The benefits of horseradish with honey: recipes for making horseradish

Honey and horseradish are two products that have long been renowned for their beneficial properties. The healing mixture created on the basis of these ingredients will help against various ailments, strengthen weak immunity. In Russia, vodka was added to horseradish with honey. The drink was hot, strong, but tasty. Men used it with hard work and exhaustion. The burning mixture was called horseradish or horseradish.

The healing properties of honey with horseradish

Bee products have long been known for their healing properties. Horseradish appeared much later as a spice for food. But people quickly appreciated its beneficial properties. And combining horseradish with honey, we realized that the benefits of such a mixture for the body are invaluable. Both products have a destructive effect on microbes, restore immunity and slightly tone the body. The double elixir is used in such cases:

  • when removing worms from the body;
  • cough treatment. Long lasting, and colds;
  • restoration of male powerlessness;
  • mild diuretic for inflammation of the kidneys, bladder;
  • vision improvement;
  • in dentistry;
  • strengthening the heart muscle and blood vessels.

The whole plant is used for medicinal purposes. Often they make tinctures with vodka and honey, which help the body to fully recover.

Benefits for women

The benefits of horseradish with honey: recipes for making horseradish

The properties of mixed honey with horseradish activate metabolism, remove harmful radicals, toxins and toxins from the body. Therefore, women use the mixture, adding more lemon, in the fight against excess weight. Also, this remedy can improve the condition of the skin in a short time. After all, the problem of skin rashes often appears from disturbed metabolism and disruptions in the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Benefits for men

The benefits of horseradish with honey: recipes for making horseradish

The honey-horseradish mixture also exhibits good healing properties in the treatment of male weakness. It is recommended to drink infused horseradish with honey to restore potency at the first signs of its manifestation. The recipe for the infusion is simple:

  • chop 0,5 kg of horseradish root;
  • mix the plant with 1500 ml of cold water;
  • insist for a week, then mix well;
  • then 500 grams of honey and fresh juice from three lemons are added to the resulting infusion;
  • mixed and sent for a week in a cool dark place, you can put it in the lower cabinet.

The prepared product should be consumed 2 times a day, a tablespoon for a month. Even if the symptoms of the disease have not completely disappeared, the drug is stopped for a while.

Application in medicine

The benefits of horseradish with honey: recipes for making horseradish

Although honey with horseradish are useful products, they should be used as an additional tool in the treatment of diseases. A mixture of two components will help in the treatment of such diseases:

  1. Increased pressure. Honey horseradish has a good effect on blood circulation, helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
  2. For colds, it increases the immune system, protects the body, helping to overcome the infection, removes excess mucus from the nasopharynx;
  3. Gastrointestinal problems: poor appetite, indigestion. The infusion is used as an additive to food, as it is rich in all essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
  4. Joint pain in rheumatism, arthritis. Used as a local irritant, activating blood circulation in the affected area.
  5. With dermatitis of various etiologies, in cosmetology with the appearance of acne and oily skin.

Important: treatment with honey horseradish alone will not help completely cure the disease. The mixture only helps the body to activate its internal strength.

Horseradish recipe with honey

The benefits of horseradish with honey: recipes for making horseradish

For the prevention and treatment of hypertension, colds, diabetes mellitus and male impotence, a simple two-component tincture is prepared at home:

  • 200 grams of peeled horseradish roots are chopped on a grater or with a knife (not desirable with a meat grinder);
  • pour into a three liter jar and add 5 small spoons of honey (for taste, you can also take a couple of cloves, half a spoonful of lemon peel);
  • pour the mixture with three liters of vodka.

The solution is infused for seven days in a dark cool place at room temperature. Then strain the mixture through cheesecloth. Pour into a jar again and add vodka to the edges of the neck. Horseradish with honey should still stand for 4 days. The resulting tincture is ready for use, it can be stored for a whole year.

Horseradish with honey and lemon

The benefits of horseradish with honey: recipes for making horseradish

The homemade drink is prepared with wheat vodka or diluted alcohol. The tincture is soft with a slight pungency of taste. Its composition is simple: only honey, vodka and horseradish. The classic drink recipe can be made to taste more noble. Horseradish with honey will taste better if the ingredients are infused with vodka and mixed with lemon. The recipe for making such a drink is not complicated, it requires a minimum of time.


