Ostrich, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

The ostrich is considered the largest known bird, however, they have
wings are underdeveloped and there is no keel, so they do not fly, but
have powerful and long legs. However, they run extremely fast.
– capable of speeds up to 70 km / h and run without stopping
for a long time.

Ostriches live in the steppes and savannas of Africa (in the south and east), on
treeless spaces of the states of the Far East (in Iraq, Iran,
Arabia). After times (18-19 centuries), strained for the population of ostriches,
when they were exterminated for meat and feathers, breeding began
ostriches artificially. This is how ostrich farms began to appear. Growing
these birds are very profitable, because, having reached 12-14 months, the ostrich
goes to the bottom. An interesting fact was that the ostrich tolerates well
cold. So now it is possible to breed birds in the Far East.
and in Siberia.

Capable of displacing beef in terms of properties and industrial benefits
from the world market, ostrich meat is highly valued in Asia and
Europe, where fillets are asked for several tens of dollars per kilogram.
Today ostrich meat is becoming common in restaurants around the world.

This meat is similar in color to beef,
it has a dark red tint on the surface and cherry on the cut,
almost no fatty layers. The color of the meat is associated with the presence of a special
coloring pigment, whose concentration depends on the age of the ostrich
– the older it is, the darker the meat. When cutting ostrich legs, you can
get about 30 kg of meat. This product belongs to the highest category.

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How to choose

Choose only dark red ostrich. And you can
buy frozen meat, which has the same pleasant taste
and useful qualities, like fresh.

How to store

Fresh or chilled ostrich meat should be placed on ice and you can
store on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator for no more than 5 days.

You can also put the meat in a container and store it in the freezer.
up to 6 months.

In cooking

Ostrich meat is divided into three categories: to the first
belongs to the thigh, whose meat is ideal for steaks, best of all with mustard
or orange sauces second group – external
muscle fibers from the lower leg, from which the chops are prepared, and the third category
– internal muscle fibers of the lower leg for minced meat and goulash. At the ostrich
contrary to tradition, it is not the breast that is considered a delicacy, but the thigh, when
its upper part is considered to be more nutritious and softer.

This meat goes well with any side dishes and sauces, especially
to potatoes
and vegetables, so you will not have a question of what to serve with the ostrich,
– even with fish and seafood, it will be eaten in an instant. Although
the best addition to the ostrich are vegetables, fruits, seafood,
and nuts.

It is interesting that ostrich meat instantly absorbs the aroma of spices, spices
and other products, so do not get carried away with too complex
dishes with many components, since ostrich meat has a simple
a unique taste that is different in itself.

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Remember that ostrich meat does not need to be exposed during cooking.
high temperatures will dry out the meat and make it too tough.
To maintain its juiciness, it is recommended not to exceed when cooking
temperature 60 degrees.

Do not keep ostrich meat on fire for a long time, as it is fast
preparing, which is one of its main advantages. If there
possibility, you should choose a fresh product that has not been exposed to

Gourmet ostrich meat will decorate the festive table, if served, for example,
poultry fillet with spicy crab sauce, liver stewed in red
wine, grilled ostrich in sesame seeds, skewers in lemon juice or balls
with cheese. Pre-beaten ostrich meat is ideal for carpaccio,
served with arugula, celery, lime
and parmesan. The taste of ostrich meat is especially vividly revealed with juice.
citrus fruits, olive oil and red wine, but palatability
product is best shown on the grill, especially if you use
as seasoning nutmeg
walnut and coriander. You can grill any part of the poultry,
the main thing is not to overexpose on fire so that the meat does not dry out.

In addition, ostrich meat can be used like other options.
birds. It lends itself to various heat treatments: boiled, fried, stewed,
bake, etc. On the basis of this meat, different first and second ones are prepared.
meals, snacks and salads. In addition, ostrich fillets can be chopped
in minced meat and cook cutlets from it, etc. Also widely used
ostrich heart and liver.

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Ostrich dishes are traditional in Namibian cuisines and
Kenya. After obtaining the opportunity to breed these birds in various
climatic conditions began to practice dishes from them in their kitchens
Italy, Japan, China and Russia.

