Sterlet, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Sterlet is a fish of the sturgeon family. Body length up to
125 cm, weighs up to 16 kg (usually less).

Among other sturgeon, it is distinguished by the earliest onset
puberty: males spawn for the first time at age
4-5 years old, females 7-8 years old. Fertility is 4-140 thousand eggs.
Spawns in May, usually in upper river beds. Caviar
sticky, deposited on stony-pebble soil.
It takes about 4-5 days to develop.

Adults usually reach a length of 40-60 cm and a mass
0,5-2 kg, sometimes there are specimens weighing 6-7 kg
and even up to 16 kg. The sterlet feeds mainly on bottom
invertebrates, willingly eats fish eggs.

Sterlet is very easy to recognize by its long, thin nose,
strongly protruding forward. The presence of sterlet in the river
is a kind of indicator of the purity of water, since
this type of fish is not found in polluted or poor oxygen
river water. Sterlet spawns in May, usually in riverbeds
upper reaches of rivers. Sterlet caviar is smaller than sturgeon caviar,
but not inferior in its useful qualities to the beluga.

Sterlet can be found in the rivers of the Azov basins,
Caspian, Black and Baltic seas, in the Volga, Ob,
Irtysh, Northern Dvina, Yenisei, Pechora, Amur, etc.

Useful properties of sterlet

The energy value of Sterlet is 88 kcal.
Sterlet meat contains zinc, chromium,
fluorine, molybdenum,
nickel, chlorine,
as well as vitamin PP.

Sterlet caviar and meat contain omega-3 fatty acids,
which normalize brain activity and ocular circulation.
To maintain the ideal cardiovascular system
condition and to reduce the risk of heart attack
you just need to eat sterlet 2-3 times

There is evidence that eating oily fish weakens
some psoriasis symptoms, improves vision and function

Fluoride is found in large quantities in this fish,
excellently promotes bone growth

Sterlet is best suited for aspic, fish soup, in
as a filling of pies and pies, it can be baked
and fry on a spit. Moreover, if sterlet is needed in
fillet, then after cutting it should be frozen
– it’s easier to work with her. And the skin is removed easier
and it is more convenient to remove bones.

Dangerous properties of sterlet

Sterlet is not advised to get involved in people with pancreatic ailments
glands, since a large number of polyunsaturated
the fatty acids found in fish can be harmful.

Sterlet with sauce and garnish can be cooked in just 12 minutes! Find out how from the suggested video.

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