  • a liter of vodka or moonshine;
  • two tablespoons of liquid honey;
  • 20 grams of chopped horseradish root;
  • 40 g of fresh lemon juice.


To obtain a light tincture, the root of the plant should be rubbed on a coarse grater. Pour the root into a well-washed glass container, pour honey. If the honey is candied, then heated in a water bath, it can be brought to a liquid consistency. Then squeeze the lemon juice, pour the mixture with a small amount of vodka, mix everything well. Instead of juice, you can take lemon zest, as you like. Then the remaining alcohol is added, corked and shaken several times.

The jar is removed in a dark place in the room for 3 days, but the contents must be shaken daily. After a lapse of time, the drink is filtered through a thick gauze layer. If turbidity appears, then you need to leave the tincture for a couple of days so that the sediment settles.

Chill the horseradish before eating. It is better to store a fragrant drink with a citrus note in the refrigerator below.

Useful Tips

  1. Fans of a pungent taste should use fresh autumn root for the recipe, as it has more juice.
  2. The mixture is infused for at least three days, but not more than a week. Otherwise, the tincture will be bitter.
  3. If vodka is replaced with moonshine, then spices are added to the tincture to improve the taste.

The classic recipe for horseradish with honey and vodka

The benefits of horseradish with honey: recipes for making horseradish

Lovers of strong drinks can try the tincture, which has been used in Russia for a long time. In order for the recipe for horseradish vodka to turn out to be sharp and aromatic, it is necessary to harvest the plant in late summer, early autumn. All herbalists and healers know about the beneficial properties of horseradish leaves. Greens are added to many dishes. But for a real crap they only take the root.


  • peeled horseradish root – 80 grams;
  • liquid bee honey – 50 g;
  • vodka (moonshine) – 500 ml.

Cut the washed root with a knife as small as possible. The smell of horseradish affects mucous eyes more strongly than onions. So you have to be careful. All ingredients are placed in a glass jar with an airtight lid. In a dark place, the container should stand for 5 – 7 days. On the fifth day, you can taste the tincture. It should taste sweet-salty, slightly bitter, reminiscent of radish or cucumber pickle.

The drink is filtered and stored in the refrigerator. The strength of the tincture is 36-38 degrees.

How and when to drink horseradish

The tincture is drunk in the same way as alcoholic beverages: with meals. If you have problems with appetite, then before a meal you need to drink 50-100 grams of horseradish. It should be sipped to taste and aroma.


You can not abuse the tincture, as it belongs to strong alcohol.

A healthy person can drink 150 g with a meal, there will be no harm.

Other horseradish recipes

The benefits of horseradish with honey: recipes for making horseradish

There are quite a few varieties of drugs with horseradish and honey. An interesting recipe where ginger is added to the mixture. This plant also has high medicinal properties. To make ginger horseradish, you will need:

  • chopped horseradish roots (100 g) and ginger (50 g);
  • two liters of vodka;
  • one lemon.

The method for preparing horseradish with ginger is the same as for the classic version. For piquancy, cherry or currant leaves are added to the infusion.

Ingredients for making honey horseradish with garlic:

  • horseradish root of medium length;
  • vodka – 750 ml;
  • honey extract – 80 grams;
  • celery stalk;
  • lemon;
  • five cloves of garlic;
  • some cinnamon and a couple of black peppercorns.

Prepared food is chopped with a knife. It is enough to cut the garlic in half, grate the zest with the lemon. Mix everything, pour vodka, put in a dark place for a week. Shake the jar regularly.

How to take

The benefits of horseradish with honey: recipes for making horseradish

The infusion should not be taken regularly, it is drunk in courses. To raise the tone, take a teaspoon in the morning and evening after meals. A month is enough, then they take a break for 60 days.

A drink for the prevention of colds is used a week before the peak of the growth of infectious diseases. If you constantly drink the tincture in courses, you can reduce the risk of pathogenic bacteria in the body by 50 percent.

Horseradish beekeeping products have greater healing properties than pure honey. All family members can take the infusion. You just need to remember about the correct dosage:

  • children under three years old cannot be given;
  • 4-8 years not recommended, adolescence if the doctor gives permission, use a mixture without alcohol;
  • adults 2 times a day after meals on a spoon;
  • the elderly, 1 tbsp. once a day.

