sedentary and elderly
people), reduces varicose veins and hemorrhoids.
Oats are extremely desirable for diabetic patients, because it is capable of not
only lower blood sugar levels, but also reduce swelling,
removing excess fluid from the body.

For frequent disorders of the digestive tract, fiber
in oats, it will have a calming effect, thicken the stool,
will reduce the total time of contact of the intestinal mucosa with irritants
or carcinogens. Therefore, the inclusion of oats in a regular diet can
prevent the development of rectal cancer. Used to be oat husks
stuffed pillows to fight insomnia. In folk medicine, the range
The diseases that oats are used to combat are enormous.
Here is rheumatism and gout,
diseases of the lungs and kidneys, eczema and diathesis, sweating of the legs and lichen,
urolithiasis and flu, gastritis and arthritis. With ulcers, wonderful
an enveloping and protective effect is demonstrated by oatmeal jelly.

Lightly sprouted oats with lower
calorie content and a high content of vitamins. Ease of digestion
and the high digestibility of oats made it possible to include it in a limited
menu for people with chronic diseases, convalescent patients
and young mothers.

The use of oats in cosmetology

For dry flaky skin, use a mask of oat decoction and
kefir. For
to maintain skin tone, a scrub is applied, which consists of
baking soda and oatmeal flour. Many famous
manufacturers of creams and balms include oats in their product formulas.
Simple and effective diets using oats will keep
a beautiful toned figure without any cost for expensive supplements
or exotic fruits.

Oatmeal with berries

Dangerous properties of oats

There are no special contraindications for oats, or products based on it.
discovered. Reasons for quitting it can be
individual intolerance to this cereal, as well as renal or
heart failure, celiac disease. When eating oats in large
quantities may cause headache and malabsorption
vitamin D and calcium.

“Horse health provides oats due to its high content
vegetable protein “- so the authors of this video say. Plot
contains advice from herbalists on using oat grains to strengthen
liver, after hepatitis,
and those who want to quit smoking. And also, the video talks about useful
the properties of oatmeal for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract,
problems with blood vessels and excess weight.

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