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general description

Mustard, which has existed for many centuries, is
popular spice in many countries. And not only because of his
excellent taste, but also due to the presence of a variety of medicinal
properties. So, mustard was already used in the first millennia.
in medicine of Ancient Rome and Greece.

Mustard oil, made from the seeds of the best mustard, is known
since the 8th century, when it was delivered to the table of the English queen Catherine
II. It was with the love of the monarch for this delicacy that its spread began.
in Europe and industrial production.

Mustard oil is still widely used in cooking, cosmetology.
and recipes of traditional medicine. This plant is no less popular.
product in canning, confectionery and bakery
industry, in the production of solid fats, cooling and lubricating
liquids, glycerin, various fatty acids and cosmetics.
In addition, oil is used as a constituent in various
medications and as a massage tool to relax athletes.

How to choose

As a rule, a quality mustard seed processing product is sold
in bottles made of dark plastic or glass. By choosing
oil, you need to pay close attention to the label and inspect
contents of the container. So, the shelf life should not exceed 12 months,
and the product itself must be made in the way cold pressed.
Do not be afraid of the sediment at the bottom – this is a normal phenomenon, just
remember to shake the bottle before use.

How to store

As stated above, the oil has a shelf life of 12 months. When
it will be so no matter when you open the bottle.
But remember that once opened, the product must be kept in the refrigerator.
in a closed container.

In cooking

Mustard oil, significantly superior in dietary, flavoring
and aromatic qualities of sunflower, now it is becoming more and more
common product.

In France for a long time
appreciated the original aroma and piquant taste of the oil
mustard and have long found culinary uses for this product.
So, in the local cuisine, this oil is both pure and together with the rest.
oils, added to salads, soups, homemade cakes.

In Asia, mustard oil is used for stewing vegetables, in a variety of
fish and meat dishes, because this product does not add bitterness, does not
“Fumes”, but only piquantly emphasizes the taste of the ingredients.

Mustard oil is equally well combined with vegetables and herbs, which
added to all kinds of summer and spring salads. Moreover,
mustard processing product adds interesting notes to the vinaigrette,
cereals and other cereal side dishes.

And baked goods prepared with the addition of mustard oil acquire
splendor, beautiful golden shade and pleasant smell, for a long time

If you fry pancakes, pancakes, potatoes or fish in mustard oil,
you can get a particularly pleasant, simply unique taste of ordinary

Mustard oil, which has bactericidal properties, is also
excellent preservative.

Obtained by the way cold pressing oil not only
retains the entire set of the most useful substances, but also has a significant
in comparison with other oils, oxidation resistance, which causes
rather long shelf life. Due to slow oxidation
this product is often added to other oils to extend their life

Caloric value

Like other vegetable oils, mustard processing product is very
high-calorie – 898 kcal, so you should not abuse it.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Calorie content, kcal – 99.8 – – 0.2 898

Useful properties of mustard oil

Composition and presence of nutrients

Mustard oil, a valuable oil, has a high
the content of active substances necessary for the body (vitamins, fatty
polyunsaturated acids, phytosterols, chlorophyll, glycosides,
phytoncides, essential oil, etc.).

This product contains a significant amount of linoleic
acid (omega-6 group)
and linolenic acid, which in its action is similar to polyunsaturated
Omega-3 acids,
found in fish oil or healthy flaxseed oil.

Mustard oil also contains the antioxidant vitamin A, which contributes to
a significant increase in immunity and development, and also has a good effect
on vision, improves the function of mucous membranes and skin integuments.

Of the fat-soluble vitamins, the oil also contains vitamin E.
anti-inflammatory, immuno-strengthening, anti-aging and wound healing
properties, this vitamin lowers cholesterol levels, regulates
blood clotting, strengthens the walls of capillaries and blood vessels.

Mustard oil is an excellent source of vitamin
D. It helps maintain calcium and phosphorus levels. This
vitamin also enhances immunity, improves thyroid function
glands, is able to prevent the development of cardiovascular and skin
ailments, often used in the prevention and treatment of diffuse
sclerosis and cancer.

The oil contains vitamin B6 and promotes its production in the intestinal
microflora. This vitamin plays a role in metabolic processes, regulates
sugar and cholesterol content,
participates in the production of hemoglobin, improves the functioning of the nervous system.

Vitamin B3 included in the oil is needed for energy metabolism. In addition to
this, it regulates the functions of the nervous system and the brain, it is necessary
for the work of the digestive system, participates in the synthesis of sex hormones.

The oil is extremely rich in choline, an important component of nerve fibers.
and brain cells. This component not only acts on the state
CNS and improves mental ability, but also takes part in
synthesis of phospholipids that prevent liver infiltration.

The contained vitamin K contributes to the prevention of
blood clotting hemorrhage, plays an extremely important role
in the absorption of calcium and is needed for the proper functioning of the kidneys.

The composition of mustard oil is characterized by a high content of biologically
active phytosterols. They have antitumor and various
bactericidal properties, help to reduce the level of “harmful”
cholesterol, can improve the condition of the skin.

