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General information

Tomatoes have recently become more and more popular all over the world.
Small tomatoes are especially in demand in the Mediterranean, here
it is very difficult to find a dish, among the ingredients of which was not listed
would be cherry.

Cherry tomatoes are a garden variety with
fruits of 10 – 30 g. They are known to everyone as an appetizer that is used
for preparing a variety of salads, as well as for preserving.
There are certain varieties of cherry that are dried. Name happened
from the English word cherry, which means cherry.
This does not mean that tomatoes and cherries have similar tastes. Just external
the type and size of the vegetable is very much like a cherry.

Small varieties are grown, just like ordinary ones. They are wonderful
grow both in open ground and in greenhouse conditions.

On the shelves, bunches of cherry tomatoes seem like toys, but
it is a visual deception. Taste qualities of this small vegetable
able to give a new taste to even the most ordinary dish.

Despite its small size, this variety is quite tall.
One brush can reach several meters in length. Most often
it reaches one meter and about 20 fruits are formed on it.

Cherry tomatoes can be next form: elongated,
drop-shaped, round.

These tiny tomatoes have quite a variety color
: green, red, yellow, orange, pink.

Lovers of fresh vegetables do not only grow them
in the beds, but also on the windowsills.

For such a tall plant, support is very necessary. Can be used
long sticks. To make the cherry look more presentable, you can
use a hanging cough. The result is a fascinating picture.
Imagine for yourself: rich and rather long brushes hang from the cough.
and small cherry-like tomatoes. These “beads” are strung together
on openwork foliage. If you are going to grow tomatoes at home
conditions, it is better to use varieties, the shape of the bush of which should
be small, and the height should not exceed 40 centimeters.

It is important to keep the soil moist so that the fruit does not crack.
You need to harvest on time, because if you pick them earlier
they will not be sweet enough, and the overripe vegetable will simply
will fall off.

The taste of these little tomatoes is impressive, no one can stay
indifferent. In nature, there is a cherry variety that is different
its taste, which contains notes of melon, raspberry and blueberry.
The name of these delicious tomatoes is Winter Cherry.

Open ground varieties:

  • Busiki is a fairly productive variety. The fruits are very sweet, and
    they are only 1 centimeter in diameter.
  • Honey drop – the fruits are pear-shaped, and a beautiful yellow
  • White currant – the color of the fruit is creamy, round and very tasty.
  • Black cherry is a very rare variety. Sometimes it is confused with a fruit.
  • Cherry variety – fruit color is dark red, and fruits are round in shape.
  • Red / yellow cherry – early variety. It is grown in greenhouses.

Cherries grown on balconies:

  • The balcony miracle is a fairly compact bush.
  • Lisa is an elongated yellow-orange fruit.
  • Minibel is a very unpretentious variety.
  • Lycopa has a thin skin. They are plum-shaped and dark red
  • Myo is a smaller copy of a regular tomato.
  • Kira is a fruit-like variety.

Ideal for hanging baskets:

  • Cherripals – this variety does not require pinching. Its fruits
    elongated shape with very juicy pulp
  • The garden pearl is a dwarf species that does not require pinching.
  • Citizen is a fairly powerful variety that has little branching.

How to choose

When buying cherry tomatoes, special attention should be paid to the smell.
Mature aromas have a very pleasant and juicy aroma. If the tomato is perfect
does not smell – it means that it was ripped off still green, and they have not yet had time to
mature. When the peduncle is broken and its color is unnatural, it is
a clear sign that they were ripening already plucked. When tomatoes
ripen, so they lose all their beneficial properties.
You need to choose tomatoes of medium size and without any damage.

How to store

One way to store cherry tomatoes is to freeze them. This
the option is suitable if you intend to keep them fresh, but
more tomatoes can be dried or felted. But the most common
preservation is considered a method.

Reflection in culture

This small variety was bred back in 1973. Its creator is
Israeli scientist. The scientist set himself a goal – to slow down
rapid ripening of tomatoes in hot climates. The genetic
a combination that slowed down maturation, but with
this, a way was found that makes it possible to use the obtained
genes for breeding small cherry tomatoes.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Caloric value, kcal 0,8 0,1 2,8 0,9 18,0 22,4

Useful properties of cherry tomatoes

Composition and presence of nutrients

This small vegetable contains: calcium,
vitamin C,
B vitamins, antioxidant, organic acids and lycopene.

Useful and healing properties

This tiny tomato variety is ideal food not only in winter
time, since cherry perfectly compensates for the loss of many healing
elements. It should be noted that this tomato has much more
useful elements than in its larger relative.

Potassium in tomatoes is very beneficial for
heart, in addition, it removes excess fluid from our body.
Iron is essential for anemia.
Provides assistance in adaptation to cold, known to all magnesium.
calcium is needed to strengthen bones, and to improve metabolic processes
– phosphorus.

The most valuable substance in cherry is lycopene.
It is he who gives tomatoes such a rich red color. He is
quite powerful antioxidant with which you can prevent
the development of diseases such as: stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, intestinal cancer
and lungs. Very importantly, lycopene reduces the likelihood of developing
pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

With the help of chromium contained in cherry, you can easily satisfy your hunger,
and also prevents the occurrence of severe hunger.

The most important property of these small tomatoes is their low calorie content.

In cooking

Without this vegetable, it is impossible to imagine the dishes of Spanish, South French
and Italian food. Most often used for preparing salads
cherry and fleshy tomatoes. Soups can be made from overripe,
slightly cracked tomatoes. For sauces and gravy, plum cherry blossoms are suitable.

Dangerous properties of cherry tomatoes

They cannot be used for ulcerative
illness, even in remission. But such patients still
you can eat cherry, but a little – 100 g.

With extreme caution, tomatoes should be used for people who have
have metabolic problems.

It is not recommended to use it for people who are prone to allergic
reactions to any red fruit.

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the number of cherry tomatoes in half? There is one trick that allows
feel like a ninja =)

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