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Cod, or Atlantic cod, is a fish of the cod family.

In length it reaches up to 1.8 m; the fishery is dominated by
fish 40-80 cm long, at the age of 3-10 years.

There are 3 dorsal fins, 2 anal fins, and a small
fleshy tendril on the chin . The color of the back is from greenish-olive
to brown with small brown specks, the belly is white.

The habitat of cod covers the temperate region of the
Atlantic Ocean, forming several geographical
subspecies: Arctic, White Sea, Baltic, etc.

In the first two years of life, juvenile cod is inactive,
tolerates temperatures of 1 ° C and below, actively feeding on
small crustaceans at this time. From the age of three,
cod begins to make noticeable migrations in the summer along the
current to the north and east, in winter against the current to the south
and west. Three-year-olds weigh 300-350 g, four-year-olds
600-700 g, and five-year-old fish 1000-1200 g.

Useful properties of cod

Cod contains a large amount of vitamin B12,
and it is also an ideal fish for those who count calories,
since the latter, as well as the fat in cod, are very small.
At the same time, there is a little vitamin
D and healthy omega-3 fats in it . But on the other hand, in cod caviar
there are abundant vitamins A,
and C,
and such useful substances as calcium,
sodium, zinc,
phosphorus, potassium and

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, cod liver is especially popular, both because of its taste and thanks to the qualities valuable for people.
For example, scientists advise
pregnant women to consume cod liver oil from about the beginning of the second
trimester. If you take it on a regular basis until
childbirth, as well as after them, the entire period of feeding the
baby with milk, then the baby will develop
high intelligence in the future .

White dense cod meat contains 18–19% protein; in
it is very low in fat (0.3-0.4%), almost no
cholesterol, phospholipids are contained. Therefore, cod is considered a
dietary product. The meat of saury and blue-whiting
is close to cod meat in nutritional value and taste.

Nutritionists recommend regularly consuming
cod meat and liver for adults and children from the age of three. For younger children
, stewed cod fillet in milk is recommended as a source of
natural calcium and vitamins.

In addition, cod liver oil reduces the likelihood of
onset of postpartum depression and lowers blood pressure.
And also nutrition with cod liver is an excellent prevention
of cardiovascular diseases. Also, cod liver
is a wonderful “food for the brain”, and even with problems
with nerves, this product can help.

Cod is rich, which has a beneficial effect on the metabolism, the
nervous system, strengthens the immune system, increasing the
body’s resistance to colds and infectious diseases.

British scientists have discovered the mechanism of action of the components of
cod liver oil at the level of articular tissue and cartilage.
The healing effect is based on the suppression of the
inflammation process , which forms the basis of arthritis, a decrease in the
concentration of inflammation markers in the blood. In addition,
omega-3 fatty acid inhibits the activity of enzymes that
destroy cartilage tissue and blocks the conduction of pain
impulses to the brain.

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In a biochemical laboratory, it has been proven that the
active components of cod liver oil
are able to inactivate the action of enzymes that destroy
cartilage and stop the inflammation process during the day .

Such observations allow scientists to recommend
to elderly people the consumption of
cod liver as a preventive measure for diseases of the

Dangerous properties of cod

Despite the benefits that cod meat brings, the use of
this fish should be limited to those who suffer from gall or urolithiasis
. If this fish is regularly eaten, the condition of such patients
may worsen.

It is not advised to include cod in the diet for those who have noted
its individual intolerance. Salted fish, including liver and caviar, are undesirable
in the diet of children, pregnant women and people suffering from high blood pressure.

Cod can accumulate heavy metals such as arsenic and mercury. They
have a toxic effect on the body.
Fish caught off the coast of Alaska are considered safe .

It is also undesirable to eat liver and caviar for those suffering from
an excess of calcium and vitamin D.

It is worth noting that it is best not to combine this fish with cheese. Simultaneous
their use can cause indigestion.

Fried cod with potatoes and salad is a flavorful and delicious lunch. Find out how to cook it from the video provided.

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