Semolina, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Semolina – coarsely ground wheat grits with an average diameter
particles from 0,25 to 0,75 mm. Produced mainly from
durum wheat. Used for cooking
various dishes, in particular semolina and semolina dumplings.

Properly cooked semolina can be your favorite dish.
your kids. To do this, follow some rules in the process.
cooking, and your little manochka will surely please the crumbs to their liking and taste:

  1. 1we fall asleep cereals only in hot liquid (milk
    or water), after adding salt, sugar and stir;
  2. 2when the milk (water) boils, gently thin
    pour semolina in a trickle (you can through a sieve) and cook about
    2 minutes, stirring vigorously;
  3. 3for cooking, you need to take so much cereal so that
    you could have time to add it and stir it well until the moment
    until the mass thickens;
  4. 4the finer the cereal, the faster the porridge becomes
  5. 5after the porridge is ready, close the pan
    lid and leave for a while so that the cereal is completely
    swollen, and then you can improve its taste at your discretion by adding
    butter, jam, jam, etc.

Useful properties of semolina

Semolina is quickly boiled down, well absorbed,
contains a minimum amount of fiber (0,2%). Liquid
semolina is included in diets prescribed for diseases
gastrointestinal tract and after stomach surgery
and intestines.

Semolina is the only cereal that is digested
in the lower intestine and only there is absorbed into
its walls. It fills the body with strength, is beautiful
a remedy for the treatment of all diseases of the stomach. Semolina is
a good remedy for all intestinal diseases, cleanses
the body removes mucus and removes fat.

Semolina is low in fiber, but rich in fiber
vegetable protein and starch. At the same time, the content
vitamins and minerals in this cereal significantly
lower than others.

Semolina contains a lot of gluten. This protein is also called
gluten. Many people are gluten intolerant, it causes
they have celiac disease – a severe hereditary disease that occurs
about one in 800 Europeans. Influenced by gluten
in celiac patients, the intestinal mucosa becomes thinner
and the absorption of all nutrients is impaired, especially
fat. Gluten can cause allergies. It also manifests itself
upset stool.

Semolina contains phytin, and phytin contains phosphorus,
which binds calcium salts and prevents them from entering
into the blood. The level of calcium salts in the blood of a person should be constant – approximately
10 mg per 100 ml of serum. As soon as the salt becomes
less, the parathyroid glands “seize” them
made of bones. It turns out that semolina deprives them of calcium.
Therefore, children who are heavily fed with semolina (according to
2-3 servings a day), often get sick with rickets and spasmophilia.
Other cereals also bind calcium, but to a lesser extent,
than semolina. That is why doctors now recommend feeding
babies first with vegetable puree.

Semolina porridge is nothing more than porridge made from solid-grade
coarse wheat. The semolina contains all those elements
which are in a grain of wheat: it is rich in starch,
to a lesser extent – proteins, vitamins E and B1,
B2, B6, PP.
Semolina contains a lot of iron and very little fiber, which is why semolina is usually recommended
in the postoperative period for seriously ill patients who
nourishing, but least irritating to the stomach is needed

Dangerous properties of semolina

Very often semolina
porridge is prepared for children, however, it should be borne in mind that the high
starch content for the child’s body is not required
and therefore children do not want to eat semolina, intuitively feeling
trick. Moreover, children’s stomach is not ready to digest
starch carbohydrates, which semolina is rich in. Mucopolysaccharide
gliodin contained in semolina causes necrosis
intestinal villi, and phytin changes the intestinal microflora
so that it is unable to absorb vitamin D and iron,
necessary for the growth of the child. All the troubles that
conceals semolina in early childhood, they are not at all scary
an adult, and in old age, the disadvantages of deprived
protein cereals turn into virtues. To old people
semolina porridge is very useful – it helps to avoid hypermineralization
blood cell count, prevents colon cancer, does not irritate
stomach and perfectly nourishes.

It turns out that ordinary semolina can be prepared in a very unusual way. Dasha Malakhova will tell you how to do it.

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