With colds

The benefits of horseradish with honey: recipes for making horseradish

It is good to inhale the vapors of grated horseradish root. If the patient coughs heavily, then you can make a compress of gruel on the chest, after wrapping it in gauze. Inside, you can take it by mixing honey with horseradish.

Compresses are made from alcohol tincture on the chest and back area. It is only necessary to avoid the area where the heart is located. Compresses should not be done at elevated temperatures.

Horseradish honey infusion recipe

The benefits of horseradish with honey: recipes for making horseradish

The infusion is prepared simply: pour 30 grams of the crushed root of the plant with a glass of boiling water. Strain after half an hour. They take the drug with sluggish appetite, fatigue. This unique product can be drunk or rinsed in the mouth. Stomatitis and bleeding gums are amenable to treatment.

A recipe for a horseradish honey mixture to improve well-being with hypertension

The benefits of horseradish with honey: recipes for making horseradish

The infusion helps to activate blood circulation, strengthen the walls of the vessel. If you observe the amount drunk, then you can keep your blood pressure normal.

A two-component mixture with additives will improve the well-being in hypertension of any etiology. This will require:

  • a glass of fresh carrot juice;
  • 250 grams of boiled beets, grated horseradish root and liquid honey;
  • juice from two lemons;
  • 140 ml of vodka or moonshine.

Mix everything with each other in an enamel saucepan, put on gas and cook for about forty minutes. Stir the solution with a wooden spoon in order to preserve all the nutrients. Take a tablespoon 1 time per day before meals. But you cannot refuse the treatment prescribed by the doctor.

With ischemia

The phytoncides contained in the plant help to stop the development of the disease. To improve well-being with coronary heart disease, you can take a mixture of 150 g of horseradish root (grind with a blender) and 100 ml of honey. Take a spoon twice every day for a month.

Juice, horseradish infusion increase the amount of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, therefore, when pain syndromes appear, you must stop taking the elixir.

In rhinitis and sinuses

The benefits of horseradish with honey: recipes for making horseradish

A two-component syrup will help relieve the symptoms of an acute cold. To prepare the elixir, you will need juice squeezed from the root and liquid honey, taken in equal amounts. The products are thoroughly mixed. Take 30 ml three times a day. when the symptoms disappear, the infusion should be discontinued.

When coughing

Honey horseradish contains essential oils, therefore it is an excellent remedy for cough treatment. Horseradish juice also contains resinous substances, vitamin C, fatty oil. All of these components help to cope with a severe cough. It is enough to prepare a remedy. Highly chopped horseradish root (500 g) is added to boiling water (150 ml).

Then put in a dark place for 48 hours. After the elapsed time, the mixture is filtered, 150 milliliters of honey is poured into it. The container is put on low heat and brought until the ingredients are completely dissolved. The cooled elixir is stored in a cold place. Take 2 tablespoons of the product up to 4 times a day.


The benefits of horseradish with honey: recipes for making horseradish

For many years, experts have proven that honey and horseradish are good for the human body. But they contain allergens and irritating components, therefore, in some cases, taking the mixture is contraindicated:

  • allergy sufferers, people with individual food intolerances;
  • pregnant women and nursing mothers, as it can provoke allergic reactions in the baby, bitterness appears in milk;
  • can not be used after a heart attack or stroke;
  • with exacerbation of various gastrointestinal diseases: gastritis, ulcers, pancreatitis;
  • essential oils have a bad effect on the mucous membrane of an inflamed stomach;
  • with kidney problems;
  • hemorrhoids at any stage;
  • after surgical interventions, you can not take the infusion for several months;
  • children of any age, since their body is fragile;
  • if the body temperature rises.

All mixtures, tinctures of honey and horseradish have healing properties when properly prepared. Be sure to take a fresh root of the plant, and not canned, since many vitamins and minerals will be lost.

The recipe for horseradish vodka is considered the best because it is soft and tasty. If moonshine is taken, then it is better on sugar with double distillation. And with alcohol it will take longer to make the tincture. Horseradish goes well with meat dishes, good snacks. If, after drinking the drink, a burning sensation appears in the mouth, then the proportions of the components have not been observed.

After a good tincture the next day there are no headaches and hangover.

The benefits of horseradish with honey: recipes for making horseradish
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