The oil also contains phytoncides, isothiocyanates, chlorophylls, sinegrin,
essential oil – substances with powerful antineoplastic and bactericidal
qualities. In a complex combination, they contribute to the improvement of functions
digestive, cardiovascular, as well as respiratory and endocrine

Useful and healing properties

Mustard oil has long been used not only as a healthy dietary
food product, but also as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent. Rich
a wide variety of vitamins, biologically active substances, natural
“Antibiotics”, the oil has a set of useful properties.

Mustard oil improves appetite and perfectly stimulates the process
digestion, since the substances in this product increase
motor and secretory function of the gastrointestinal tract, increase the activity of the liver and
pancreas. Also, mustard oil stimulates the process of bile secretion.
and contributes to the normalization of metabolism in the liver. Therefore its useful
use regularly for the prevention and treatment of gallstone disease,
as well as liver dystrophy, hepatitis,
cholecystitis, cirrhosis. The oil is good and as an effective antihelminthic
an agent used in the treatment and prevention of helminthiasis.

Mustard oil can improve blood composition and heart function
and the cardiovascular system. This product contains a complex of substances,
which reduce capillary permeability, help to strengthen
and increasing the elasticity of blood vessels. The same components protect the circulatory
system from inflammation. Mustard oil is advised to use for prevention
and in the treatment of hypertension, as it helps to normalize the level
pressure and is “responsible” for the regulation of coagulation. In addition, the use
eating this oil is effective for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis,
because it protects blood vessels from deposits of “bad” cholesterol. High quality
mustard oil is also useful for the prevention and treatment of anemia.

Mustard oil is effectively used as a remedy for
diseases of the joints and muscles, the consequences of injuries. Also this vegetable
the product, when applied externally, has a warming and excellent
irritating effect on the skin, improves blood circulation
at the site of the inflammatory process. In addition, pain relievers are inherent in it,
decongestant, bactericidal and antitumor properties. And therefore
mustard oil has long been a component of most ointments and creams
for the treatment of gout,
polyarthritis, arthritis, lumbago, rheumatism, myositis, radiculitis.
When rubbed in, it helps to relieve tension in the ligaments and muscles,
therefore this product is often used by athletes
after physical exertion. And thanks to the antiseptic and disinfectant
action oil is a remedy for the treatment of traumatic injuries
skin integument.

The complex of vitamins in mustard oil is necessary for the development
embryo, for a safe course of pregnancy and reduction of complications
during childbirth. The oil actively contributes to the enhancement of lactation in women,
breastfeeding, and improves the taste of milk. Regular use
of this product is useful for women who have a hard time tolerating symptoms
menopause or premenstrual periods. Introduction of mustard
oils in the diet also helps prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis.
You can also recommend this oil as a nutritional supplement.
children, because it is a source of choline and B vitamins involved
in the correct formation of the nervous system, and is rich in vitamins A
and D for full growth.

Mustard oil also helps to improve reproductive and sexual function
in men and women. In particular, plays a key role in education
sperm and is a participant in genetic
processes. The oil normalizes the balance of female hormones, which reduces
the risk of developing infertility, fibrotic diseases, ovarian diseases
to a minimum. Mustard oil is used for prevention and treatment
male genital area: prostatitis, prostate cancer, adenoma
the prostate.

It is advised to introduce mustard oil into the diet, in addition, for prevention
obesity, diabetes mellitus, diseases of the nervous system and organs
vision, anemia. External use of the oil will benefit
in the treatment of respiratory diseases.

Use in cosmetology

Mustard oil, which improves the functioning of the epithelium of the mucous membranes and skin
cover, has bactericidal, antiviral, antifungal
and wound healing properties. Thanks to these qualities, it is
a good remedy for the treatment of seborrhea, atopic dermatitis, acne
rashes, allergic and pustular skin lesions, lichen,
herpes, psoriasis, mycoses, eczema.

Also, mustard oil has been successfully used for many years.
in cosmetology, as a face and body care product. This product
when applied deeply and quickly absorbed into the skin, contributing to softening,
nourishing, cleansing and moisturizing the skin, excellently protects against the appearance
wrinkles and aging, which is associated with a deficiency of sex hormones or
with the action of ultraviolet rays.

Mustard processing product is well known in cosmetology as
and a hair tonic. So, constant use
oils by rubbing into the scalp and applying to the hair will help prevent
hair loss and graying. And thanks to the “warming” local
irritating property, oil is often used in massage

Dangerous properties of mustard oil

Of course, you cannot use mustard oil for individual intolerance.
its components.

In addition, before using it, you should consult
with a cardiologist for those who suffer from myocardial diseases.

Mustard oil should also be taken with caution by people who have
which have gastritis
with high acidity, enterocolitis, duodenal ulcers
and stomach.

For those with sensitive skin, the use of mustard
oils externally can cause allergies.


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Mustard oil, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties
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