Rice bran oil, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

It is made from rice bran and rice germ. By
composition of this oil, which has simply unique medicinal
properties similar to corn. This product is rich in vitamins,
fatty acids, antioxidants, which makes it an excellent remedy,
maintaining health.

Rice bran oil is yellow in color and naturally light
aroma. Despite the fact that this oil is not as well known as, for example,
olive or sesame, it is widely used
for medicinal purposes, cooking and cosmetology. Usually it is used
in mixtures, but not more than 40%.

Many researchers have studied the medicinal properties of rice oil.
centers. However, it is most popular in India, Japan.
and other states of Asia. In Japan alone, every year they sell
about 80000 tons of this product. Rice oil is extracted from a fine
brown layer, which is located between the protective film of the grain
and the nucleolus. The stock of substances in this layer is simply amazing, it’s simple
vitamin bomb that helps with many diseases.

Most of all, the attention of scientists around the world is attracted by the unusual
a combination of squalene, gamma oryzanol, vitamin E and fatty acids.
This combination makes rice bran oil excellent
Perhaps this oil will form the basis of one of the medicines in the future.
to fight tumors.

How to choose

It is worth choosing a cold-pressed product.
The color of the oil should be yellow and the aroma should be light.

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How to store

The sour oil cannot oxidize quickly. Depending on the conditions
storage and degree of refining, its shelf life is from six months
up to a year. After the bottle is opened, the product is recommended to be stored
in a cool place.

In cooking

This oil is often added to salads. It is able to give a dish
pleasant spicy aroma and taste. It is also suitable for frying.
Meat fried in rice oil or stewed
on it, vegetables acquire an unusual smell.

Asian restaurants often use this oil. It is often used
for frying seafood,
meat and vegetablesstir fry“. In comparison with others
with oils, it is more resistant to high temperatures.
Therefore, rice oil retains most of the nutrients when
processing of dishes.

Among other things, rice oil is a dietary product,
because it contains less fat than other oils
and calories. And a small amount of linolenic acid does not give it
the ability to quickly oxidize, which can be considered a big plus
in cooking.

Caloric value

The oil is quite high in calories – 857 kcal. Therefore, in large quantities
it should not be consumed, but adding to the diet in moderate
doses will only be beneficial.

Benefits of rice bran oil

Composition and presence of nutrients

This oil is very rich in vitamins E, A, PP and B.
part belongs to vitamin
E, known as the vitamin of youth. Like many others
natural oils, this product contains many fatty acids.
It contains about 46% Omega-9,
about 36% Omega-6
and 1% Omega-3.
Among the saturated acids in the oil are stearic and palmitic.
Such a composition has a beneficial effect
to the level of cholesterol, and due to the abundance of vitamin E, this oil
it also becomes a powerful antioxidant.

After all, it contains gamma-orizonol, tocotrienol, squalene and
tocopherol. These substances are excellent antioxidants that fight
with free radicals, protecting against their destructive action,
preventing the development of many ailments and prolonging youth.

In addition, phytosterols are part of the oil.
They fight carcinogens and have a beneficial effect on the skin, strengthening
cell membranes, normalizing water balance, increasing regenerative
properties of the skin for burns
and wounds, having an anti-inflammatory effect.

Useful and healing properties

Thanks to the beneficial properties of rice bran oil, it is actively
used in cosmetology and medicine. This is a great dietary
a product to be consumed by everyone who tries to take care
about your health.

Rice bran oil can be a great help in clearing toxic
substances. The contained vitamin E is able to actively fight activity
free radicals.

Research confirms that long-term consumption of rice
oils can reduce cancer risks. Scientists have such an effect
associated with TRF content, providing protection against toxins
and free radicals.

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Rice oil is recommended for those suffering from cardiovascular

The gamma oryzanol content makes the oil delicious
protective agent against UV rays. The thing is that this substance
provokes the production tyrosinasewhich prevents
penetration of the sun’s rays into the skin and the process of pigmentation melanin.
For this reason, rice oil is often used in the production of
a variety of sunscreens and other cosmetics.
In addition, excellent hypoallergenic
properties of this product. Rice oil can be used by everyone
including small children.

Thanks to the same gamma oryzanol in rice oil,
positive effect in ulcerative
illness, irritable bowel syndrome, as well as gastritis,
signs of menopause and high cholesterol levels. It helps
significantly lower bad cholesterol levels and increase levels

Also, the properties of rice oil are determined largely by the content
diverse fatty acids. So, it contains about a quarter of palmitic
acid that has a beneficial effect on the skin. This acid
increases the ability of the upper layer of the epidermis to absorb all kinds of
useful substances, and also activates collagen synthesis,
elastin, hyaluronic acid, which leads to an early renewal
skin cells, its rejuvenation and strengthening.

There is a lot of oleic acid in rice oil – about 50%. She helps
activate lipid metabolism, retain moisture in the skin and restore
barrier functions of the epidermis. Oleic acid can increase
absorption of other substances by the skin. Also, this oil contains a large
the amount of linoleic acid, which has an excellent anti-inflammatory
action, having a positive effect on certain skin diseases.
In addition, it helps to restore the barrier function of the epidermis,
activate lipid metabolism, cement the structure of the epidermis,
retain moisture in the skin. It also helps to restore normal
water balance in all layers of the epidermis, being an excellent UV filter.

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Use in cosmetology

Rice bran oil is most widely used in cosmetology.
It has been noted to have an excellent effect on hair growth.
For this reason, it is often used in the manufacture of products,
necessary for the care of eyelashes and eyebrows. Also similar cosmetics
able to have anti-inflammatory effects. For thin
and damaged hair can be made at home masks for
hair with the addition of rice oil.

For those who often use hot styling products,
the revitalizing power of rice oil is simply needed. Vitamin
E in it “seals” damaged hair ends and prevents
them from the loss of nutrients.

For weak thin hair, mix a spoonful of rice oil with yolk
and three tablespoons of mayonnaise, and heated in a water bath. This mass
in a warm form is applied to the skin and hair, after which it is necessary to insulate
head and after an hour wash it, as always.

It is known that in Asia, excellent cosmetics are produced, which have
anti-aging effect. It often contains rice bran oil,
because due to the content of antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins
E improving the elasticity of the skin, this product is excellent
anti-aging agent.

It is also used in cosmetics for the care of children.
skin. It is well absorbed and hypoallergenic.

For dry skin, you can take two teaspoons of rice oil
bran, add half mashed banana,
yolk and flour (1 tablespoon), then apply the mixture to your face for 15

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Loose, wrinkled skin revives when applied to face
lightly patting every day a mixture of rice
oils (1 tablespoon) and essential oils of sandalwood, rose and mint
(drop by drop). Instead of the last two, it is advised, if desired, to take
orange or rosewood oil.

Rice oil also helps in hand care: it heals cracks
and restores softness to flaky hands. For butter (1 tablespoon) you need
add 2 drops of bergamot essential oils
and lavender, apply the mixture in the evening on the steamed skin of the hands, put on
cotton gloves and go to bed.

You can rub this oil into your nails every night: if they are not painted,
it is advised to rub it into the nail plate; if the nails are varnished,
then in the nail bed.

Dangerous properties of rice bran oil

Due to its hypoallergenicity, this oil has almost no contraindications
to use.

Its use can only cause harm during an exacerbation
ulcers or gastritis, with

This video will show you how you can make a face cream with rice oil at home.

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