Anchovy benefits, properties, calorie content, useful properties and harm

Anchovy is a small sea fish similar to herring,
up to 20 cm long, with slightly oily pulp and specific
taste reminiscent of sardines.

In places where anchovies are mined, they are eaten fresh, widely known in canned

Calorie content of anchovy

Raw anchovy is a high protein food with little
fat. Its calorie content is 131 kcal per 100 g. In canned anchovy
in oil – 210 kcal, and in anchovy oil – 235 kcal. Excessive use
anchovies can lead to excess weight.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Calorie content, kcal 20,5 6,3 – 1,3 71,5 131

The beneficial properties of anchovy

Despite her small size, she enjoys
in great demand. This is one of the few fish delicacies
which can and should be eaten whole, together with bones,
which is very beneficial for bone tissue. Few people know
that in terms of the composition of biologically active substances, anchovy is close
to anchovy, and is very useful for health (for potency

It is fried, smoked, salted, stuffed with olives,
it is used to make a very tasty pasta in Italy. This fish
considered excellent nutrition for both children and the elderly,
contains high-value protein and is not inferior in nutritional value to meat.
It has a number of beneficial properties due to the content
polyunsaturated fatty acids. Reduces cholesterol levels
and prevents heart disease. Contains important vitamins
and minerals.

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In addition to vitamin
Scientists have discovered magic acids in fish oil
omega 3.

Omega-3s are produced by the finest seaweed.
Algae is eaten by small fish, which, in turn,
larger fish. This is how valuable fats go along the chain
before us. Their impact on health is very diverse. They are
prevent the formation of blood clots, improve lipid
profile, restore heart rate, reduce the number
attacks with angina pectoris and pressure with hypertension …

Omega-3s can not only prevent malignant
degeneration of cells, but also slow down the process that has already begun.


Contains in 100gr:

lowers cholesterol levels,
prevents heart disease
increases male strength
prevents the formation of blood clots,
improves lipid profile,
restores heart rate,
prevents malignant transformation of cells

vitamins A,
B, D.
carbohydrates 1-2 gr.,
fats 3-4 gr.,
proteins 15 gr.,
Omega3 20 g,
potassium 280 mg,
phosphorus 200 mgr.,
calcium 150 mg.,
iron 1-2 mgr.,

Record holders for sodium

Dangerous properties of anchovy

This fish has no contraindications and harmful properties. Only when
individual intolerance, it is possible to limit the use

Do you want to see this positive fish in its natural habitat? Watch the video to see how a flock of anchovies behaves underwater.

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