Pork, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Domestic pig meat. This is one of the tastiest and easiest
to cook types of meat. Pork is quickly fried without the
addition of oil, its fat melts well, and the parts of the
carcass, devoid of fat, belong to the leanest meat.
For baking or frying pork, premium meat is suitable
: shoulder, loin, brisket, ham. The sweetish
taste of pork goes especially well with fruits,
nuts, honey, and prunes.

Pork can be fried, boiled, stewed, baked. Of
pork cook borscht, cabbage soup, rassolnik, burgers, stews,
kebabs, steaks, scallops, jellies, a variety of national
dishes; in half with beef, it is used to make
dumplings. At home, you can cook boiled pork.
In industrial production, pork is used for the
preparation of various meat products: bacon, boiled pork,
ham, brisket, brawn, carbonade, sausages, loin,
ham, meat rolls, sausages and sausages.

Useful properties of pork

Pork, due to its high fat content,
warms the body well and restores strength. It contains a lot of magnesium and zinc,
which have a positive effect on potency and the cardiovascular
system. Pork also contains the amino acid lysine,
which is essential for normal bone formation.

One portion of pork liver is able to provide a person with a
monthly supply of vitamin
B12, and lard, dearly beloved by Ukrainians, contains selenium and arachidonic acid, thus, it
is both a remedy for depression and a kind of factory
for the production of important hormones.

Dangerous properties of pork

Pork contains very high levels of cholesterol
and lipids. As a result of the research, it was found
that it is due to the listed reasons: a high content of
antibodies, a large number of growth hormones, high levels of
cholesterol and lipids – that pork meat poses a real
danger to human health.

In addition to the above, pork meat is often
infected with parasites that are dangerous to the human body,
for example, Trichina, a malignant parasitic
roundworm contained in the muscle tissues of pigs.
When ingested, trichines penetrate
the heart muscle and begin to multiply in it, presenting a
mortal danger to humans.

And if today with the help of technical means it is possible to
detect the presence of trichines in the body of a pig, then even
in the recent past, even several decades
ago, it was technically impossible. Therefore,
anyone who ate pork faced a deadly risk of
contracting trichina.

Therefore, it is recommended to eat homemade pork in a limited

Pork contains large quantities of growth hormone,
which is a causative factor in the development of inflammation,
hypertrophy and tissue swelling (acromegaly, obesity, a
tendency to pathological growths, including malignant ones).
Hence the answer to the question about the reasons for the growth of cancer
in 60-70-year-old patients during the period of food reform in
Germany. With the use of pork, not only is there an excess
intake of cholesterol in the body, which is a building
material of tumor cells, but also growth hormone, which stimulates the
development of malignant tumors. At the same time, in smokers,
against the background of benzpyrene, the main
component of tobacco smoke and a carcinogen, many times
the risk of developing cancer increases.

The well-known itching effect of pork is due to the increased
content of histamine in it, which contributes to the occurrence of
inflammatory processes, thereby the development of furunculosis,
carbuncle, appendicitis, diseases of the gallbladder,
thrombophlebitis, leucorrhoea, abscesses and phlegmon, as well as skin
diseases (urticaria, dermatitis, eczema, neurodermatitis

Eating pork and other animal meat purchased
off the counter can lead to a number of diseases.

A person may develop various helminths. One
of the most dangerous is Taenia Solium. It settles in the intestines
and is very large. Its eggs enter the circulatory
system and can reach almost all human organs.
If it enters the brain, it can cause memory loss,
if it enters the heart – a heart attack, if it gets into the eye – blindness.
If it gets into the liver, it can damage it. That
is, helminths can damage almost all human
organs. Another dangerous helminth is Taenia Trichuriasis.
There is a widespread misconception that if pork is
cooked well , the eggs of this parasite will die. A study
in America showed that out of twenty-four
people suffering from Taenia Trichuriasis, twenty-
two cooked the pork very carefully. This indicates
that the eggs of this parasite, which may be found in
pork, do not die at normal cooking temperatures.

Professional chef Julia Vysotskaya will tell you how to cook a delicious and hearty pork dish that she tasted in Vilnius.

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