Black cumin, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

This is a biennial plant that belongs to the family umbrella.
It does not grow taller than one meter and has a powerful spindle-shaped
root. On a smooth stem, alternate leaves are located, which
from the bottom of the stem to the top, they become smaller and smaller. On the first
year, cumin forms only a root rosette of leaves, and only
on the second – the stem is formed. Each shoot should have
one inflorescence.

The flowers of the plant are white, small in size, and consist of 5 petals.
The fruit of the black cumin is an oblong droplet that decays
when ripe for 2 semi-fruits. During the ripening of the fruit, the stem
turns brown and then dries up.

Cumin blooms from early summer to mid-summer. Ripening of fruits,
usually falls at the end of the summer season, but exclusively at
second year of life. This plant is widespread in the Caucasus, across the European
parts., in Central Asia and Siberia. Caraway prefers loamy
and sandy loam soil, grows in the forest, along forest edges, in meadows and
by the side of the road.

Quality cumin seeds have a strong spicy aroma and sweetish-spicy,
slightly tangy taste. Don’t buy non-black grains. The size,
usually corresponds to a pea of ​​black pepper, only the shape of
they are not a circle, but a pyramid.

Black cumin is sold in pharmacies and specialized stores. Remember,
that its packaging must necessarily be airtight, indicating
terms of manufacture and sale.

Black cumin seeds are advised to be stored in a dark and dry place,
where the room temperature is constantly maintained. With similar
conditions, the quality of the product will remain unchanged for 2 years.

Black cumin gives dishes a bitter spicy taste, is used
in ground and dried form, it is a part of seasonings. The seeds are used
in sauces, salads, baked goods, in various side dishes, for canning
and pickling.
This product is combined with fish, meat, mushrooms, potatoes, cabbage,
fresh vegetables, various pasta and cereals.

Also relevant is cumin oil, which is used as a spice for
side dishes and salads along with honey.
Interestingly, to activate the beneficial effects of essential oils, the seed
before use, it is necessary to slightly warm it up in a pan, but do not fry,
and the maximum effect is achieved by chewing the heated seed
with cold water.

Useful properties of black cumin

Composition and presence of nutrients

Raw cumin seeds contain (in 100 g):

Calories 375 Kcal

B4 24,7 Potassium, K 1788 Vitamin C 7,7 Calcium, Ca 931 Vitamin E 3,33 Phosphorus,
P 499 Vitamin
B3 4,579 Magnesium, Mg 366 Vitamin
B1 0,628 Sodium,
On 168

Full composition

Caraway seeds are distinguished by a fairly high content of nutrients
elements and fatty acids. The mineral composition of the product is
10 names, most of them are occupied by potassium, phosphorus, calcium
and magnesium. It also contains ash, dietary fiber, di-
and monosaccharides, vitamins, beta-carotene and choline.

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Useful and healing properties

Modern doctors confirm the presence of beneficial cumin seeds
properties. Derivatives of this plant have a positive effect
per person biologically
active substances. Black cumin has anti-inflammatory,
bactericidal, antifungal, diuretic, antiparasitic,
antispasmodic, analgesic, choleretic, carminative effect.
Its use increases vitality, performance, mental
ability, relieves allergic reactions, strengthens the immune system.

Cumin is considered to be very beneficial for improving memory. For this purpose
3 g of seeds are drunk with a teaspoon of honey.

If you need to remove acne, birthmarks, warts or stop
baldness, then the cumin seed is mixed with apple cider vinegar. A similar
the mixture does an excellent job with headaches. And with dizziness
it is advised to add a teaspoon of oil to tea.

Eating cumin seeds regularly on an empty stomach can cleanse the skin and improve
complexion. Black cumin is effective in treating various skin conditions,
including psoriasis.
A small amount of oil is daily lubricated with areas of the skin affected by
disease. Moreover, it is often mixed with other oils, for example,
nut or sesame.

It has been found that cumin improves blood circulation and is able to accelerate
metabolic processes, stimulate digestion, freshen breath.
When burning in the heart, you can add a couple of drops of cumin oil and tea
a spoonful of honey in a cup of hot milk. If there is an increased
blood pressure, you can add a teaspoon of ground cumin seeds
into a hot drink and drink daily before breakfast with two cloves

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Regular use of black cumin normalizes the state of the central
nervous system, stimulates potency, eliminates insomnia.

In women, after consuming cumin, the elasticity of the breasts increases, and
the condition of the skin also improves, menstruation passes without painful
symptoms. In addition, milk production is enhanced. So, to increase
lactation, you can drink milk in which cumin seeds were boiled. And cakes
from grated seed mixed with rye flour and mint, remove
all kinds of inflammation with mastitis, just by applying them to the chest.
The course of such treatment is several days.

Caraway drops are used with constant lacrimation, and for prevention
different diseases are advised to take black cumin seed, mixed
with orange

The seeds of the plant remove stones from the bladder and kidneys, remove
hurts at
gout and rheumatism,
destroy parasites.

During an exacerbation of colds, cumin seeds can speed up
the healing process, improve the condition with tonsillitis, bronchitis,
sinusitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia. Systematic product inclusion
in the diet cleans blood vessels, removes cholesterol, normalizes hormonal
level, lowers sugar indicators.

