Sea bass, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Sea bass – a genus of bony fish, the scorpion family
suborder percoid, equipped with poisonous glands on
sharp rays of fins, the prick of which causes painful
local inflammation.

There are about 90 species of sea bass in the genus,
of which 4 live in the northern waters of the Atlantic,
and almost all the rest are in the temperate waters of the northern part
Pacific Ocean, and near the American coast
there are two times more of them than near the Asian. Among these
the smallest species barely reach a length of 20 cm, and the smallest
large ones exceed 1 m, surpassing all others in size
species of the whole family and reaching a mass of 15 kg.

In body shape, sea bass really resemble river
perch, but nevertheless so different from him
for many features of the external and internal structure,
that they belong not only to another family, but also to
another order of spiny-finned fish.

Sea bass live up to 15 years.

Useful properties of sea bass

The meat of the sea bass is fatty and stays fresh for a long time,
sea ​​bass tastes best when salted. Content
fat in sea bass can vary significantly,
but usually 100 g of fillet contains 1 g of fatty acids
Omega 3.

Sea bass is rich in vitamins PP and B12,
A, V1,
B2, B3,
B6, B9,
C, D,
E, and also contains such minerals – magnesium,
phosphorus, sulfur,
iodine, chromium,
cobalt, calcium,
sodium, potassium,
chlorine, iron,
zinc, copper,
manganese, fluorine,
molybdenum, nickel.

Also sea bass is a good source of protein.
and contains the most useful amino acid – taurine. Taurine
necessary to normalize cholesterol levels, synthesis
other amino acids, metabolism. Sea bass is useful
with atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, cardiovascular

Sea bass is considered a delicious food fish. Fresh
sea ​​bass is very good to fry or boil. Exists
many recipes for sea bass dishes.

Dangerous properties of sea bass

Care should be taken when cutting a whole carcass of marine
perch, since a wound with a poisonous thorn can deliver
only a lot of unpleasant sensations, but even affect the flexion of the fingers,
causing painful partial paralysis.

Also, this fish is contraindicated in idiosyncrasy.


Sea bass is extraordinarily tender when cooked in milk sauce with potatoes and eggs, like in the recipe in this video.

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