Milk mushrooms, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Milk (Lactarius resimus), a cap mushroom from the genus
milkmen. Hat 5-20 cm in diameter, concave in the middle,
slightly slimy, with a shaggy edge, whitish with unsharp
concentric zones. The leg is short, thick, hollow.
The pulp is pungent. Grows in spruce, birch and mixed
forests from early summer to late autumn, singly and in groups.
A very valuable edible mushroom used for food only

The mushroom cap can reach 25-30 centimeters in diameter,
initially convex, then broadly funnel-shaped, with a curved
down hairy edge, sticky, white to greenish brown,
sometimes almost black in color, with faintly visible concentric
zones. The plates are adherent or slightly descending, frequent,
narrow, whitish, darkening.

The leg is cylindrical. The pulp is whitish-pale, at a break
turns brown, with white milky juice that does not change in the air,
acrid taste, no special smell.

The mushroom is conditionally edible and belongs to the first category.

Used for pickling and pickling, with a mandatory preliminary
long soaking in water. At the same time, the water is drained.

Calorie load

Low-calorie, dietary product, 100 g of which contains
19 kcal. Calorie pickled
mushrooms – 26 kcal. Indicated for use by everyone, including people

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Caloric value, kcal 1,8 0,9 1,1 0,5 88 19

Useful properties of mushrooms

In terms of calorie content, salted milk mushrooms are almost twice as high as medium-quality beef, chicken
meat and three times whole milk. In dry matter
caps with a load contains: proteins 32,2%, fats – 6,9,
Sugars – 4,2%, extractives – 5,8%, etc.

All milk mushrooms contain a very bitter milky juice, therefore
they must be soaked in water (white – alone
day, black – better two), some recommend using
for soaking salt water. After soaking, by the way,
they are much easier to wash and clean from “dirt”
– any adhering leaves and blades of grass. Black skin
for black mushrooms, the caps are cleaned from the entire surface.
For purely aesthetic reasons. And under the mohrushki
often slugs.

Washed and chopped mushrooms are again poured with water and boiled
over low heat for at least 30 minutes. After that, it remains
just salt to taste, cool and put on clean
jars, sprinkling with chopped garlic cloves and leaves
horseradish. In no case should you roll up salted milk mushrooms
– they definitely need air exchange with the environment.

Milk mushrooms are delicious and rich in protein.

Peppermilk is used for nephrolithiasis,
it also contains a substance that inhibits tuberculous

The medicinal properties of mushrooms and raincoats are known.
healers. they treated kidney diseases with these mushrooms,
purulent wounds and other ailments. If you accidentally cut yourself in the forest
hand, then you can achieve rapid wound healing by applying
to her, a cut young raincoat mushroom, called
grandfather’s tobacco.

Dangerous properties of mushrooms

Milk mushrooms are considered “heavy” for the stomach, so they must be consumed
with caution for people suffering from disorders of the gastrointestinal

In addition, given that milk mushrooms are conditionally edible mushrooms,
they must be carefully handled before eating.

The video will reveal the secrets of a quick and successful collection of milk mushrooms.
The authors of the video, among other things, will demonstrate the processing process
and salting these mushrooms.

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