Corn oil, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Corn began to be grown as a cultivated plant of an order of magnitude
7-12 thousand years ago on the territory of modern Mexico. The most ancient
finds of this culture were found in the Gwila Nakitz cave (modern
Oaxaca in the southern region of Mexico) and they date back to 4250 BC
era. It is interesting that at that time the corn cobs were practically in
ten times smaller than modern ones and did not exceed 3-4 centimeters in length.

Now in cosmetology and cooking, corn oil is often used,
the benefits and harms of which have long been studied in America, and corn itself
then called “the gold of the West.” This oil was obtained for the first time
in 1898 in the American state of Indiana.

Outwardly, it resembles a sunflower, its color may vary.
from light yellow to reddish and even brown. This product
smells good and has a mild taste. Pour point of corn
oil ranges from -10 to -15 ° C.

The oil is made from corn germ. There are two ways to do it
production: extraction and pressing.

To obtain the entire set of nutrients, corn oil is used
the following technology: the germ of the grains is soaked in water for 30-40 hours,
after which this mass is treated with sulfur dioxide. As a consequence
this turns out a light yellow liquid, it is absolutely transparent
and is odorless when purified. Corn oil is like this

  • Refined deodorized (grade D) – used
    when preparing diet meals;
  • Refined deodorized (grade P) – used
    at catering establishments;
  • Refined not deodorized – has a specific
    smell, but undergoes some cleaning;
  • Unrefined – it has a darker color, distinct
    aroma and some sediment. This oil has more
    of all useful substances.

Despite the benefits of unrefined oil, it is not used
so often, because in addition to useful vitamins, it also contains residues
pesticides that are used in the cultivation of this crop in
production scale. As a result, in stores you can find
only a refined product that is perfect for
culinary purposes: it is
does not foam, does not burn, and therefore does not emit smoke containing
carcinogens. Lack of bright taste of refined oil
makes it possible to use it for dressing salads.

How to choose

Corn oil should be extremely transparent and clean, beautiful
uniform color.

It is best to choose oil in a glass container. Remember that quality
the product cannot be cheap. It is worth choosing oil from the average price
Categories: There are many quality samples here, and the cost is not yet
so high as to be avoided.

It is also worth choosing oils from reputable manufacturers. They, having
large capacities and taking care of normal relations with inspectors
bodies, trying to prevent marriage and poor quality.

How to store

When stored for a long time, corn oil can acquire an unpleasant
aroma. If you purchased unrefined, the so-called “live”
oil, then it must be stored in a glass container in the refrigerator,
otherwise, in a warm place and in the light, such a product will quickly become cloudy,
will lose useful properties and acquire an unpleasant bitter taste.
On the shelves, most often presented deodorized refined
oil that is stored significantly longer in any conditions. During
deodorization from oil removes substances that give the product its characteristic

In cooking

Corn oil is excellent for frying, cooking
various deep-fried and stewed dishes.
It is important to note that it does not form, when heated, carcinogenic
substances, does not burn or foam. Therefore, for these purposes, it is advised
use corn oil, not sunflower oil. Yes, and it is spent
it is more economical.

Corn oil is also used to make mayonnaise, various
sauces, pastries, dough. This product has a colossal amount
beneficial properties, and this makes it an extremely important ingredient used
in the production of dietary products and baby food.

This product is widely used for salad dressing. Insofar as
corn oil has no characteristic flavor, it cannot overpower
natural taste of ingredients.

Corn oil is also used in industrial production – its
can often be seen in various margarines.

Caloric value

Although the calorie content of the oil is quite high – 899 kcal – this product
is a dietary product easily assimilated by the body.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Calorie content, kcal – 99,9 – – – 899

Benefits of corn oil

Composition and presence of nutrients

Corn germ oil contains many health benefits
substances. This oil contains about 85 percent unsaturated
fatty acids. However, we are talking only about unrefined oil.
It is also rich in saturated fatty acids. Present in
it and vitamins F, B1, E, PP, lecithin and provitamin A.

The main advantage of corn oil over others is called
the presence of a sufficiently high vitamin content in it
E. This vitamin is considered to be the strongest antioxidant that promotes
protecting the body from premature aging.

Due to vitamin E, this oil contributes to the proper functioning
gonads, it is extremely useful for pregnant women, protects cells
from potential mutations.

Scientists have long studied the aging mechanism of the human body.
Free radicals that damage all
cells. Researchers are trying all the time to find ways to fight
with radicals. One of them can be called the use of a vitamin
E. This antioxidant prevents cell wear and tear. To receive
the required amount of this vitamin, it is not necessary to buy
expensive dietary supplements. You just need to know which ones
products contain the maximum amount, and try
eat them regularly. Among such products is
important place and corn oil. It should be noted that vitamin E
this oil contains 2 times more than sunflower
and olive.

