Pearl barley, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Pearl barley – peeled, polished grain
pearl barley without an outer shell so that it cooks faster.
Grows in more varied climates,
than other cereals. Barley is good for adding to soups and
goulash, as it not only adds flavor to dishes
and texture, but also thickens them. You can cook it yourself
(one part of grain to three parts of water – cook 45-60
minutes) as an alternative to rice, pasta or potatoes.
Malted barley extract is made from sprouted grains

Pearl barley is a past industrial
processing of coarse barley. First mentions
the use of barley for food dates back to the times
Ancient Egypt (4500 years old). Very widely used barley
in brewing.

The first mentions of barley are found in the Bible, and
it happened twenty times. In the old days, pearl barley porridge
cereals were considered food worthy only of royalty.
For the royal table, pearl barley was certainly soaked
for twelve hours, then boiled in milk, exposed
languishing in the oven, and before serving to the table they refueled
heavy cream. Subsequently, pearl barley firmly entered
in the soldier’s menu.

Barley field

Useful properties of pearl barley

Pearl barley is also very rich in amino acids. For instance
– it has a high content of lysine, which takes
participation in the production of collagen, which helps to slow down
the appearance of wrinkles and helping to keep our skin smooth
and elastic.

Barley is also rich in trace elements and vitamins. The cereal contains
a lot of potassium,
iron and
The following elements are also present: copper,
zinc, manganese,
strontium, iodine,
bromine as well as phosphorus.
Any other cereal can “envy” a set of vitamins. So
the same, like oatmeal, barley is quite rich in vitamins
groups B and A, D,
Well, PP.

By the amount of fiber, pearl barley is much superior
all respected wheat.
Protein, which is contained in pearl barley, in food
value is superior to wheat grain protein.

Lysine, contained in barley, is involved in the production
collagen, which makes the skin smooth and firm,
prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Due to the presence of vitamins
group B, barley will strengthen the nervous system, provide
clean skin and beautiful hair. With vitamin D
pearl barley will strengthen bones and teeth.

Barley is a powerful antioxidant, it is found in
three times more selenium than rice.

Barley also contains natural antibacterial
substances: from the water that remained after soaking
barley, an antibiotic substance was isolated
– hordecin, which is used to treat skin affected by

Pearl barley broth has medicinal properties
and is excellent emollient, antispasmodic,
enveloping, diuretic and anti-inflammatory agent.
In olden times, barley was used to treat dairy diseases
glands, constipation, obesity, cough and cold.

From pearl barley, as well as from oatmeal, you can prepare slimy and pureed soups for
mechanically and chemically sparing diets. Barley broth (pearl barley
cereals) is useful for liver diseases, increases lactation
in nursing mothers, has a softening, enveloping,
sedative, blood-purifying, diuretic, expectorant,
restorative action. Malt decoction inhibits growth
tumors in the initial stage, and also helps to establish
metabolism in the body, therefore it is recommended for people,
prone to overweight and obesity. For treatment use
grains and malt (flour from sprouted barley).

In the record holders for the presence of chromium

Appetizing pearl barley

Dangerous properties of pearl barley

It is not advisable to abuse barley for pregnant women due to
the content of gluten in it, which can harm the unborn baby.
Also, pearl barley porridge causes increased gas formation, therefore
it should not be abused by people with diseases of the gastrointestinal
tract and constipation.

In men, excessive consumption of barley can cause a decrease in

In addition, in some people, the amino acids that make up the pearl barley,
can cause allergic reactions.

Doctors recommend eating barley dishes hot, so
how, when they cool down, most of the beneficial properties disappear in them.


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Pearl barley, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties
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