Ostrich egg, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Bird eggs are carried by
females. Different types of birds lay eggs of different shapes,
colors and sizes, depending on the breed of birds and the place where
they lay them.

Ostrich eggs are of high commercial value,
they are not among the main products of ostrich farming,
and practically all are sent for incubation. In the diet
, non-fertilized ones are used – table eggs, eggs
obtained from young females, early or late eggs.

Ostrich eggs are in no way inferior to chicken eggs and are prepared in a similar way. One ostrich egg
holds 25-40 chicken eggs and weighs from 450 g to 1800 g, the similarity
to porcelain allows the shell to be used in art
products by painting and engraving. China has
the world’s largest ostrich egg weighing 2.35 kg,
with a diameter of 18.67 cm.

The egg shell is very light and strong, it is very
difficult to break it , it amazes with its size. Ostrich, there are
two colors. The stately dark emus produce dark green,
almost black eggs, while the squat white-gray rheas produce
yellowish-pinkish eggs . The color of the egg directly depends
on the color of the plumage of the bird.

The color of the yolk is rich, the white is translucent. Ostriches lay
eggs in summer and eggs cannot be obtained at other
times of the year. In order to boil an ostrich egg
“hard” you will need 75 minutes.

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Egg production of one female is 40-80 eggs or more per season.
The productive season for the ostrich lasts from March to
October. During the first season of egg production, the female
lays 10 to 30 eggs. Females lay eggs
every other day up to 20 eggs. Then they pause. A good
colony will produce eggs with a fertility rate
of at least 90% during the breeding season . Eggs at the beginning and
end of the season may not be fertilized. Healthy
ostriches remain productive for 25-35 years,
which means that purchasing pairs for breeding can be
seen as a multi-year investment.

In Poland, ostrich eggs are mainly interested in restaurants
that, in search of originality and exoticism, offer scrambled eggs from
one ostrich egg for 8-10 people. Often, eggs are also bought by
individual consumers who wish to serve a special dish
on a festive table (birthday, anniversary, etc.). The use of
ostrich eggs for direct consumption can
only be viewed in categories of significant exoticism.

Calorie content of ostrich eggs

The calorie content of ostrich eggs is lower than the calorie content of chicken eggs. In
100 g ostrich egg contains 118 calories, which makes them quite
nutritious. However, people who are on a diet should not get carried away with them
because of the increased fat content of the product.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Caloric value, kcal 12,5 11,8 0,7 1 74 118

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Useful properties of ostrich eggs

An egg weighing 1600 g
contains about 1000 g of protein and 320 g of yolk, which is
a hefty portion of valuable nutrients. The constant
interest of buyers is caused not only by the volume of the egg, but
, above all, by its useful natural properties. The
fat and cholesterol content in ostrich eggs is much lower than
in poultry eggs, which indicates its high
dietary properties.

An egg can be used in its entirety for preparing
one dish, but you can also cook in portions, keeping the
leftovers in a sealed container in the refrigerator for 2 to
3 days. Ostrich eggs, due to the strength of the shell,
can lie the longest – up to three months. Ostrich
eggs have a relatively strong flavor and are best used
in baked goods.

Excellent Ostrich Egg Recipe:

Boil the egg, cool, peel, cut into rings.
Each ring, like a sandwich, spread with
butter. Put in a slide on a plate, pour creamy mustard
sauce and garnish with radish slices and lettuce.

Very appetizing.

Omelet in Portuguese: Pour the egg in a thin layer onto a large
hot skillet and fry, raising the edges. Cut
five pieces of tomatoes and a pound of zucchini – fry them in oil and wrap them in an omelette roll.
Sprinkle with grated cheese, pour over tomato sauce, add
herbs and spices to taste.

Dangerous properties of ostrich eggs

The product is harmful in case of its individual intolerance to the body.
Also, due to the high content of saturated fat and cholesterol, the daily
consumption of such eggs is not desirable, otherwise the
vessels will clog .

People prone to allergies,
especially young children, may experience allergic
reactions in the form of skin rashes when eating ostrich eggs.
In this case, the use of the product should be limited.

From the video you will learn about all the nuances of ostrich breeding as a business in the village.

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