By the way, vitamin E is also called tocopherol. This word is in Latin
means “bearing offspring.” And he got this name because
its main function is to maintain in the female body
the ability to bear and reproduce healthy children. Scientists
found that vitamin E is fat-soluble. This means that the presence
fatty environment – a prerequisite for its assimilation by the body. Corn
oil is excellent as such a medium, because it contains
the content of essential fatty acids is evenly distributed.

Useful and healing properties

Corn oil is an excellent dietary product. It renders
positive impact on multiple body systems. Regular
the use of this oil makes it possible to establish metabolic processes.
This product helps to improve the functioning of the intestines, bile
bladder and liver, it is a fairly effective choleretic

You can also note the protective effect of this product on the genetic
apparatus of all cells: prevention of ionizing radiation and mutations,
resulting from the action of chemicals on the body.

Unsaturated fatty acids in corn oil help increase
resistance to attacks of infectious viruses.

In the composition of corn oil there are substances that make it possible
lower cholesterol levels.
So, corn oil helps prevent the development of atherosclerosis.
and reduces the risk of blood clots.

This product has a tonic effect. It contains
K, which has a positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular

Due to its beneficial properties, corn oil is used
in traditional medicine recipes. The recommended dose of this oil in
day is 75 grams. It is useful to use it every day
for food. In particular, corn oil is useful for pregnant women, lactating
mothers and babies.

The linoleic acid in corn oil helps the body do better
fight various diseases. She is also responsible for clotting
blood. Doctors recommend consuming corn oil regularly
those who suffer from diseases such as flaky skin, asthma,
hay fever, migraine.

Corn oil stimulates the functioning of the gallbladder: after
1-1,5 hours after its consumption, the contractions intensify, which causes
secretion of fresh bile. For this, it is advised to take corn
oil 2 times a day for a tablespoon 30-40 minutes before morning
and evening meals.

Internal use of this oil is recommended by doctors for
diabetes mellitus, metabolic disorders, problems
bowel work.

External application of this product consists in the treatment of areas
body damaged by burns, as well as for the healing of wounds, for example,
cracks on the lips.

Traditional medicine also suggests using corn oil for
treating eczema and psoriasis.
To do this, use the following recipe: drink 2 times a day
a tablespoon of oil during meals and drink it with a glass
boiled warm water. A small amount is added to it (by
tablespoon) honey and apple cider vinegar.

Use in cosmetology

Corn oil is also used in cosmetology. It helps a lot
improve the condition of hair and skin. So to make the hair more
healthy and strong, just rub the heated oil
into the scalp.

Then a towel is dipped into hot water and wrapped around the head.
This is done several times. Then the hair should be washed with any
neutral soap. This will make your hair silky smooth.
and healthy, dandruff is eliminated. Together with this, it will be good to add
corn oil and in food during each main meal.
It is worth noting that this product can be found in many
care products for any type of hair.

As mentioned, corn oil is rich in vitamins A, F, E
and essential unsaturated fatty acids. In this product
there is lecithin and linoleic acid, which are often used in cosmetology.
These substances help to restore the barrier function of the skin.

This oil nourishes and softens the skin, has excellent antioxidant
action. Corn product helps to improve complexion
and restores the protective functions of the skin.

Corn oil has a relatively high nutritional value,
therefore it is used for irritated, dry, rough and withering

This product also promotes skin regeneration. This can be explained
high in vitamin A. It should be noted that this oil
suitable for all skin types. It is useful for them to wipe dry skin on which
there are age spots. This procedure should be carried out regularly.
After rubbing your face, you need to make a moist hot
soda compress, and it is recommended to finish this procedure by applying
on the skin of the mask. It is easy to make it at home from juice or pulp of any

For leather processing, such methods are used:

  • Wipe the age spots with corn oil, then apply
    on the skin, a mask of fruit pulp (for example, peach);
  • Apply a mask of corn oil, honey and yolk to eliminate
    small wrinkles. The mask is evenly applied to the skin for 20 minutes,
    after it, it is removed with cotton wool dipped in warm water;
  • A bath of warmed oil with the addition of 3-4 drops of iodine
    for hands and nails. Hands should be held in this composition for 15 minutes.
    This procedure can be combined with the application of oil to the hands.
    before going to bed, after that you need to go to bed with cotton gloves.
  • In combination with essential oils, they are used for massage sessions.

Dangerous properties of corn oil

Research by scientists did not reveal in practice the presence of pronounced
contraindications to the use of corn oil. Are noted
only isolated rare cases, this happens with individual intolerance
its components, therefore it is recommended to start using the oil

Also, you cannot use expired corn oil.
shelf life, since over time, oxides are formed in it, which
able to disrupt metabolism.

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