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Bluefish, the only representative of the Lufarev family
detachment of perchiformes. The body is elongated (up to 115 cm), compressed
from the sides; weighs up to 15 kg. The scales are cycloidal. Meets
in tropical and temperate seas; schooling fish; in USSR
– in the Black and Azov seas. Makes significant
seasonal migrations. Spawning in portions, in summer. Pelagic caviar;
fertility is from 100 thousand to 1 million eggs. Predator,
feeds on herring, anchovies and other fish. An object

Bluefish off the coast of the United States, in the Mediterranean and Black Seas
is a favorite object of sports spinning
fishing from motor boats. The best bite is observed in
morning and evening hours, when bluefish hunts for the
small fish to the surface. Hooked bluefish render
desperate resistance: they make very sharp jerks,
jump out of the water or rush into the depths;
therefore, in order to finally take bluefish into the boat, you need
spend a lot of effort and have great dexterity. Sometimes
the fight against large fish takes several hours.

Useful properties of bluefish

Bluefish meat is white, dense in consistency, very tasty;
it contains more than 5% fat and 19 – 21% protein. Leather
thin, the scales are easily removed, there are no small bones, with
When cooked, the meat retains its shape, remains juicy and tender.

Mineral content: sodium (100 mg / 100g), potassium (335 mg / 100g), calcium (30 mg / 100g), phosphorus (220 mg / 100g), iron (1,8 mg / 100g).

Best used for baking bluefish, fry
or stew. Minced meat is good for pies, dumplings, pies,
meatballs, cutlets. … bluefish is often sold under
the name “marine
perch ”, usually in the form of frozen fillets.
Despite the fact that this is very important, from an industrial
point of view, the fish, it is a little fat and has a strong
smack. To reduce these sensations, gutted
fish should be chilled as soon as possible and eaten fresh.
If it is not produced soon, the meat will quickly
will begin to deteriorate, becoming more gray and friable.

Lufar in Kiev

600 g fish, 100 g butter, 2 tablespoons
wheat flour, 2 eggs, breadcrumbs, salt

Scroll bluefish fillet in a meat grinder twice. Salt minced meat
and make cakes from it. In the middle of each cake
put butter and seal the edges, giving the cutlets an oval
shape. Soak twice in an egg
roll in flour and bread in breadcrumbs. Fry in large
the amount of fat. Drizzle with melted before serving
butter. Serve cutlets with combined
garnish: fried potatoes, green peas, boiled
carrots and beets, pickled or salted vegetables.

Record holders for sodium

Dangerous properties of bluefish

Lufar is not recommended to be eaten in case of allergies to fish,
as well as with her individual intolerance.

Remember that you have to be very careful when cutting fish, so
as in its fins there are needles that contain a poisonous substance.
Once in the skin, it can cause even partial paralysis.

In addition, it is forbidden to eat bluefish in case of idiosyncrasy.
And if stored improperly, this fish can cause serious

It is also worth refusing to use it if you have problems with
pancreas, liver and

The video shows bluefish fishing in the Mediterranean Sea. True connoisseurs of beauty will be especially pleased with the view of the sea coast.

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