Caloric value

Ostrich meat is low in calories, having only 98 kcal per 100
gram, therefore it is included in the diet without fear for the figure. She is considered
even leaner than turkey,
recently ranked first in the TOPs of dietary products.
For 100 grams of ostrich meat there are 22 g of protein and 1,2 – fat,
therefore, healthy lifestyle advocates, athletes and those who
likes to go on diets, whenever possible they try to include it in
your diet.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Caloric value, kcal 21.7 1.2 – – – 98

Useful properties of ostrich meat

Composition and presence of nutrients

The chemical composition of ostrich meat contains: B vitamins,
PP and E, as well as the minerals necessary for the body: calcium,
potassium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, manganese and copper, iron, nickel, cobalt,
sodium and phosphorus.

Lean ostrich meat, which quickly restores strength after physical
stress and serious illness, rich in protein, contains a little
cholesterol and a lot of niacin, along with other beneficial
substances, therefore it is highly valued in dietary, children’s and medical cuisine.

Useful and healing properties

The benefit of ostrich lies in its composition. So, this product
rich in protein, which is very important for the life of the body.
In addition, this meat is excreted in a very small amount of cholesterol.
Its meat contains potassium,
not only normalizing blood pressure, but also improving the work of the cardiovascular

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It is advised to use ostrich meat dishes, for those who have
heart failure, anemia,
diabetes and blood pressure problems. They help faster
recover in the period after surgery or serious illness.
Improves ostrich meat and the functioning of the digestive system. As part of
this product contains other vitamins and minerals that have a positive effect
at the work of the body.

According to the observations of doctors and scientists, ostrich fat can also be useful.
for various ailments.

So, patients with eczema
may suffer from cosmetics intolerance. Most moisturizers
products may aggravate skin irritation. Ostrich fat not only
will not irritate the skin with this disease, but will even alleviate their condition.

Ostrich fat can be applied to any wounds in the stage of early epithelialization,
as it reduces itching
and interferes with the formation of keloid tissue.

If there is a dislocation that is close to the skin, such as
on the elbow or knee, ostrich fat will reduce pain and swelling,
preventing the development of inflammation.

In addition, it is a natural moisturizer that promotes regeneration
skin and prevents the growth of bacteria, because its use
guarantees a rejuvenating and healing effect.

Possesses ostrich fat and pronounced decongestant, anti-inflammatory,
wound healing action, being an ideal natural conductor.

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It is extremely effective for accelerating the healing of bruises, postoperative
wounds, sprains, in the treatment of hemorrhoids,
lower limbs, arthritis,
skin diseases.

Ostrich oil also has a beneficial effect on hair growth and regeneration.
scalp, restoring the activity of more than 80% of “dormant” follicles.

It is recommended to use it for the treatment of bedsores, abrasions,
relieving inflammation and joint pain.

Use in cosmetology

Based on the composition of ostrich fat in Italy and France,
many cosmetic creams and masks that prevent skin aging.

Neck and face mask with this oil (for dry to combination skin)
with prolonged exposure prevents the appearance of wrinkles and
has a pronounced lifting effect. The fat is perfectly absorbed and
does not leave marks on the skin. Its beneficial ingredients penetrate deeply
into the skin and surrounding tissues.

It has been found that 70% of the fatty acids in fat are
to unsaturated, that is, to highly active. Therefore, fat can act
as a moisturizing agent-conductor in the composition of cosmetic creams,
masks and balms, as a natural moisturizing anti-inflammatory
UV protector to prevent burns and safe tanning like
lubricant and moisturizer for massage.

It is perfect for dry skin, guaranteeing hydration throughout
day. Ostrich fat is odorless, free of allergens and very
economical to use. Moreover, it is suitable for adults and
for children.

Dangerous properties of ostrich meat

Ostrich meat is considered non-allergic
reactions and any health problems. But about the individual
intolerance is also not worth forgetting. Therefore, the first time to try
this meat should be used with care.

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From the proposed video, you will learn three interesting recipes for delicious ostrich dishes.

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