Morels, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Belongs to the group of marsupial mushrooms, grows from an early
in spring in coniferous and mixed forests on fertile humus
soil rich in lime, in old fires, forest
clearings, along forest roads, on the edges. Morels hat
up to 15 cm in height, up to 10 cm in diameter, ovoid round,
hollow, ocher-yellow, yellow-brown or light brown
with uneven cells, resembling a honeycomb, adherent
down to the leg. Leg of morels up to 10 cm long, thick
up to 5 cm, cylindrical, smooth, hollow, slightly
widened below, whitish or yellow-brown.

The pulp of morels is waxy-white, thin, brittle, with
pleasant mushroom smell and taste. Spore powder
yellowish. The mushroom is considered conditionally edible. Recommended
boil them for 10-15 minutes before use,
drain the broth, after which you can fry, stew, use
in soups. Morels can be dried and used after three
months after drying.

Morels are the earliest spring mushrooms. Appear immediately
after the snow begins to melt. Variety
morel is an morel cap. Unlike morels
conical, bell-shaped cap with free, not adherent
to the leg edge, wrinkled outside, brownish, brownish,
occasionally yellow.

Useful properties of morels

Morel mushrooms contain vitamin B1, B2,
C, D,
PP, A,
as well as phosphorus, calcium,
potassium, ash, etc.

Fresh morels contain 3% nitrogenous substances, 1% sugar
and a lot of aromatic substances. Morels contain poisonous
acid, which evaporates when mushrooms are dried,
and during cooking it passes into water, which is drained.

Spring morel snowdrop mushrooms are not only a delicacy.
In ancient times, our ancestors successfully used them for treatment
rheumatism and other joint diseases – cooked
tincture from hats and rubbed into sore spots. Healers
antiquity used morels to treat myopia,
hyperopia and even cataracts. More than 50
years ago, European scientists proved that drugs
morels really strengthen weakened eye muscles.
And these properties in morels are expressed many times stronger,
than the famous blueberry.

But still, first of all, we value morels for their
incomparable excellent taste. Morel pulp
waxy white, thin, brittle, with a pleasant mushroom
smell and taste. Eaten boiled and fried

Morel decoction, stimulates appetite, enhances activity
the gastrointestinal tract, and is also a tonic
and a complex health remedy.

Recipe: boil 250 tbsp in 30 ml of water for 1 minutes. l. fresh
or dry morels, leave for 4 hours, strain. Accept
50 ml 4 times a day 10-15 minutes before meals.

Dangerous properties of morels

Fresh morels contain toxic substances – gyrometrin and
methylhydrazine, which can cause severe poisoning in humans.
Therefore, before eating, boil morels and stitches.
at least 15 minutes in three times the volume of water, then drain the broth.
Rinse the mushrooms thoroughly in running water. After that you can
fry, simmer and freeze.

It is believed that poisonous acid is volatilized when mushrooms are dried,
therefore, dried morels are not dangerous.

This video will help you understand how useful and harmful morels are.

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