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Sprouted rice is a unique food that has been found
its widespread use in various wellness diets. His
include in the diet of people who suffer from various diseases.
Rice is one of the cereals that is sprouted at home.

Where to start?

To germinate rice at home, prepare:
wild or brown rice, water, peat or soil. The hardest part about this
in fact – to buy seeds. Grains from the store are pointless to use,
since they have been subject to grinding, and such grains will no longer be able to
germinate. On sale you can often find unpolished brown rice.
These seeds germinate, but the process takes 7-10 days. The best
for germination – wild
rice, it is harvested by hand and is not peeled. But mainly this
the product is expensive.

How to sprout rice

After purchasing the necessary seeds, start germination. The first
turn, rinse the rice thoroughly in cool water. Floated grains
delete, they are unusable. Then soak the rice. Choosing dishes,
keep in mind that after germination, the volume of the grains will double.
Pour the rice in the bowl with water, covering it slightly. At the expiration of
9-10 hours, the grains must be rinsed again under running water and back
put in a bowl. Remember to moisten the rice periodically to
better germination. White sprouts will appear in two days. Grains
completely ready to use.

To get green sprouts (sprouts) you need washed seeds
place in soil mixed with peat, then cover with gauze or
a cardboard lid – this will help maintain an optimal level of humidity.
The sprouts will be ready in 7-10 days. Can’t sprout rice anymore
1-2 millimeters, as it becomes unfit for food and toxic.
Unsprouted grains should also not be eaten.

How to store

Sprouted rice can be refrigerated, but not advisable
keep him there for more than two days.

Reflection in culture

Nutrition with sprouts has a very long history. More primitive
people added them to their diet. The ancient Egyptians were the first to master
methods of cooking sprouted grains. And having mastered by the III millennium BC.
agricultural technology of rice, the Chinese began to eat its sprouts.
Even in India’s treatise “Ayuverde”, healing sprouts are mentioned.
The Greek physician Hippocrates also did not disregard the sprout diet.

Calorie content of sprouted rice

Sprouted rice has a very high energy value, which
has a beneficial effect on the restoration and maintenance of human health.
Due to its high calorie content, which is 331 kcal, sprouts
can replace a large number of expensive products.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Calorie content, kcal 6,3 4,4 65,1 – – 331

Useful properties of sprouted rice

Composition and presence of nutrients

Biologically active substances are concentrated in the seedling,
the entire supply of energy, trace elements, vitamins, enzymes. Every plant
individually in terms of chemical composition and, for rough guidance,
we will look at the average data. Sprouted grains composition:
5-20% vegetable protein, 65-88% carbohydrates, 2-9% fat, 3-4% food
fibers, 1-3% organic mineral salts.

The vitamin composition of sprouted rice changes in almost a few
days. The amount of vitamins of group PP and B increases. In sprouts
the amount of vitamin E also increases.
C appears in the sprouted grain.

Useful and healing properties

Rice sprouts have a healing effect, and their secret is that
in the process of germination and swelling of grains, all nutrients
are transformed into a living active form. These substances are already completely
ready to eat: starch turns into sugar, proteins pack
amino acids, fats are converted to fatty acids. Such a complex
perfectly absorbed by the human body. Eating sprouts
rice, a person receives not only trace elements and biologically active
vitamins, but also a huge supply of energy.

Rice sprouts are astringent. They are very useful for
diseases of the bladder and kidneys, aggravated in nursing mothers
lactation. Rice sprouts have a calming effect, improve
complexion, sleep, restore appetite after suffering a severe
illness or prolonged fasting.

Biological substances that help rice grains grow,
able to reduce damage to blood vessels and nerves caused by sugar
diabetes. The coarse structure of rice germs is beneficial for normalization
the work of the digestive system. Also sprouts reduce arterial
pressure and reduce blood sugar levels.

Potassium contained in seedlings maintains acid-base
balance, prevents muscle sagging. It also strengthens muscle
heart, which significantly improves the condition of the body. Rice sprouts
contain iron, which together with vitamin C serves as a prophylaxis

Scientists also have the assumption that sprouted grains contain
a substance that protects against cancer.

Sprouted grains are also used for various compresses and

In cooking

All kinds of medicinal products are prepared from sprouted rice at home.
funds with a varied spectrum of action. Sprouted use
grains as a fortified supplement is the simplest
the way to use them. This supplement raises the tone of the body and
increases efficiency. It is very useful to grind, using
meat grinders, slightly dried sprouts and wash them down with yogurt, tea,
juice, sour cream, cream. You can also seize grains with dried fruits.
or add to cottage cheese. Be sure to take dissolved
ascorbic acid in warm water to get used to raw food

You can make a delicious breakfast of sprouted rice, sesame seeds,
rye, fruit and pine nuts. Take 0,5 cups each sprouted
sesame and rye, 1 cup sprouted rice, 1 small apple without
peel, 2/3 cup chopped and peeled pine nuts, 0,5
banana or 3 finely chopped dates. Mix all ingredients.
It is very useful to use such muesli as breakfast. Also
they can be poured over with milk or fresh juice.

In cosmetology

Sprouted rice, like all other grains, is used for cooking
masks, lotions, face creams.

For a whitening tonic lotion, take
3 tablespoons finely chopped rice sprouts and place
in an opaque dish. Pour in 2/3 cup sunflower or olive
oil, close the lid tightly, leave for 1 month.

To prepare a mask that improves complexion, take 2 tablespoons
spoons of rice sprouts, 5 drops of lavender or violet oil,
3 teaspoons of heavy cream or sour cream.
Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Apply the prepared
mask for 20 minutes and then wash off with warm water. The mask makes the skin
elastic, smooth and whitens it. You can apply the mask no more
once a week.

A sprout-based diet promotes active shedding
excess weight, strengthening the gums and teeth, rejuvenating the body. When
such a diet improves eyesight and thickens hair.

Dangerous properties of sprouted rice

You should know that official medicine refers to seedlings.
dual: fully recognizing their healing and beneficial properties,
science also notes the possible undesirable consequences of incorrect

The first thing to remember when using sprouted rice is individual
intolerance. Be sure to consult before using seedlings
with a doctor.

Sprouted rice must be chewed thoroughly, and during treatment, be sure to
in the early days, observe the state of the body. Doctors advise against
use sprouted rice for people over middle age. For children
and adolescents can only eat grain under strict supervision
parents and doctors.

You can not eat rice sprouts with an ulcer
stomach, since grain is coarse food, and it can negatively
affect the gastrointestinal tract.

After taking sprouted rice, pains of various types may occur.
localization. They can be caused by: the accumulation of gases, the release of stones,

To flatulence
may result in the joint intake of sprouted rice and dairy products.

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