With asthma and cough, pneumonia, it is advised to drink in the morning and in the evening
1 teaspoon of cumin oil, wipe the sore spot with it, do
back and chest massage, inhalation (tablespoon per liter of water). Also
you can rub the breast with oil diluted with olive oil (1: 5),
and inhale the vapors or keep one-fourth teaspoon under the tongue.

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Cumin has a property that increases secretory and motor functions.
stomach. The plant is used as a choleretic agent.
However, most often the product is used as an antispasmodic
means acting on the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract. Thanks to the content
fatty and essential oils black cumin is used as an aphrodisiac
remedy in case of stomach atony. The product has a laxative
and carminative properties, therefore it is used when
constipation and flatulence. For bloating in children, they are given an enema.
from caraway water. For pain in the stomach and flatulence, use
a decoction made from caraway seeds and sugar. With diarrhea, you can
mix a tablespoon of cumin oil with a cup of yogurt and drink the mixture
twice a day for 3 days.

Essential oil from caraway seeds has tonic properties that improve
brain activity. It is able to calm the nervous system, improve
digestion process and increase appetite. Essential oil affects
fermentation processes in the stomach, therefore, it is able to make breathing fresh.
Also, this product increases urination and helps to remove
body toxins. This oil is used for colds, as it
has excellent expectorant properties. They use it inside too,
and outwardly. Inside use for various pains during any
ailments and menstruation, and externally added to baths and massages
with problems with the urinary tract and bronchitis.
Cumin oil is not recommended for pregnant women and babies.
up to three years.

In the process of studying cumin at the Cancer Center, scientists were able to
come to the conclusion that thymoquinonederived from a plant,
is able not only to slow down the development of cancer cells, but also to reverse
the process is reversed. Most of the research was done on cancer
pancreas, which is an intractable form of the disease.

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Scientists say thymoquinone can change the genetic code
cancer cells, which causes their destruction. Based on this data
they want to develop a drug to treat liver disease.

As the results of another group of researchers show, cumin
reduces the incidence of skin cancer by 34%. Moreover
treatment with it is easier to tolerate than biochemistry, which
affects the bone marrow and the number of blood cells. Black cumin besides
everything else, prevents the treatment with various chemical
drugs side effects. When treating cancer, it is recommended to lubricate
with cumin oil the affected areas, and the seeds are taken with natural
honey or freshly squeezed carrot juice.

There are several effective treatments for black cumin and prostatitis.
in men. So, plants are recommended to be lubricated with oil every day
the scrotum and lower back, making rotational movements. Rub
the product is needed until it is absorbed into the skin. You can also mix the dining room
a spoonful of cumin oil with a spoonful of honey, a teaspoon of chamomile and dilute
in half a glass of warm water. Then the remedy is advised to strain
and take several times a day.

Helps black cumin and hemorrhoids,
as it is able to stimulate digestion and exhibits antihistamine
act. In the treatment of hemorrhoids, a cream made from ash is used.
burnt plant seed. For cooking, you need 30 g
seed and 15 ml of cumin oil. Seeds must be fried in a skillet
to the state of “burnt”. After they cool down, you need to grind
them into powder, and then add to the oil. The drug must be applied
after defecation twice a day on the anus. After four
weeks the patient’s condition should improve significantly.

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Black cumin oil is a fairly effective remedy for infertility.
It contains hormones that help increase
potency and can cure infertility. Due to the large content
in the product of various useful substances, it improves libido and potency,
normalizes testosterone production and has a beneficial effect on spermatogenesis.

Slimming use

Today, cumin is often included in diets to speed up bowel cleansing,
lipid metabolism, metabolic process. And phytoestrogens are prevention
and protection during the period of strict diets from possible hormonal disruptions.

For weight loss, cumin seeds are widely used. They are advised to chew
on an empty stomach or drinking oil after meals in order to improve digestion.
The plant has excellent diuretic properties and can normalize
metabolism, due to which it contributes to weight loss.

For oral administration, you can use a decoction of seeds. It is prepared from
2 teaspoons of seeds, drenched in half a liter of water. The mixture is boiled
at least 10 minutes in a water bath, after which it is necessary to gently strain
and take about 100 ml three times a day one hour before meals.

For external use, a mixture of black seed oil and
oils of grapefruit and rose oil. First you need to warm up a little
oil in your hands, then apply the mixture in a circular motion, moving
from the ankles to the waist. A similar massage can be done for 6-7 minutes. on the
all problem areas until completely absorbed. The procedure is worth doing
before going to bed to prevent hypothermia. Moreover,
caraway seeds can tighten the skin when sagging, which sometimes happens when losing weight.

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Use in cosmetology

In cosmetology, both black cumin seed and oil created
based on it. Caraway powder concentrate is part of shampoos,
masks, lotions and balms, whose action is aimed at moisturizing,
rejuvenation of the skin and stimulation of blood circulation. Cosmetic preparations
on the basis of smoothes wrinkles, eliminates flaking, improves structure
skin. Cumin powder and oil are a component of anti-cellulite
wraps and massage oils.

Scientific studies have proven that cumin oil stops hair loss,
graying processes and stimulates hair growth. If you use it
outwardly, you can quickly get rid of seborrhea and dandruff.

You can boil 10 teaspoons of seed for 2 minutes
black cumin in a glass of water, drain and let cool. Then add
egg yolk and beat. The resulting substance must be applied to
scalp for half an hour. If this procedure is repeated two times
per week, the hair will be silky and shiny, will not be brittle and dry.

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