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Ryzhik belongs to the genus Lactarius of the russula family
group of lamellar, grows in pine and other with a large
admixed with pine forests, especially in young pine forests, preferably
on sandy soils from July to October singly and in groups.
Camelina cap with a diameter of up to 15 cm, fleshy at first convex
then funnel-shaped, with edges slightly curled down,
smooth, slightly slimy, orange, red-orange,
with concentric zones of different color intensity,
fading. The lower surface of the cap is brown, with
frequent, running down the plates. Records first
adherent, then descending along the leg, orange, with
pressure turn brown, turn green.

Camelina pulp is thick, dense, creamy orange,
at the fault it turns red, then turns green, emits abundantly
bright orange non-caustic milky juice with a resinous smell,
which turns green in the air. The leg of saffron milk caps is long
up to 10 cm, up to 3 cm in diameter, cylindrical, first
dense, then hollow, smooth, the same color as the cap,
white inside, green when pressed.

Ginger among lamellar mushrooms is truly extraordinary
creation of nature. Its taste and aroma conquer forever
everyone who at least once tried this mushroom in natural
salted without seasoning. Redheads know everything, and they don’t
need advertising. They grow in an inseparable community
with pine or spruce. They are called – pine mushroom and
spruce mushroom, or spruce. Both varieties are found
in our forests.

Useful properties of camelina

In terms of the amount of individual vitamins, mushrooms are not inferior to vegetables and fruits.
They are worthy of the honorary title – “multivitamin”.
Ryzhiks are rich in vitamins A and B1.
Their use improves vision, skin condition,

Red cap is real and close to it red cap contains
in its composition is an antibiotic – lactarioviolin, which suppresses
the development of many bacteria, including the causative agent of tuberculosis.

Mushrooms contain on average up to 90% water. Remaining 10%
distributed like this: up to 4% are proteins,
up to 2% – fiber, up to 1,5% – carbohydrates, up to 1% – fat,
up to 1,5% – minerals.

Mushroom proteins are high in amino acids,
including irreplaceable and assimilated by the body
by 70-80%. The nutritional value of mushrooms like others
products, largely determines the overall content
amino acids. By the content of the latter, mushroom proteins are comparable
with animal proteins, which is why mushrooms are often compared
with meat.

Gingerbreads by calories (per 100 g of product), being salted,
they surpass average beef by 78 calories, chicken
meat – 75, salted herring – 54, chicken
eggs – 43, whole milk 17 calories. These “record holders”
three times or more calories in fruits, vegetables and some
other products. It is not comparable with camelina in digestibility
none of the mushrooms.

Ryzhiks do not contain bitterness at all. By the way, some
gourmets eat mushrooms and fresh – in this
In this case, you can experience the true taste of the mushroom. Ginger contains
many useful substances, so you can eat them without any
health concerns.

Dangerous properties of camelina

There are few contraindications to the use of these mushrooms. So, in large
quantities they can cause constipation,
muscle weakness and disability. Also, mushrooms are not advised
include in the diet for cholecystitis, low gastric acidity
juice, pancreatitis
and individual intolerance. In addition, it is not recommended to consume
This product is for those who have had their gallbladder removed.

Fresh mushrooms can only harm if they are confused
with inedible mushrooms that are similar in appearance, which can lead to
insanity, poisoning or even death. Therefore collect
saffron milk caps on your own can only be done if you are good
understand mushrooms.

Although fresh mushrooms have few calories, pickled and salted
they are extremely high in calories. Therefore, overweight people are not advised
eat mushrooms processed in this way.

The author of the video shares the intricacies of salting saffron milk caps. The uniqueness of this video recipe is that after cooking the mushrooms retain all their useful properties.

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